Earlier this week, it was rumored that Channing Tatum would be selected by People magazine this year for its coveted (or cursed? Who cares!) Sexiest Man Alive issue. I’m sure we are all on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if these rumors are true. Gahhhh! Your mom won’t stop calling you, like, “Is there any news? I tried emailing Bryant Gumbel but I don’t know how to program the computer!” The fact of the matter, though, is that Channing Tatum is probably having a pretty good day regardless of whether he is selected as People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2012. I mean, who knows how he is actually doing on Thursday, November 8th, but I just mean overall: guy is doing OK. This has been his year! He was in a bunch of movies, although that’s been going on for awhile, but I feel like his movies this year were the ones that finally made everyone respect him. As my friend Leah recently said after I had explained that I realized that it turns out that Channing Tatum is actually pretty good, “Ugh, every guy I know has some story about how they realized that it turns out that Channing Tatum is actually pretty good.” It’s kind of true though! We all made fun of him in 2011, and we all love him in 2012. That’s showbuzzness. (Also motherfucker won a PEABODY AWARD. What is even going on anymore?!) But hey, how are YOU doing? It’s been kind of a big week. The northeast is still recovering from hurricane Sandy, only to be hit by a pretty serious snowstorm. Also Obama. I mean, did you guys even buy your Bond tickets yet?! What is going on? How ARE you today?

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  1. I would say something about politics, but I’m just really excited that I get to see my boyfriend next week for the first time in over two months. I’ve been on internship in the UK and he’s in Canada. We’re meeting up in Paris! Gross! (kidding it’s awesome!)

  2. I hope Channing Tatum is dancing alone to Pony.

  3. Today’s improv4humans recording show was so funny I basically got no work done for the first two hours of my shift. There was also coffee involved, and it’s Bagel Thursday. It’s gray out today, which is a nice weather change-up for L.A. Light jacket weather is my favorite weather (for the most part).

    Now I’m just sitting here, waiting for this dude I’m training to actually show up so I can show him more shit he needs to know. We’ve got a deadline, pal! Move your ass already!

    I’m going to kick back tonight. I’ve got books to read.

  4. im underslept, over-caffeinated, and waiting to hear back on plans with crush. tomorrow: going camping out in the swamps. so, i’m physically feeling terrible but life seems ok!

  5. I made a Twitter! And I feel weird about it. I don’t know what to do with this thing.

  6. I got the disc with the paintball episode of Community from Netflix in the mail and watched it today, so my day had been pretty amazing.

    • I cannot wait until I can watch the Halloween episode when it’s well past Halloween. (And to watch all of Season 3 on Christmas Day!)

  7. Also that Jezebel article would be much more relatable if they had cited the Madden Curse. The SI Curse isn’t a thing! But today Calvin Johnson reported that nerve damage was ruining his grip! MADDEN CURRRRRSE!

  8. Really long week, but i took of tomorrow!! I rode my bike to class two days this week which was miserable but yay exercise. I also ate Chinese leftovers for every meal yesterday which great! (not for my diet but whatevz.com ) I made plans for the weekend so I wont be a hermit!!! My crush is dating someone so he can suck it. I’m hungry

  9. I may not look like Don Draper or drink a ton a lunch like Don Draper or completely disregard or disrespect my wife like Don Draper, but dammit if I didn’t take a nap on my couch in my office like Don Draper today.

    Life. Well. Fucking. Lived.

  10. My roommate’s mom is taking us out to dinner tonight. Fingers crossed for Applebee’s.

  11. People whom I thought were douches and later thought were pretty cool:
    Justin Timberlake
    Lady Gaga
    Alvin E. Roth & Lloyd S. Shapley
    Brandon Marshall
    The rest of Nsync but not as much
    Anderson Cooper
    That one dude from my grocery store with the mutton chops
    Marathon runners in general
    Adult Metalheads
    Toby Keith
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Abbas Mastan
    Rosie O’Donnell

    • Justin Timberlake is a douche but is also pretty cool, same with John Mayer, Adam Levine, and sometimes Jared Leto, Jared Leto is the Y of cool douches

    • You know, I’m on the opposite weight scale with Rosie O’Donnell. I used to really like her but I think she’s gotten a teensy bit too preachy in recent years.

