Looking good, David Arquette! Looking GREAT! This is a photo of David Arquette on the set of a romantic comedy called Orion that David Arquette tweeted himself. Just to clarify, David Arquette put on this “costume,” which we will come back to in a second, and then he handed someone his Palm Pre and was like, “Yo, will you take a picture of me wearing my dope costume because I want everyone to see this,” and the PA was like, “Are you sure? I am only 22 years old and my generation has a very generous attitude towards the public mistakes that one can make using the Internet and social media, but even I would have reservations about tweeting a photo of myself looking the way that you look,” and Arquette was like, “You’re cool, I like you, do you have any cocaine? Also yes, I am sure.” Guys, I know that the life of an actor is difficult. Wait, did I say the life of an actor? I meant the life of a rickshaw driver. The life of an actor is insanely easy. But there is certainly an element of powerlessness to it. You don’t know where your next job is coming from, and sometimes you run out of money in the middle of renovating your pool house into an art-deco themed “Boom Boom Room” and so you take what you can get. This is David Arquette’s job, and who among us couldn’t point to an aspect of our job that was less than ideal? Then again, who among us would take a photo of that aspect of our job and tweet it proudly as an open thank you to our personal trainer for getting us into shape?! ARQUETTE WOULD! Man, what even is this costume?!?!?!? Like, yes, the Apocalypse, no for sure, totally, but also what are the chains for? They look uncomfortable and they are not holding anything together or protecting him from any elements or cannibals or anything. This is literally the costume that a high schooler would make if he and his friends decided they wanted to make their own adaptation of Mad Max in the backyard on their mom’s cell phone. “Dad, can we borrow your chains?” “Leave me alone, I’m miserable!” “Love you, dad.” Haha, this costume. Can’t wait for Orion! Follow David Arquette on Twitter! (Via HollywoodReporter. Click through to enlarge.)

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  1. It’s rare that something is best described as being like Zardoz, but with less dignity.

  2. Never have I wanted to “Click through to enlarge” less.

  3. The photo file text is my favorite photo file text.

  4. Gabe, no one thanks their personal trainer unless they have a crush on him. Gay men just tweet and instagram pictures of themselves so they can show off.

  5. Is there some sort of … staining… on his inner thigh? Not that I was looking!

  6. I think he’s just trying to make Courteney regret leaving him.

  7. Hey guys, let’s take it easy on David. He will be gravely disappointed if we don’t cut him some slack. He may be forced to unleash his dogs of war, and nobody wants that.

  8. This photo made me snort laugh. Also, I’ve always had a little crush on this weirdo. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, Arquette. I think it’s funny.

  9. His hair looks awful.

  10. Those thigh stains are just REALLY bothering me.

  11. Are we sure it’s really him? I can’t see his Wonder Woman tattoo anywhere.

  12. Thigh stains look like iodine. I suggest ringworm as the explanation, meaning he’s either been doing near-naked bareback horse riding (which should be in all films, really), or rubbing up against cows.

  13. Sean Connery tweeted this entire movie:

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