We were recently reminded that no matter how we feel about any particular issue, there are going to be millions and millions of people who disagree with us. (This is true now and will be true forever and will remain true of all elections that weren’t nearly as close as touted by media.) But for those of us who got our way last night, IT WAS A WONDERFUL NIGHT! Maine and Maryland approved same sex marriage, Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay US Senator, Elizabeth Warren won her Massachusetts senate seat, Washington and Colorado passed ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana for recreational use, and Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States. YES! YES YES YES WE DID! After a long election cycle that dug up so much human garbage, at times making the hope for any progress feel incredibly difficult to hold, it’s wonderful to see these steps, voted on by people!, no matter how small they are, taken. There is hope, for real. Not just poster hope, but real hope, and it exists in real humans. And I guess this is all just an overwrought way of saying: Thank you, Beyonce. Obama’s victory speech after the jump. (Photo via NYTimes.)

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  1. Even the Republicans win, as they can claim a huge victory for Herman Cain on the basis of “they all look alike.” Everybody wins!

  2. I am so relieved that everything is not completely terrible.

  3. Another four years of the failed economic policies of Barack. Hussein. Obama.

  4. Congratulations on your pot-fueled gay marriages, my American brothers!!

  5. I’m happy.

  6. I guess I was kind of imagining Mitt Romney losing and then Obama dropping him through the moon door of the Eyrie and plummeting into the Vale of Arryn but actually he’ll just get to keep on being Mitt Romney?

  7. Thank fuck. Also, MN voters defeated two amendments that would require voter ID and make same sex marriage super illegal. Yaaaay! Michelle Bachmann was re-elected, but with a tiny margin, so I guess progress? Whatever, I got to drink the celebration bourbon rather than the emergency tear stained bourbon of defeat.

    • i’m so proud of you guys!

    • I had a bottle of Pappy 20 for victory and a bottle of Jim Beam for defeat. Victory tastes much better.

    • A mixed bag for us in Wisconsin too. I mean, we elected the first openly gay person to the senate, which is awesome. And we went blue for the president, and for the representative in the assembly for my hometown (which happens to also be Paul Ryan’s hometown, which actually voted against him for both offices that he was running for).

      But, we re-elected Ryan to congress and the GOP reclaimed control of all branches of our state government, so we’re mostly streets ahead at national politics, but we kinda Britta’d it on the state level.

      • Side note: who the heck are these people that vote in only some of the categories, or vote for one party for national offices but another for state or regional offices? Why would you vote against Paul Ryan for VP, but for him for the house? I don’t get that at all.

        • I suppose some people could consider a particular candidate as having useful skills at the level of a Senator that they think wouldn’t translate to a good VP or President due to the different nature of the job. They could also think that said politician might be a genuinely good representative of their local area, but not necessarily have a grip on the affairs that affect other regions.

          Not saying this as a defense of Ryan or any politician. Just trying to imagine why someone would do that. Though, I don’t think it’s that silly that one might vote in different parties for different levels of office since it ultimately depends on the politician and his/her views. One might prefer Obama, but have a state representative who’s a Republican that they think is doing a great job/isn’t fucking crazy like most of them.

  8. Valar morghulis

  9. The question on America’s mind is: NOW will Gabe do the Walking Dead recaps??

  10. I was in VA this weekend, Ging O the V, in a county that ended up going 55-43 for Romney. But of the 20k that voted for Obama, I guarantee 70-80% of them had someone knock on their door to remind them where to vote or provide a ride to the polling place. The level of organization that the Obama campaign was, honestly, shocking to me. There were 100s of us, white, black, old, young, knocking on houses that had been microtargeted for their soft support or undecidedness. And even though, I wasn’t thrilled with everything he’s done, I was inspired to see so many people of different stripes working their ass off.

    And it payed off! I couldn’t be happier. Science won in so many places–in some ways I’m happier for Nate Silver than Obama–and we’re moving towards a more equal society re. marriage. Definitely celebrating today

  11. We did it! We stopped #KONY!

    Wait, am I on the right blog?

  12. So, can someone explain to me what exactly “ballot initiatives” means re: legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington? Asking for a friend.

    • It means they ran out of rolling papers, so they’re going to take some initiative and repurpose the unused ballots.

      • That’s why you should always just use a bowl. Never have to worry about running out of papers. Or so a friend has told me.

        • Seriously, papers look cool and all and sure are more discrete if my friend is in public, but man are they a hassle and not efficient at all. According to my friend.

    • Well, a WA friend explained to me that two things are going on right now with it: it can’t be implemented until the legislature hammers out some more governing rules and logistics, which she thinks will start in the spring, and also federal drug law takes precedence so actually enacting it relies on the actions of the DOJ, and they haven’t said boo either way yet.

      • I think the DOJ’s position has been “we hate this…but we’re not going to do anything about it.”

        Now that I think about it, it’s like someone at the DOJ has been looking forward to laws like this passing all along!! “I mean…I don’t like it man…but…like…I’m not gonna harsh on your buzz ya know!?!”