  12. I know I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but work has been a NIGHTMARE today. It was a nightmare yesterday too but I was riding on a post-election high so I didn’t feel too bad. But now I am so over it. Usually when it gets this bad, I listen to classical music to try to mellow out, but today I tried going a different route and just listened to Raw Power on repeat for literally the entire day. It was a great soundtrack to a day of epic frustration!

    On my lunch break I bought a cardigan with cats on it which also helped.

  13. I’m a little bummed today since I’ve been trying to figure out when I can make it to the Bay Area to see my brother’s new art show, but it’s just not working out. Oh well, so it goes. Otherwise, pretty normal day at work. Although it’s pretty cold here today, and it feels like it might snow soon. I don’t know if I’m ready for the snow yet…

  14. My today was not so great, but my yesterday was the ultimate right-on because I got to see a BABY BULLDOG! (CAPSLOCK!). There is an off-leash dog park down the street from my office, and in the last month a Bulldog pup has started going there. He (she? I do not know. I did not get that close, and I certainly did not buy him/her dinner) has the exact same colouring as a bigger Bulldog who also goes to the same park, and I am not sure if they are related. Anyway. I have been detouring through the park on a regular basis in the hopes of seeing the puppy, and every now and then I see him and everything is right in the world.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I must go scan Craigslist missed connections for “weirdo lady watching baby dog from a distance.”

    • Your story reminds me of this old guy I see sometimes in the morning walking his Pug down the street I take. Always makes me smile~.

      • I too love pugs and bulldogs. Take some pictures so we can all enjoy!

        • I am not bold enough to take pictures of strangers’ dogs, and also I do not want to be banned from the dog park. But! My co-worker got a Bulldog puppy last week, and as soon as she is big enough to come into the office I will take all the pictures. The dog, I mean. My co-worker is already big enough to come into the office.

        • Here is a picture of my own pug on Halloween:

    • There is a bulldog puppy that goes to the park across from my work and she is the best!! She is so rinkly and grumpy looking and she wears pink frilly clothes and i want to take her home with meeee!

  15. I now work at a knitting store. I have applied there three times in the past five years. Live is a sweet peach sometimes, my friends.

  16. Well, my boss was gone most of the day and I got a ton of work done, AND looked at stuff on the internet., so: pretty, pretty good.
    Also I have some new guitar pedals waiting for me when I get home, so pretty psyched on that.

    • But really, Tuesday was a pretty rad day, and not only because I am a Dirty Bleeding Heart Godless Liberal.
      Let’s review: I helped a really nice guy who looks exactly like an older Seth Myers with his books. Then I watched Taj Burrow win a surf contest. He’s a cool guy. Then I was productive at work. Then I went to get a surfboard fixed & the guy was blasting Duffy like he always does which is hilarious. Then I got a “Turkish Latte” and was inspired to buy cardamon for my spice pantry. Then I went & voted but did not get one of the cookies they were giving out. Bummer. Then I went home and made pasta. Then I watched election results & laughed at twitter. Then I drank whiskey. It was nice.

  17. Currently I’m watching Ghostbusters which I have decided is a perfect movie. So that’s good. Also, I’m getting very annoyed at the Diet Coke commercial that blocks me from Videogum every time I check in on my iPad. So, that’s bad. Also, a few weeks ago my dachshund stopped walking. Can’t use her back legs. The vet has been doing acupuncture on her and she’s getting better! The vet thinks she’ll be walking soon. So that’s good. All in all, a pretty good week.

    • I am glad to hear things are looking up for the pup!

    • I have the same problem on my android. If you don’t maximize it and wait 30 secs, there’s an option to tap to continue and then it’s smooth sailing. Sometimes, I’m really impatient though.

    • Go puppy! Hope she gets all better quick!

      Does she just lie there and let the vet stick her with tiny needles? That seems like rather undogly behavior.

      • She does but the vet says Daria (that’s my dogs name) “talks” to her through the whole thing just to let her know she’s not crazy about it. And thanks to everyone for the well wishes!

