First of all, let me just preface this whole thing by saying Videogum is not a website for porno creeps, so if you are a porno creep then get out of here. Go to pornomonster.fart. That being said, a tipster (thanks, Joe) sent us this behind-the-scenes interview with the cast of a porno based on The Cosby Show, and that means that we have a duty to let the world know about this, because how else is the Suicide Store going to know how many bullets and noose ropes to stock?

Needless to say, your childhood, which you have cherished and tried to protect despite its being constantly beset by careless Hollywood remakes, and pop culture’s adolescent-tendency to constantly reinvent itself at the expense of what came before it, is now officially dead. It’s particularly dead around the three-minute mark when Porno Theo talks about the touching father and son moment he and Porno Cliff had in the gynecologist’s office. Bye youth! Bye innocence!

WARNING: this video is actually not pornographic. It’s just porno actors hanging around in Cosby clothes. But it does come from the AVN site, and definitely has a very NSFW-pre-roll, and obviously the subject is NSFW. You been had warned. It’s amazing, so if you’re at work just wait and watch it at home. But the important thing is watch it. Everyone watch this.

Woof. Well, that exists.

Walk it off.


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  1. Can “Not Full House” be far behind? God bless deviant sex…

  2. I was more disturbed by the advert for a vibe necklace. Seriously?

  3. The Fuxtables.

    thank you; i’ll be here all week.

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  5. How timely, porn industry. You used to be cool. How about “Where the Wild Things Fuck” or something like that?

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  7. Bill Cosby is gonna HATE this

    • Oh, he’s gonna shit a brick, alright.

      Wiki’s “As of 2008 Cosby continues to lecture to black communities….” is about to be changed to 2009.

  8. I pray to God they do ass to ass with a Jell-O Pudding Pop.

  9. You said “noose”, therefore this article is racist.

    More importantly, I wonder if they had auditions for it. There could be somebody walking around right now kicking themselves for not bringing their game face to the Bill Cosby Porno tryouts. Game face, bro!

  10. who did wardrobe? because they were spot on….

    *that’s all I can bring myself to say*

  11. djafea  |   Posted on Mar 26th, 2009 +6

    Ugggg that girl looks like she’s 12, and she’s talking about sex, that was seriously distubring



  13. that’s a nickname?

  14. I fear that “Rudy finally got some dick” t-shirts are inevitable now.

  15. The casting director should get some sort of award. Like for reals.

  16. TylerPerry  |   Posted on Mar 27th, 2009 0

    What does FTV mean?

  17. Shit, I wanna watch it..

  18. i couldn’t bring myself to watch it, so could someone tell me if the guy playing bill cosby is going to be keeping his bill cosby voice during the sex scenes, because….ew. just because ew.

  19. Dude’s Cosby impression was impeckerble…ummmm.

  20. yessir  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2009 0

    These people are disgraceful and need to be blacklisted by the black community.

  21. yessir  |   Posted on Apr 27th, 2009 0

    These people are disgraceful and need to be blacklisted by the black community

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