Hey, so here’s an important election day question: For what fictional TV character would you vote for President if you had to (HAD TO) vote for one of them? (Another important question: Who would you choose to Photoshop images if you had to choose someone? Me? Please let me know if me.) They don’t have to be political characters, obviously — this is just about who do you think would be the best at the job of being president. Like, for example, Gossip Girl‘s Tripp van der Bilt comes from a political family and even ran for office at one point, but the way framed Serena for drunk driving and then almost killed Chuck and Blair because he thought he was almost killing Nate (because he was mad about his wife having an affair?) does NOT make me think he’d be an ideal candidate. Personally, I would choose Adam and Kristina Braverman of Parenthood as co-Presidents based on how thoughtfully each of them handle their personal and professional lives. (Some might think, “Really? Not Julia and Joel?” But do you honestly think they could handle the pressure? Hardly.) They would run as co-Presidents, though, because I DO think they need each other. Please cast your vote in the comments and tonight I will run them through the Scantron machine and send the results directly to Washington D.C., cc: @barackobama @mittromney. #pleasevote #importantmoment

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  1. Annyong Bluth.

  2. Keith Mars, obviously.

  3. josiah bartlett, duhhhhh.

  4. Tyrion/Bronn double ticket, please!

  5. President, Vice-President ticket:

  6. Finn/Jake 2012

  7. Leslie Knope! C’mon, people! She’d fix the economy and still have the energy to make thoughtful handcrafted gifts for every American. Only problem: the White House may become a bit hoarder-y.

  8. Knope/Wyatt 2012, obvs.

  9. I’d suggest a Crane/Crane ticket, but which one would be Pres and which VP?

  10. Killface/Taqu’il 2012

  11. Is James T Kirk too old? Or, uh, not born yet? This game is confusing.

  12. I would like to run for president of TV. I will make every day Puppy Bowl Sunday. I will bring back Veronica Mars. Community will air on Thursday nights. The Big Bang Theory and Whitney will be thrown down a well. Ryan Murphy will only be allowed to make one show and that show will be 1999′s Popular. The Learning Channel will once again provide learning. Reality show celebrities will only be allowed to be on one show ever, for which they will receive minimum wage and no tie-in money. I will bring back Change of Heart and Elimidate. I will make sure Game of Thrones is on every Sunday. Alicide will never wear clothes and Layfayette will always make margaritas and heckle a fairy giving birth. I will make sure shows like The O.C. and Gilmore Girls are on repeat in the afternoon. Kids in the Hall will once again air every day at 2 p.m. on Comedy Central. I will give you more Dr. Who. I will work with the president of TV in the UK so that we can get Dowton Abbey at the proper time. I will add more Jean Ralphio to Parks and Rec.

    Vote Badideajeans for president of TV.

    • What’s your position on rights for women (lifetime, the view) and minorities (logo, bet)?
      What about the crucial block of voters who only care about one issue (freaks and geeks, I assume)?

      • Lifetime will run Designing Women, Gilmore Girls, Supermarket Sweep (oh that show is coming back too), Golden Girls and other actually pro-women programming during the day. At night, it will be great made-for-TV movies.

        The View will air on public access. The morning shows will be required to be drunk all hours, not just the fourth. Or report actual news. NO MIDDLE GROUND. NO PATTER.

        Logo will no longer be on premium tiers with Comcast and other providers and should have better movies. I will get a consultant for BET as I do not get it with my cable… so that should also probably get untiered as well.

        Freaks and Geeks will go on repeat on the all Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared and Daria and Greek channel.

        ABC Family will have to bring back Make It or Break It.

    • You have my vote!

      And I would like to be your Vice President.

    • badideajeans’ platform is ominously silent on Buffy, Justified, Always Sunny, and The League. A hotspur administration vows to fight for these shows. Also Burn Notice.

      Most telling of all, badideajeans has made no statement about the #1 threat to our national security, Lena Dunham. hotspur finds the prospect of a nuclear Lena Dunham unacceptable.

