Kelly: Hey, Gabe!
Gabe: hey kelly!
Kelly: How are you doing?
Gabe: i am doing pretty good, thanks
Gabe: looking good, feeling good
Gabe: “we” did it
Gabe: you?
Gabe: did you leave everything on the field?
Kelly: Yep all of it is all over the field, everything I had.
Gabe: gross
Kelly: You asked!
Kelly: It’s snowing, so that’s very nice.
Gabe: dope
Kelly: First Obama wins and then it snows?
Kelly: Talk about the dopest 1-2 punch in town!
Kelly: You know who probably isn’t having a dope day, though?
Gabe: Tug Romney
Kelly: ew

Gabe: Plonk Romney
Kelly: ew
Gabe: Vance Romney
Kelly: ew
Gabe: Purp Romney
Kelly: ew
Gabe: and Colb Romney
Gabe: those are my five guesses
Kelly: All of those are wrong.
Kelly: The answer is Brian Williams
Gabe: awww, why?
Gabe: did his set at Caroline’s get canceled?
Gabe: #ComedyNewsAnchors
Kelly: worse
Kelly: After calling Donald Trump out on TV for having “driven well past the last exit into relevance” and tweeting irresponsibly
Kelly: Donald Trump called Brian Williams out on Twitter and said that he is boring and not smart
Kelly: :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
Kelly: :’(
Gabe: twitter
Gabe: twitter, guys
Gabe: obviously, i want donald trump to choke on a glass of diamonds
Kelly: Obviously

Gabe: but also can we talk about how brian williams did not need to report on a lunatic’s twitter feed on the night of a presidential election?
Kelly: Yeah I wish I knew the context, if there was any context
Kelly: For why you would so begrudgingly read crazy tweets
Gabe: i saw that clip and i am pretty sure that he ended the clip with
Gabe: “so that happened”
Kelly: Hahah yes he did
Kelly: Why did he have to read them?
Kelly: “NBC’s social media expert says you have to incorporate tweets.”
Kelly: “So here are Donald Trump’s.” ?
Kelly: Why, Gabe?
Gabe: donald trump WAS losing his mind last night
Gabe: in a pretty wonderful way
Gabe: he demanded a march on washington
Gabe: i am still not convinced that this deserves airtime on a major network during its news coverage of a presidential election
Gabe: “convince me!” – no one
Kelly: Right
Kelly: Especially since, like Brian Williams said, Donald Trump has become completely irrelevant. And seems like he is going off the rails mentally.

Gabe: then AGAIN
Gabe: it was almost worth it
Gabe: just for the response that it illicited from Trump, the maniac
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: It’s hard to pick a favorite response
Kelly: But if pressed
Kelly: I would pick, “Brian, if I’m ‘well past the last exist to relevance’ how come you spent so much time reading my tweets last night?”
Kelly: hahahahahah
Kelly: ahhhhhh
Kelly: “So much time”
Kelly: Brian Williams just reading and re-reading those tweets all night
Gabe: my favorite is
Gabe: “.@bwilliams knows that I think his newscast has become totally boring so he took a shot at me last night.”
Gabe: it is just great to imagine
Gabe: brian williams making his decisions
Gabe: based on Trump’s opinions
Gabe: also, how did Brian Williams know that?
Gabe: Facebook?
Gabe: Tumblr?
Kelly: Oh HE KNOWS.
Kelly: Wiliams’ intuition.
Gabe: haha
Kelly: “I’m just not getting the good Trump vibes I used to get after taping OH NO”
Gabe: “if he thinks my news show is boring, then maybe he will enjoy it more when i put him in the news, also president’s, and professionalism.”
Kelly: hahah
Kelly: I did not notice
Kelly: He said “Thanks dummy” in one of them

Gabe: hahahhahahah
Kelly: hahahaha ahhhhhhhh No, I think all of this was worth it.
Gabe: thanks dummy
Gabe: #dummy
Gabe: #TrumpCares
Kelly: #heydummyhowcome
Gabe: they should remake the Odd Couple
4:55 with Brian Williams and Donald Trump
Kelly: Oh I think that could work
Kelly: They would probably both be on board
Kelly: Tina Fey could produce
Gabe: “Tinay Fey could produce”
Gabe: Hollywood Kelly over here
Kelly: I can’t turn it off!
Gabe: “everyone gets 10% of the back-end”
Gabe: “but this is a dark week”
Gabe: “I’m Kelly FInke.”
Kelly: hahaha
Gabe: “Greenlight is also a term.”
Kelly: “Get me the casting department on line 1″
Kelly: “Go get me something from craft service.”
Kelly: “Get me the location scout and the Best Boy.”
Kelly: “I need Williams and Trump on set in 3 minutes AND I MEAN IT.”
Kelly: Yep I think the Odd Couple thing would definitely work.
Gabe: thanks dummy

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  1. I was watching NBC when that happened last night, and I lol’d you guys. That’s right. I laughed. Out loud. Because of Brian Williams. Who is a national treasure.

  2. Donald Grump

  3. Oy with the blookheads already!

  4. I live for Brian Williams’ appearances on 30 Rock!

  5. I want to see Donald Trump’s not being a hypocritical douchebag certificate

  6. I assumed Williams was forced to report on those tweets by the man. Just because no one is that angry about something they want to do.

    • Yeah, if it wasn’t clear that William’s really didn’t want to be talking about Trump at the start of the video his “That happened.” makes it explicit. So much contempt and frustration in just two words.

  7. I only had one complaint about my extended adventure in Las Vegas last week: my room had a view of the ugly Trump hotel. Guys, it’s a boring golden(of course) tower with TRUMP (of course) at the top. And it’s off by itself, as if the other cooler hotels don’t want to be seen with it. Luckily I had a better view of Treasure Island and its nightly pirate fight!

  8. How did the chat about Trump not end with Kelly getting fired?

  9. “Our country is now in serious and unprecedented trouble….like never before”

    HEY DONALD, EVER HEARD OF REDUNDANCY?! ha ha ha ha….got him.

  10. “Greenlight is also a term.”

    LOLZ This line made my whole goddamn day.

  11. “Go get me something from craft service” — LOL, that is such a line producer thing to say. BE AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, KELLY. SEND ME TO PINOT OR AMMO FOR YOUR LUNCH, AND SPECIFY SOMETHING ANNOYING LIKE “EXTRA ARUGULA” OR “CROUTONS ON THE SIDE.”

    • Yikes, you guyz! For the longest time, probably up until I read this Friendly Chat, I always thought that the people in craft services were actually caterers from Kraft, the company behind Kraft Singles.

  12. Vance Romney, Vance Refrigeration

  13. “the world is laughing at us”

    Us being Donald Trump, and they have been laughing at him for years.

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