And so here we are. This has been exhausting! Like, really really exhausting! Not that it’s even over kind of. I mean, it is over. But there is still tonight! With the hanging out with friends and loved ones and watching the television with the fingers crossed and the moderate amount of Budweiser and the celebration/disappointment. But it is basically over, and no matter what the result, we will always have each other. Right, guys? Some of us feel one way about this thing and some of us feel another way about this thing, and I know that Videogum is not always the most welcoming place for disagreement because it is, after all, a blog on the Internet, but the truth is that I do like to believe that we all have respect for each other as HUMAN BEINGS and that is what counts the most. That and gay rights, women’s reproductive rights, humanistic attitudes towards immigration, a healthy respect for the legitimate problems of the poor, and a rational approach to foreign policy. But mostly FRIENDSHIP. You can caption this photo if you want, or you can just share your thoughts, your dancing GIFs, whatever you want, THIS IS AMERICA. The important thing is that you get out there and COMMENT.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, which makes you the President of Comments. (Image via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. ah hey guy I wanted to be FIRST in line

  2. Halloween is over, Sexy Big Bird!

  3. I like to think that Suity McBearderson is Big Bird’s bodyguard.

  4. It’s kind of weird how Suits McBeardface is the strangest thing in that line.

  5. “So then the duck said, ‘Put it on my bill.’”

  6. You guys, I don’t think that’s the real Big Bird. This voter fraud stuff is real…

  7. I hope that migrant worker has the proper documentation.

  8. Bog Bird is voting for Romney, so that Big Bird can be canned and Bog can replace him in the private sector.

  9. Looks like i’m not the only one who wrote-in Kermit the Frog.

  10. Obama is in the pocket of Big Bird.

  11. First you let birds vote, the next thing you know our children will be marrying them. MARRYING a BIRD! You decide, man.

  12. I wish I could’ve been there when he tried to explain to the poll workers that Snuffleupagus never received his absentee ballot.

  13. It’s good to see Dee from It’s Always Sunny getting out there and voting.

  14. I don’t have any jokes right now, my fellow monsters. I am too anxious and fretty for my brain to work.

  15. Man, I hate those days when I have to go out but I have only one clean set of clothes left.

  16. Cluck the Vote

  17. I’m voting Crane/Crane

  18. The other Sesame Street characters would’ve voted were they not immigrants to the U.S. (Grover, the Count, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Rosita), nor convicted felons (Telly, Zoe, Oscar, Ernie, Cookie Monster, Prairie Dawn, etc).

  19. Sunny day, chasing the black panthers away, on my way to where the air is sweet

  20. Guys, guyz! I thought of a great joke/prank/pun yesterday night.

    So just before you’re about to kick out your one night stand, you walk her out and say, “I a-door (slam the door) you!” And poof! PUN!!!

  21. “Something’s not right here, can we run a check on those three minority women up front??” – Suity McBeardface

  22. To the tune of “Sesame Street theme” : “Can you tell me how to get- how to get to my nearest polling place?”

  23. “My name is Clause, Santa Clause…”


    Now maybe I won’t have to learn Mandarin right away. I refuse to learn Cantonese, ever, I don’t like how it sounds. Racist! I know.

  25. You did it Mr. Bird! Plz watch out for Victoria Jackson and Trump they may have a hit on you.

  26. Never trust a voter with quilted legs.

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