      Vote hotspur for president of TV.

      • I have yet to address the Lena Dunham threat as I wanted this to be a civil campaign. She is allowed to have her show as someone somewhere likes it??? But she is not allowed to make movies or racist unfunny jokes on Twitter. Or she can make movies and racist jokes on Twitter but give up her show for actually entertaining TV… and/or reruns of Mr. Show.

        FX can basically stay the same. They are doing a decent job.

        Also, I have it on good authority that hotspur hasn’t even seen all of HBO’s Girls and doesn’t even have cable. Is this the person you want running for president of TV? No. Not it is not. He brings up Burn Notice, but doesn’t bring up Psych — the best show USA has ever made? What is he trying to hide?


        • badideajeans promises “no patter” and yet her position on Lena Dunham is all patter. Why does she endlessly equivocate and obfuscate on this deadly threat, until no one can tell where she stands? America deserves the straight shooting that hotspur brings everywhere he goes.

          And consider this FACT: even badideajeans herself has endorsed the candidate who has agreed to be hotspur’s running mate.

          Vote hotspur/FX 2012!

          • Hotspur doesn’t even have cable. That is a FACT. Vote for facts, not hotspur.

          • hotspur doesn’t need cable, because he has principles. He will be president of 100 percent of TV, not 47 percent like badideajeans.

            Vote hotspur/FX: Put the “team” in “TV.”

          • Ask hotspur what happened on TV last night. He doesn’t know. He was reading a book.

            Do you want a bookworm nerd as president of TV or someone that maxes out her DVR every week and watches everything else on demand so she has room to watch more?

            Badideajeans for president of TV!!

          • hotspur is hereby withdrawing his candidacy for President of TV on the condition that he can be President of Whiskey instead. He thanks his supporters, but at this difficult time of potential Romney-election, he needs to take time off to be with his family whiskey.

            He recommends a vote for badideajeans for POTV due to her well-thought-out positions on Elimidate and Plinko, though frankly her position on Lena Dunham (that paints a picture) is troubling. He hopes that through FX over the coming months she can be brought around to a more consistent anti-Dunham stand.

    • You had me until the Game of Thrones. However I am not a one issue voter, so you can still sway me. Where do you stand on Gossip Girl, specifically BlairXChuck or BlairXDan?

    • what is your position on senator delahaye’s proposition to make justified its own 24-hour network and not just a weekly tv show?

  13. Is Dog With A Blog Dog 35 in dog years yet? If so, I vote Dog With A Blog Dog.

    • Was he born in America? I will give $50 to the Humane Society or shelter of his choice if he publishes his adoption certificate and vaccination reports by 5 p.m. today.

  14. Too bad Gus Fring wasn’t a natural bor citizen. He could certainly do a good job governing New Mexico though.

  15. Swearengen/Bullock

  16. Too bad Gus Fring wasn’t a natural born citizen. He could certainly do a good job governing New Mexico though.

  17. Pants On The Ground guy from American Idol.

  18. Rick Warheimer’ for president, running with his “little man”, president with a vice, Tim Heidecker

  19. Bobby Cobb from Cougar Town. Most of what politicians say in their speeches is gibberish anyway, and with Bobby it would be ACTUAL gibberish!

  20. Suzanne Sommers, anyone?

  21. I would like to nominate:

    Joan Holloway – President
    Annie Edison – Vice President

    badideajeans – Scretary of State
    Coach Taylor – Secretary of Defense
    Leslie Knope – Secretary of the Interior
    Nucky Thompson – Secretary of the Treasury

  22. mayor Mayor for president president!

  23. I’m liberal and all, but I still gotta vote for Jack Donaghy.

  24. Bunny Colvin. Save us from Carcetti.

  25. Giles Pres Anya VP

  26. Laura Roslin, duh.

  27. Adrian Monk would very literally clean up the streets.

  28. I am a broken record, but…

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