This video is big today, and for good reason — it’s the best “person faints on camera” video in months. A young woman being interviewed about beach volleyball faints, while continuing to slur words on her way down. To top it off, in the long shots she’s a dead ringer for Judy Greer!:

As always, the in-studio anchors reacting awkwardly to the person eating it in the live field piece are the second best part. (Yeah, let’s all say a prayer.) Wouldn’t it be cool if this chick got a call tonight from the grape-stomping lady, offering advice? They could be the Madonna and Britney of the internet. (Via The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon blog.)

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  1. the guy on the left – his hands never leave his pockets, even as she sinks to the ground.

  2. I like how they do the split screen with with the camera zoomed out with her down in the sand. We never got that with Grape Lady, did we?


  3. I think somebody slipped that poor woman a date rape drug. Probably the hands in the pocket pervert.

  4. I’ve been LOLing at this for the last 5 minutes. The guy just standing there really makes it hilarious.

  5. Someone pregamed…

  6. It’s like he thinks he’s on some horrible hidden camera show and he’s refusing to be sucked in. He’s all smugly thinking “Oh ha ha, Howie Mandel, but I’m on to you and your fainting actors”

  7. I like how the anchors admonish their morning show interview for being “too early.” It’s too early, guys, this is much too early for beach volleyball news.

  8. His parting gift was watching that chick eat sand.

  9. God, I know i’m not your favorite. I don’t go to church anymore. I rarely say grace. And it seems the only time i ever pray is when i need something. But for once in my life, i’m talking to you not for myself but for someone else. Someone who can’t speak for themselves right now. God…. i need a miracle.
    Some lady fainted on the beach.

  10. Awww… I’m a fainter too. Shit’s embarrassing.

    I love how they’re going to “say a prayer” for her like she’s dying or something…

  11. BLT  |   Posted on Mar 26th, 2009 +1

    Did she died?

  12. The local news channel is the one who posted this video! What a kick in the face. They might as well be saying, “Good luck finding another date in this town.”

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