It’s kind of snowing outside, you guys! Almost that time of the year where you get to take your pets outside and throw them in the snow and watch them play around and have snow on their noses and then take them inside and have them get everything inside wet and disgusting. So sweet. So snowy. I only wish I had a pet of my own to throw in the snow, which I do not. Instead all I have are these weekly collections of animal videos, gathered from all different websites, showing all different kinds of animals doing stuff like falling over and eating and sleeping and farting and whatever else. It’s not EXACTLY like having an animal companion of my own, but it is NOTHING like it. So. LET’S GET TO THE VIDEOS!

10. Cleaning Hippo’s Teeth

9. Puppy Vs. Doorstop

8. Karate Cat

7. Dogs Playing Bells

6. Baby Bunny Eating Cucumber

5. Swearing Parrot

4. Turtle Fall!

3. Panda Baby Kisses Mom

2. Puppy Listens To Guitar

1. Sea Otter Jumps Into Boat To Escape Killer Whales

I am so sorry about how sad that otter video was, but wasn’t it also incredible? Incredibly sad? You’re the best, otter! I’m so, so sorry about everything! I only hope that the puppy listening to his owner play guitar and the panda “giving its mom a kiss” are enough to at least partially sooth your (you guys, not the otter’s) sadness. But then that happiness is only taken away again when you see the turtle fall backwards MID-SEX, and then the cursing parrot who needs a home. It’s a difficult world out there. Stay happy. Stay safe. CONGRATULATIONS!

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  1. Wow, nice move guy with the guitar. You got a baby back there too? A DVD of the Notebook?

  2. Wednesdays are officially the best days, Kelly!! That turtle, OMG, the turtle! I literally laughed out loud during that one! Very out loud!

  3. I’ll take the cursing parrot!

  4. Hey, guys. I wrote a theme song for The Petting Zoo, let me sing it to you*:

    Pet time with Kelly Conaboy
    Meows, chirps & barks
    Arrow in the heart
    Pet time with Kelly Conaboy
    Productivity broke down
    We lost a work hour

    *sung to the tune of kelly by When Saints Go Machine

  5. The one with the puppy and the guitar actually made my heart explode and I died and then logged back in as a ghost.

  6. The best part about the lab video (only as a matter of speech – obviously the best part is all of it) is that it starts and ends with the puppy and doorstop in the middle of facing off. Did it go on for ten minutes? An hour? A day? Is he still doing it?

    Also, the puppy with the bells – those bells look exactly like Mrs. Puff, if there any SpongeBob fans here, hollaaa.

  7. OTTER VIDEO, you broke my heart! (But also, seriously, how exhilarated/terrified would you have been to be in that boat surrounded by killer whales?!)

  8. I love how the turtle was all “I’M KING OF THE WORLD!! Oh crap, hold on.” Thud.

  9. That is not turtle sex fail. It is tortoise blowjob fail. Amazing.

  10. Is the turtle OK though?

  11. It warms my heart to know that turtles are just as into beejes as we are, and that they fall as slowly as they crawl.

    But hearing that mama otter cry for her baby was the saddest thing! Too sad!

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