• A new Oz: The Great and Powerful poster has hit the ‘net and everyone hates it because it is terrible. -SlashFilm
  • Max Silvestri is recapping Top Chef for Eater again this season and every line of his first recap is such a good line you have no idea. Just the best. (Especially the 2 oddly sincere ones. CAN YOU FIND THEM?) -Eater
  • Have you ever wondered what Benedict Cumberbatch’s last name means? No? Well! -RadioTimes
  • Tim Heidecker put together a list for a fake 24-hour discomfort film festival for A.V. Club. What movies would YOU play for YOUR fake 24-hour film festival? Answer mandatory. Does not have to be discomfort themed. I would play the final scene of Brown Bunny over and over and then for the last hour I’d play some of I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. -A.V.Club
  • Mark Wahlberg is for sure going to star in Transformers 4 THANK GOD. Michael Bay says he is “the perfect guy to re-invigorate the franchise and carry on the Transformers’ legacy,” which makes me upset for some reason. -Vulture
  • Were you looking forward to Lindsay Lohan’s interview with Barbara Walters? WELL. -Dlisted
  • David Wain said something else about the Wet Hot sequel that is not “we are making it currently and it will be out soon.” -LaughSpin
  • FilmDrunk has put together the 10 most obvious oscar bait film tropes. Vincent Gallo is not on the list? Possibly because most wouldn’t define him as a troupe, but still an oversight I think. -FilmDrunk
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  1. What movies would YOU play for YOUR fake 24-hour film festival? Answer mandatory.

    Margot at the Wedding.

  2. Wow, that poster makes that OZ movie look every bit the hastily thrown together pile of CGI nonsense everybody’s going to hate feeling obligated to see that we all knew it would be.

  3. If Mark Whalberg can stop 9/11 he can certainly stop the apocalypse.

  4. I wonder if Marky Mark has any good vibrations about picking up Shia Labeouf’s sloppy seconds.

  5. Did you guys catch the sass Benny C was throwing at that 11 year old? “I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that.” Sassybatch!

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