This is terrible. I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes trying to come up with something funny to say, like, pretending that this was cool when it isn’t and being like “so dooooooope,” or taking a more realistic but still ironic tack about how if this was the first song ever recorded in human existence then we would never make it past this song to more music, or how they should rewrite that “dance like nobody’s watching” expression into something about “make a music video like nobody has the Internet,” and none of it is really working because the fact of the matter is that this is just very very bad, and lies begin to weigh on you. I can’t do it. Heavy is the crown? No. That’s not right either. God, I’m all turned around. Are your ears ringing? Who smells almonds? (Thanks for the tip, Frank Lloyd Wrong.)

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  1. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful GIFs this video will bless us with.

  2. I prefer the classic “Do They Know It’s Thanksgivingtime At All?”

  3. What a turkey amirite?

  4. Holy shit she Opal Mehta’ed “Friday.” Of all the things to Opal Mehta, why??

    • I needed a refresher on my national holidays to follow up the one on days of the week.

      Also, “we we we.” Also, inappropriately old black man, but even worse here because he shows up at her house in costume.

  5. I thought Thanksgiving was the one where you drink a 12 pack and watch all the Bourne movies in a row.

  6. This song is almost as bad as Paul Simon’s “Allergies.”

  7. I beg to differ… I think this song PLYMOUTH ROCKS!!!!!

  8. Highly derivative.

  9. “No matter what you do, no matter what you say…” Who is she singing to, God? If it’s a deity, why is she giving praise or thanks and then getting inappropriately flirty and such. That seems smite worthy. I’m not thankful for this song. Nope.

  10. Two words: trytophan coma.

  11. That one parent-less Thanksgiving.

  12. That one Thanksgiving where the man who is always asking how old I am stopped by….and stayed all night. Again, where are my parents??

  13. Turkey EGGS Mashed po-tay-toes EGGS!

  14. Didn’t Canada release the real first Thanksgiving jam of the season almost 5 weeks ago?

  15. I can’t wait until this girl gets famous and is interviewed on every talk show and then she gets a record deal or something and then I vomit out of my eyes and then the ancient ones rise and make us awaken to a new darkness.

  16. Why is no one in her family over the age of 10?

  17. Instant mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving is some bullshit

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