    • My friend from college is one of the lawyers behind the Colorado initiative! I’m so proud of him. I’m so proud of a lot of things today.

  13. I’m so proud of my home state, MA: Elizabeth Warren, legalizing medicinal marijuana. I’m kind of disappointed in the 4 people that showed up at Romney’s shindig.

    Also, all (most?) of the people who said ignorant and hateful things about rape got voted out of office!

  14. I think the most important thing I learned last night is that Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper, has the 2nd best name I’ve ever heard ever (behind Benedict Cumberbatch, of course)

  15. By far my favorite tweets of last night were from Victoria Jackson:

    9:02: “I can’t stop crying.”

    9:02: “America died”

    9:07: “I can’t stop crying. America died.”

    Haha what is the last tweet about?? I’d like to imagine that at 9:06, she was like, I don’t get it, why didn’t those tweets make me feel any better?? Maybe this will help…

  16. I posted this GIF a bajillion times last night, but I think you guys will appreciate it the most:

  17. Fact: When I attend an Obama presidential election party, he has won 100% of these elections. Ahem, looking foward to his 2016 invite. #videogumbraggart

  18. i was already well on my way to getting hammered when they started out by calling the entire south for romney. some days i do wonder if i can stand living here forever.

    • Hey Virginia is the South! And North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Mississippi all voted 55 percent or less for Romney… I’m even going to go ahead and call Georgia as a swing state in 2016. Even though my county went 63 percent for Romney (yikes), I’m wildly and (probably) unrealistically optimistic about the south!

    • Virginia! What about Virginia! Though seriously, it has always mystified me that the whole South is like one giant Reverse California.

      • yes, there is virginia! though i’m a product of the deep south (georgia and louisiana), so virginia seems pretty distant to me. and yes! the south is really weird and confusing and it has literally everything to do with the fact that we were basically a colony of the united states and ran on a fucked up slave economy until basically the 1950s. it gives me the sads.

        • I grew up in Texas and constantly wish Texas let me love it as much as I want to.

        • I dated a Southern girl whose dad was a Baptist minister, and I got to see a part of the South that made me love it in lots of ways. I mean, meeting family of hers who literally could not understand a word I said with my crazy New Jersey fast-talking, but who tried so hard to welcome me because she’d approved of me. And this tiny town in ruralest Georgia that looked like something from a movie about 1949 — but it was half boarded up, on hard times in 2000 when the rest of the universe was booming. “That diner there used to be segregated. Blacks were allowed to place to-go orders but not take a seat. And we weren’t bad people, it was just the way it was.” And then a family cemetery going back to the 1730s that conceivably I could be buried in if I married that girl — I really liked all that. But I hated, hated when her mother said “Well bless your heart.” It was clearly meant to be interpreted by me as a nice thing to say and was clearly not meant nice, and I would trigger it constantly, just by doing stuff like OPTING FOR A BEER INSTEAD OF ICED TEA. Oof, man. Anyway, though, in the South, I met people who just come at the world very differently than me in my NJ/CA way, and thinking of them really helps me understand how it is that people think Obama is a socialist. I mean he basically is, by the standards of that tiny, sleepy town in hidden Georgia. Even if his policies might help? The South is complicated!

          Also I think demographically VA is turning blue because Northerners are moving to it. My brother lives there; I’m sure there’s a swath of born-and-bred Virginians who think he’s ruining the place with his NJ ass.

          • This isn’t exactly on-topic, but your story reminded me of this interesting statistic. I’ve only been seriously involved with two girls in my life. One of them hated Mexicans and the other hated Chinese. When I learned this, my response was pretty much the same in both situations. “What, all Mexicans? Why?” “What, all Chinese? Why?” You never would’ve known it if you saw them walking down the street. In hindsight, it’s kind of fascinating how people can seem like well-put-together twenty-first-century people on the surface but still harbour these irrational prejudices. Well, to be fair, the second girl hated the Chinese because in a past life she’d been Chinese and she’d had a pet dragon and her Chinese countrymen had killed it, if I’m remembering correctly. So not completely irrational.

            It’s fascinating in hindsight but at the time, not so much.

      • My friend runs a wine club in Santa Rosa and got a message today from some people in the South that said that because California voted for Barack Obama, they could no longer support California-based businesses so they were withdrawing their wine membership.

        Hahahaha. Enjoy your substandard zinfandels, jerks!

  19. There are fantastic and elusive white squirrels in the park near my place (here is one who looks like he’s wearing a wizard robe: http://www.trinitybellwoods.ca/about-us/latest-news/1097-white-squirrel-baby-on-the-mend.html), and every time I see one I take it as a magical sign of good luck. I saw one this morning, and even though I do not live in the States, I am pretty sure he appeared in celebration of the election results. No quips about how he is white. He is magical, and he is glad your country did not go to garbagetown.

  20. Victory speech was great, though I thought the “clothed in immense power” line might have been a bit much?


  22. Also, I love that women are just 53% of the electorate. Way to treat us like a dirty minority, GOP!

  23. I cried so many happy happy tears last night

  24. I think Romney will make an excellent manager at Sweetums Candy Factory.

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