    • I have that same problem. I took my iPad to the Apple guy today, and he tried it on his iPad and the same thing happened to him. He thinks it found a way around the pop up blocker (duh) and told me to ask the Videogum people. Kelly’s checking into it. It started happening after the recent Apple update, but I don’t know if there’s a connection, especially since it seems to be happening on Android too.


      I am so glad your pups is doing better!

  18. Mine was boring. It’s too hot in the office now that winter up in this bitch (like how I said that?). And just for the record, I don’t think Channing Tatum is sexy or hot. Something about him is so boring and bland, I couldn’t care less if he wins a free hot dog at Grey’s Papaya. Magic Mike holds no interest for me!

    • Ditto for CT! He looks airbrushed and it is NOT a turn on! He looks like a spray tan poster child.

    • Channing Tatum doesn’t do anything for me looks-wise either, but dude, there are other guys in Magic Mike who are PLENTY nice to look at.

    • I used to like him but then I saw this picture. Straighten your damn hat!

      Also, on the subject of how my day went, it was pretty neutral until I knocked over one of those tall cans of Stella Artois while typing this comment. Now it’s a bad day. Be very careful with Stella Artois! I’ve knocked over beers before but this was like one of those elementary school volcanoes, with the baking soda and the vinegar. And now most of my beer is gone. It was my only beer! Crapzooks.

  19. I am doing pretty ok today. I managed to go through a day without massively fucking up my nail polish which is new and unusual and slightly frightening. It’s like gravity stopped working, or having 2+2=7 or something.

  20. 1. Thought about making a pinterest for my dog’s clothes but then I realized what I was doing and I had a good long talk with myself. I promised myself I would not do it and told me to take two internet steps backwards.
    2. Still #1 in Monsters Fantasy Football West but concerned about Calvin Johnson
    3.Do you recommend any orchestral or classical music?
    4.Thinking of becoming a vegetarian but I work out a lot. Can you guys recommend some books or some such?
    5. Why don’t people say “all but” when it should be “nothing but”?
    6. I’m still pretty psyched about Tuesday night.
    7. Whenever I hear Bon Iver sing in that whispery voice I imagine it’s because he doesn’t want to wake up the other people in the hostel.
    8. Doing Movember and I already have a full beard again.
    9. Fun thing to do if you have 5 free seconds: Tweet @bryancranston and tell him he did a good job in How I met Your Mother.
    10. Just finished Freaks and Geeks. Sogood.gif
    11. I saw a monchichi in the street today.

    • 4. Dear Chris Trash: sorry but I don’t have any books to recommend (except maybe The Omnivore’s Dilemma or Kitchen Confidential, but those aren’t really workout-related), but I do have some anecdotal advice on vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for about 15 years. It is very hard to not become fat, unless you are super careful. I got in a LOT better shape once I started eating animal protein, and my workout regimen was nearly identical. Take that as you will.

      • Thanks, Brrrrrian. I can’t eat pork or beef because high cholesterol runs in my family, so really i’m just thinking of giving up fish and chicken, but I was thinking of doing two days a week at first. The only problem is that I can’t eat cheese either because of the cholesterol. Even when I used to run 10 miles a day and spend 2 hours at the gym every day that sucker was in the high 300s. I will take your input into consideration. Anyways, I just got interested in it cause I heard Arian Foster is vegan but he never tweeted me back any diet tips.

    • 4. I’ll look at what I have at home and respond again later if I find anything.

      7. I once heard a rumor that the guy from Iron and Wine sings so soft because his practice room was next to his daughter’s and he didn’t want to wake her. Donno if it’s true, but it’s sweet.

      10. My roomie finished it last night. It was good, but I wish there was more.

    • 11. You saw one of these??

      • Yup, the girl one. (I assume she’s a girl since she has a bow on its head which, according to monchichi behaviorists, is how the female monchichis attract a male)

    • 3. Chopin preludes are always good.

    • 3. I really like orchestral covers of AC/DC songs. No joke.

    • 3. Not big on orchestral, but love opera. The Italians are ebtter than the Germans, and anything sung by Maria Callas will change your life but especially her version of Un Bel Di Vedremo

    • just listen to godspeed you black emperor.

