Two men see each other in the hallway of a hotel. Neither of them claim to know who the other is, yet each of them say “hello.” (?) One of them takes to Twitter to take the other to task about why his “hello” wasn’t nice enough. WHICH MAN WINS? (Spoiler: None. No one ever.)

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  1. Team Jonah.

  2. Lemons can move down hills, while hills can’t move anywhere at all, so Team Lemon is going places. But lemons can’t roll up a hill, so a hill will always be above a lemon. Team Hill it is.

  3. Don Lemon/Jonah Hill is our generation’s Brian Williams/Donald Trump

  4. I am on team Swinton, which is non-coincidentally far away from these two dudes.

  5. Why would anyone want to shake hands with Jonah Hill right after he came out of the bathroom?

  6. Jonah Hill said hi to my dog before he got famous.

  7. Maybe Don Lemon should stop hanging out in hotels wearing a bellman’s uniform and asking to carry my bags to the room if he doesn’t like being mistaken for a bellman.

  8. Mission accomplished, Don Lemon. I have now heard of you.

  9. Don Lemon should be thankful he wasn’t mistaken for this, for once in his life:

  10. Worst Bellman story yet. (This has been the best comment I’ve ever made and I will never make one that will come close again.)

  11. Oh my god. This is the clearest realization I have ever had about how much I would hate to be famous.

  12. This reminds me, I’m pretty sure I saw R2D2, Equire on the subway today, and tried to say hi to him. He looked at like “why are you talking to me?” Think he thought I was panhandling. A lesson to always shower before going out in public.

  13. Jonah Hill doesn’t care about black people.

  14. The real problem here is that Don Lemon referred to a bellman as “the help.” Real cool way to describe someone’s job, dude!

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