“I’m so psyched I got into this course! Honestly, I don’t really need to take it, I don’t need the credits or anything, but it’s like — I feel like it’s kind of like a once in a lifetime opportunity. You take all these classes in college and it’s like, blah blah blah, whatever whatever, and at the end of the day you’re like, I know I learned something? I do know that. But what did I learn in reference to my own life? You know, I’m sure a lot of people are going to take the fact that we’re going to be looking at the hyper-self-awareness of today’s society in terms of The O.C. and Laguna Beach and Gossip Girl as some kind of a joke, but that’s just because they aren’t really thinking about it. How else would we study the hyper-self-awareness of today’s society? By reading Proust? No. Proust had no idea about how one blog could put all your friends’ lives in such a total shit storm, or how Death Cab for Cutie could go completely mainstream basically out of nowhere. It’s not going to be a throwaway class. It’s just not. I am going to WORK.” – You (Click through for full-size syllabus.) (Via WarmingGlow.)

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  1. Never have I wanted to “Click through to enlarge” more.

  2. ugh i could teach a TV class for much cheaper then duke

  3. Really expected James Franco to be leading this.

  4. “But teacher, how will I know if I’ve achieved hyper-self-awareness?”

    “Well I can tell you you’re not there yet. Otherwise you’d be hyper-self-aware.”

  5. It’s the best class because you basically get all of December off for Chrismukkah.

  6. Do college students now even know what The OC was? Shouldn’t they be taking a class about Glee?

  7. First assignment:

    Get a bronzer, and get to work.

  8. I can’t believe they won’t represent NC by having a course on our post-ennui culture of Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

  9. Mostly unrelated, and of little interest to anybody:

    Rachel Bilson has a show now called Hart Of Dixie, where she is a doctor who is super good but not good with people, and she moves to Alabama and learns how to be a nice person or whatever, only it TOTALLY doesn’t work, because Rachel Bilson seems SO NICE, you can’t buy her as mean. You can’t! This is why I’m currently working on a petition to have her character recast with James Gandolfini. Because I could DEFINITELY see him as a great doctor who frightens his patients, and also that would be the best recasting of any show ever.

    • Wrong again, Facetaco. This is of interest to me. I really like this show.

      The Halloween joke about Summer Roberts not wanting to get dressed up as a lady superhero was great. Also, she’s already sparred for a man’s attention with Jaime King in the Spring Break / Miami episode of the O.C.’s second season, episode 21 “The Return of the Nana.” Also, Josh Schwartz is behind this series. Also, I knew all of this off the top of my head because that is what is in my head… and probably why I was chair of the American Studies department in college.

  10. I want to “ugh” this, but I tried to get into a sci-fi film class that “studied” not one, not two, but THREE of the Star Trek movies and I was broken to bits that it was already full. So I made my glass bed and now I can’t throw any cultural stones.

    • There was a professor at my school who is a world expert on Lord of the Rings and assisted with the elfish dialect coaches on the movie. My senior year he actually had a class on the books. Unfortunately I had a full schedule.

  11. BNPG: What 3 things are not so much vernacular as they are the top facets of your quotidian [location or mindset] life?

    I’ll start: Watching Burn Notice, not wearing pants around the apartment, and trying to decide: whiskey or wine? are facets of quotidian hotspur life.

  12. ugh. i mean, these topics are all things worth discussing, but not using this lens.

    • ALSO, i mean, the syllabus says that “we are living in a post-postmodern world” but, seriously, do you think that it was a prerequisite for the kids to take a course in postmodernism before taking this? i guess i’m just bitching because it seems like the fundamentals get neglected in order to discuss whatever seems to be most in vogue at the moment. barf.

  13. Speaking as a Duke alum and judging from the syllabus, this is one of the student-led “house courses” at Duke. They’re more or less seminar discussions where the “instructors” are other students, although they’re under the nominal supervision of a faculty member. They’re ungraded and you get a half-credit for taking it (most classes at Duke are full credit) that doesn’t apply towards any major or minor class requirements.

    That doesn’t mean this isn’t stupid. It’s just not quite as stupid as you might think at first.

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