  21. It’s only been a week since this time last week?? Man, guys, it is good to be in my home with my dog, knowing my president and my president’s dog get to stay in their home for four more years! I’m finally getting back to work, sort of, after vacation and Sandy and election madness. Earlier today, I googled myself for the first time in a while and I actually found stuff I didn’t know was there (a good thing). Duke has diarrhea again for no reason, and last night he pooped in his daddy’s favorite shoes. I was eating Thai leftovers today and he was looking at me all jealous and hurt, and I wanted to say, “DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT CRYING TIGER BEEF AND GREEN CURRY WOULD DO TO YOU? YOU WOULD EXPLODE,” but instead I ignored him and poured a giant pot of water over his mess on the lawn.

  22. Today was god-awfully boring. I finished about 6 crosswords at work, though. So that’s good.

  23. Tonight I have friends arriving from out of town and my apartment, which is not big, will be crowded with people all weekend as we test recipes for Thanksgiving. I am stressed about the combination of a too-full apartment and test-cooking and no time to myself. It should just be fun but it will be tense at moments.

    In national news, I got a surprise doctor bill for $200 and my insurance company is insisting I pay. They tell me that Obamacare has caused them to stop covering a bunch of ordinary stuff they used to cover. ROMNEY 2013.

  24. I had a big presentation conference call today. I think it went well? I was too tired and nervous to be able to tell. I hate presenting because I stumble over my words.

    On the bright side: iphone 5 (fo free, with the sale of my 4S, thanks work phone plan), fancy down comforter from a coworker, free bagel.

    I go through weird cycles of going out on weekends or being a total hermit. This feels like a hermit weekend.

  25. Tonight, my pop covers choir practiced this song for Christmas. It’s about cold weather, fears about death and the future and mulled wine/cider beverages.


    I only learnt it a few hours ago and have already dreamed up the potential twee cover version/interpolation that would be used to promote Starbucks red cups. Hai advertisers.

  26. I came home yesterday to my bathroom ceiling dripping. It stopped during the night, but today the walls are damp and the plaster is starting to crack. Plumber is coming on the weekend. I have a sort of “frenemy” who I’ve been trying to friend-break-up-with for like a year and a half but it just doesn’t work, and she just announced on facebook that she is renaming her kitten, Kit-kat, “Kitticus Catticus” and everyone was like “wow, what an excellent name! So original! How did you think of it??” SHE THOUGHT OF IT BECAUSE MY CAT’S NAME IS CATTICUS MAXIMUS. You go to far, woman. Suddenly I understand these suburban moms who end 20 year friendships because someone used a baby name they liked.

  27. I’ve been cutting a corporate video for a guy who makes his living giving talks on obesity, kind of like a Tony Robbins for overweight people. He’s one of our country’s foremost Scienceticians of Obesity.
    I’m a scrawny little guy who’s never really struggled with his weight, and, I admit, I’ve got my hangups with overweight people. It seems like there’s far too much of the whole “victim mentality” thing going around when it comes to obesity; obesity is a serious problem, with serious consequences to your health, and the the healthcare system! Maybe just cut down on the Baconators! I know that not eating Baconators isn’t your absolute favourite thing to do, but give it a shot! You might like it!
    ANYway, it’s been really quite interesting to listen to this guy talk. I can’t say that I’ve 100% flipped my position on the subject, but I definitely have a new perspective on things; certainly a lot more empathy for what overweight people go through.

    • Oh man, instead of downvoting I am going to put in my two cents.

      Dude, man, fat people are not going around eating Baconators every day! I have a fat cousin who says she would be fat if she drank water and ate air, and while that is a clear exaggeration, it is very true that we all have different metabolisms, and compassion is great for everyone’s diet!

    • I mean it sounds like you’re at least paying attention and trying to be thoughtful, so props for that. Just, you know, follow the empathy brick road.

    • Good for you for the personal growth, Hugh Manatee. Glad to see you got another account after this one.

