Remember on Kid Nation when Taylor, the beauty queen, wanted to kill that chicken so bad, and she kept saying, “ugly chickens DESERVE to die!,” but then later she said producers actually fed her that line? And it’s like, if you can’t believe that Taylor from Kid Nation actually thought of that line in her own brain and screamed it over and over again just because she wanted to, then what on reality TV CAN you believe? Remember? Well, now there’s a new child chicken reality TV scandal! (They are not connected in any way, but an opportunity to talk about Kid Nation is hard to pass up.) Honey Boo Boo has a chicken, apparently. I’m unsure if it’s for eating or if it’s just a pet, but either way PETA is getting invooooooved! From E!:

“As I’m sure you are learning from your chicken, chickens are smart, interesting animals with personalities of their own,” reads the letter written by PETA rep Michelle Cho and obtained by E! News exclusively.

After describing some amazing-sounding attributes of the birds—they have good memories, know basic math and mother chicks “talk” to their offspring by clucking at them while they’re still in the egg, according to PETA—the group suggested Honey Boo Boo consider changing Nugget’s name to “Not a Nugget” after PETA’s youth outreach mascot to “let your fans know that they should be nice to chickens by not eating them.”

Hey PETA, “Not a Nugget” is legitimately the worst name for a pet I have ever heard. I get what you’re doing but let’s be serious about how names work for just 1 sec. The letter goes on to suggest that Honey Boo Boo become a vegan. PICK YOUR BATTLES, PETA! (Just kidding. PETA obviously knows how to pick its battles, and this is the exact kind of battle PETA is in the business of picking.) (Also.) But. So. What’s a better name for Honey Boo Boo’s chicken? Remember how good Kid Nation was? Are you a vegan? Talk about anything you want, who cares. #friday

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  1. She should change her name to Not Honey Boo Boo, so fans don’t think it’s okay to exploit a bee’s labor.

  2. I still think the worst name for a pet is Kitticus Catticus #stillbitter

  3. As a vegetarian, I get especially annoyed by PETA being PETA…the whole room looks at you like you’re the brainchild behind these stunts. Stop embarrassing me in front of my friends PETA!!

    • AGREED. I only don’t eat animals because look at their faces they are so cute!

      So like shut up PETA! Do something useful! Be happy Honey Boo Boo has a pet chicken that she loves, and then maybe like, work on legislation to prevent extreme cruelty and factory farming or WHATEVER. JUST SHUT UP.

    • Seconded. I’ve been vegan since forever and I never, ever want to talk about it because PETA doesn’t understand boundaries or inside voices or anything else we were supposed to learn in pre-school.

  4. I am a fairly insufferable liberal environmentalist hippie, but goddamn PETA makes me want to go punch squirrels or something.

    • I once got roped into a conversation with a Greenpeace petition guy. I told him about how I recycle and garden and such. He was like “you’re the most environmental person I’ve talk to all day, why won’t you sign up!” I wanted to say “because your political stunts are awful and generally alienate a large part of the population instead of getting people into environmental issues” but I was nice and just politely declined.

      • I’m going to help make webpages for them to stop the coal export in the Northwest and their parodies are pretty right-on… but the idiots who canvas on the street are the WORST. Yes I have five minutes for the environment. No I am not giving my bank card number to a stranger.

      • I had a friend work for a very short time as a street canvasser for Greenpeace and she was told during training that “even homeless people can afford to donate twenty bucks.” Hard to imagine why they’re so alienating, isn’t it?

  5. Also, Rippin’ Strip is a much better name.

  6. Has nobody at PETA ever seen Pink Flamingoes? Frankly, being turned into a nugget is one of the nobler fates a chicken can suffer.

  7. Oh, so when Banksy makes the obvious statement that nuggets come from chicken it’s art, but when Honey Boo Boo does it it’s mean.

  8. Meanwhile: On RuPaul’s Drag Race:

    (You guys, there’s a drag race gif for EVERYTHING.)

  9. Honey Garlic Boo Boo

  10. My parents named their golden retriever Nugget. I think it’s a dumb name, for reals. For a dog. For a chicken. For a thing that needs a name (except a gold nugget, or a nugget of wisdom, but also fuck that, I’ll take a gold boulder, and a fountain of wisdom any day over nuggets of anything, bleh). Nugget sucks!

  11. One more also: That picture of Honey Boo Boo with the chicken is adorable!! If that was just a random pic of a not-Honey Boo Boo on someone’s facebook album, there would be “awww” overload.

  12. Way to obtain that amazing-sounding exclusive, E! News.

  13. “It’s cool if you want to exploit little kids on t.v., just as long as you’re not also reminding people that chicken nuggets are tasty” — PETA

  14. My sister and her children have a few goats, some raised for slaughter, some for breeding and milk, some just for pets. Her kids, 5, 5, and 3, named the goats and named the one meant for slaughter “Dinner”. It’s funny and somewhat morbid, but it’s also important and good for them that they understand where food comes from, that an animal has to die in order for them, as a family, to eat one meal. PETA (who is horrible and shitty and fuck them) should be glad that Honey Boo Boo knows and recognizes that chicken nuggets aren’t just born of the freezer or McDonalds and have an emotional attachment to the source.

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