    • I am both heartened to hear you’re becoming more empathetic to the experiences of others, but also saddened at a lot of your comment.
      I’m not trying to be mean. I just really hope you can keep opening your heart to the problems of others. Being a scrawny man who has never struggled with weight, still saying “it’s so easy as just don’t eat fast food bacon burgers!!’ sounds completely horrible. :(

    • Everyone in my family is thin. I was always very thin. I had more or less the same attitude as you do, where I’d hear people talk about struggling to lose weight and think to myself “it isn’t rocket surgery people, just eat less and move more!” And then I got injured and couldn’t go jogging or cycling or play sports like I used to and I gained some weight, but it still wasn’t a big deal. And then I moved in with a guy who lost his job and I had to work 2 office jobs while in school full time, meaning I spent the whole day on my ass and ate a lot of take-out because I didn’t have time to cook and he doesn’t know how. Still, I thought when school was done and I had time to move around and cook real food again I would go back to normal in no time, BUT I am learning that losing weight is really fucking hard and really fucking sucks! Had I known that I would have been a lot more careful, but I just assumed people were overweight because they were lazy and ate poorly and I was different for some reason. What I’m saying is it’s great you and I both gained some empathy, but I like your way better.

  28. my shitty retail job is gearing up for the holiday season, which at this point means we only play christmas music A LITTLE BIT, and weekdays are completely dead but the closing team is always understaffed so the store is still perpetually a mess, and weekends are CRAZYTOWN BUSY WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING. either way it is just the PITS. and my favorite manager is leaving to go work at a different location in the next week or so, so i’ve just been pouting and acting like paul rudd picking up his dishes in wet hot american summer whenever she asks me to do anything because i am an adult. ALSO, i found out i have to work on my birthday, which normally i wouldn’t care about, but my friend’s band (or, a band my band is friends with) is playing a show that night and i really wanted to go.

    it looked like my dumb band was going to be able to get our dumb first album out by the end of the month, but then the girl who was going to take promo photos (ugh) and photos for me to finish the artwork with cancelled on us pretty much literally at the last minute (1:30 am the night before), and it’s been a pain in the ass trying to reschedule. but hopeful it will work out. good gravy this stupid thing has taken forever.

    BUT! i am glad that the post-election pile of comic books that i bought on wednesday was a celebratory one and not a consolatory (pretty sure that’s a word, don’t even worry about it) one, at least.

  29. I completed my latest grad school assignment TWO DAYS EARLY yesterday, so today I am going to take the evening off, do some laundry, clean the bathroom, buy groceries, and maybe watch some netflix.

    …it’s sad that I’m really look forward to it, isn’t?

  30. I was told by my tech guy who was helping me with a really insane issue that my workaround on my company’s comically outdated CMS to make real webpages was “ingenious.”

    Also, I have been piddling around looking for stuff that I will need for my mini-vacation with my mom to Vegas this weekend. It’s going to be unseasonable cold, so I literally have no idea what to pack — seriously the shoes thing is driving me nuts. Also, I’m looking up all the crazy social media stuff you can do to get extra deals on food, matched play, etc. We’re going to see Lewis Black on Saturday, and I’m pretty psyched to have a show that isn’t going to be jokes about dressage because TUESDAY WAS THE BEST!!!

    So, in summation, USA! USA! USA!

    Oh and if anyone has any tips on getting free shit, I would love to hear it.

    • p.s. This will be me IN EXACTLY 24 HOURS.

      I will have a new job… slot jockey.

      What’s that? A baby on the table? That’s good luck!!!

      • That was supposed to be a picture of Marge Simpson at Mr. Burns casino. Oh god, my luck is already bad. My dog is going to have to go as Florida in next year’s Halloween pageant.

  31. Well, my dad passed away this morning. Sorry to bring everyone down, but my day has kind of sucked.

  32. So far today has just been work. Nothing special. Scanned some things, have to go to the post office later. Looking forward to going to the mall later to get stuff buy 2 get 2 free at the Body Shop and hopefully get a free lip gloss.

    Very exciting day indeed.

  33. I had ONE THOUSAND meetings today (1,000 = 4) but they were all pretty good. The one bad thing was my tights got a run on my way to work so I had to take them off and throw them away in the bathroom and since we just got Nor’eastered going home bare legged was less than great. The most hilarious part of my day was finding out I have my own personal travel budget, by virtue of being the only person in my office/budget line. I wore my Halloween costume shirt as a work shirt (Benedict Cumbercostume, you pay dividends!) and only one person noticed the slight fake blood stain I didn’t get out completely. I am going to drink a bunch of beers and watch Jonathan Banks on Parks and Rec soon, and right now I am going to watch the NBA on TNT because the combination of Shaq, Sir Charles, Kenny the Jet, and basketball commentary is an American treasure. The End.

  34. I get to see Tame Impala tonight! So pumped! This will be me.

  35. So I’m a new poster, long time lurker. And I just started a grad program in a completely new city and I’m still a little weirded out by the whole thing. I’m about 1600 miles from my two best friends and the adjustment to all this new stuff has taken longer than I thought it would. Anyway, you guys are great and I’ve been reading and sharing posts with my friends for over a year now. So, um…keep on keepin’ on?

  36. To do the homework I didn’t do because of Election Feelings, I stayed up all night drinking coffee and taking awake pills. Somehow I accidentally got kind of high from the stimulants right before I went on a social work sadness tourism visit to the Ronald McDonald House, which is in a huge Victorian mansion that was a funeral home before it became a place for parents of sick kids. I didn’t have to creepily leer at any sick kids, but there were a lot of horrific clown paintings and at one point the social worker seriously referred to part of her job as being “like when King Solomon cut the baby in half.” I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any of this up, but I also was convinced that I was feeling feelings in “some imaginary part of my soft palate.” So what I’m saying is that it is time for bed now!

  37. Girls with thick eyebrows are hot.

  38. I finally got my new car registered, which is great because it means I’m not driving it around illegally anymore. (Like I’d get a brand new car and be all “nope, gonna keep driving the 20 year old hoopty”, which I couldn’t anyway because it’s broken). Then I got to have a very positive meeting about a project to keep trash out of the bay here, and we got funding for it and everyone is super happy! And then of course we got the good president and there’s a new Bond movie out soon, so, hoorays all around!

  39. i need y’alls help, my ankle is broke and i won’t be walking around on one of my legs for another month and i can already feel my calf muscles turning into nothing, i love my calf muscles and can’t bear to lose them

    if you know anything about keeping muscles alive, hit the reply button to this post, thank you

  40. This has been a really good week. Nearly everyone I know finished their degree this week, so we’re all relaxed and cheerful. I went to Radiohead on Tuesday – I never thought I would see them in New Zealand. And while Kelly said it was snowing in her life, I am for once glad I don’t live in New York because when I got home today I sat in the sun with my cat and it was awesome.

    • To add to this, my friend just texted me saying “I’m just walking back from the beach. Let’s party” and it all makes everything worthwhile.

      • Ohmygosh, also my best friend called me today while she was at Bon Iver’s concert in London, and it’s really just so cool how that’s a thing.

        Replying to your own posts, also a thing?

  41. i got to wear three different winter hats this week. very good week.

  42. I had a pretty good day. Went to a foundation dinner tonight and found out that the non-profit employer I work for didn’t get a $60,000 grant. But we got a $5000 consolation prize, so that’s neat.

  43. I’ve been away from this site for a while because our baby decided due dates are for suckers and arrived three weeks early! He arrived the day Sandy came through and we lost power for five days. Had to go from hospital straight to a hotel. Now everyone is home and healthy and getting settled in. Good to be back!

  44. Hi everyone! It’s been a perfectly lazy Saturday and then to top it off, my hubby and I had a wonderful dinner and tried out leaving the kids alone for the first time. Wow! It’s like dating again- that feeling that you’re getting away with something. And man, my dinner. Steak. Pomme frites… which is just fancy talk for french fries which came with some kind of amazing mayonnaise Dijon dipping sauce. Creme brulee… Bailey’s on the rocks… I am in love with this drink. It could very well make me an alcoholic.

    I’m still buzzing so… thus the rambling.

  45. One more thing… Channum Tatting is not really my thang but I dunno what it is about that cap slightly askew on the head… When my hubby does that in a jokey sort of way makes me want to dry hump.

    Maybe it’s just me?

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