You cannot really get mad at people who are trying to do the right thing, and ultimately I do think that Zach Braff and Donald Faison are trying to do the the right thing. They are encouraging young people to engage themselves in the national conversation, and to exercise their civic right (and duty) to vote in this (but also hopefully other) elections. Perhaps in so doing, it will create a generation of people who are less disenfranchised and more emboldened and empowered to take whatever steps they have at their disposal to shape the world according to their beliefs and desires. So that’s cool. Here’s a counterpoint, though: what if this makes people want to vote less? What if this makes young people think that voting and the political institutions that it represents are just as lame, annoying, and distant from their own lives as they originally thought? Because this video is lame and annoying, and it suggests that politics are simply a self-aggrandizing vanity project for the already rich and famous. Not to mention that I am not even sure that the college kids of today know who Zach Braff and Donald Faison are (NO OFFENSE!). Were they in Harry Potter? Did they invent Facebook? Ahh, who am I kidding? It’s just nice to have the Dream Team back together! Now get out there, little boys, and let them know who you want to live in the special mansion!

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  1. At least this helps me decide: I’ll vote for whichever candidate promises No Scrubs.

  2. is zack braff the same guy who made a couple movies starring himself making out with Natalie Portman and Rachel Bilson? pretty sure I hate this asshole

  3. Maybe this is old news, but considering this may be the last post ever about Zach Braff on Videogum, I’m going to leave this here:

    • I read in a magazine once that Zach Braff was often compared to Ray Romano. This was when Scrubs was just becoming a thing, and I was still in high school. I believe it was Entertainment Weekly. He didn’t like that because “girls aren’t hanging up posters of Ray Romano.”

      Basically, what I’m saying is that this is OLD HAT, and also that I’ve been carrying this memory about an interview with Zach Braff in my head for far too long. It’s tough being me.

  4. If Zach Braff and Donald Faison make a video encouraging Gabe to write Walking Dead recaps, maybe we can convince him to write them again.

    Seriously, the last episode was crazy.

    • I thought that was the best episode or at least among the best episodes of the series. Of course over at TV Club, which has been consistently giving the show A’s this season, they gave it a B+. I can’t look at these dumb TV graders anymore, they upset me to an irrational degree.

  5. it makes me want to listen to Nick Drake

  6. As annoying as these two scrubs are, their message is still important. People gotta get out there and vote! It’s really not that hard, guys! This is 2012, and voting couldn’t be any easier. Just text “B-ROCK ” to 1-800-PREZ-IDOL for Obama, or “MITTENZ” to 1-800-WRONG-CHOICE for Romney, OR you can “like” either candidate on facebook to send in your vote! (Standard message and data rates may apply)

  7. Jeez you people are cynical about this short, semi-charming video encouraging young people to vote. I really don’t see, at all, how this video “suggests that politics are simply a self-aggrandizing vanity project for the already rich and famous.” But that’s just me. Rock the vote! Or don’t. Whatever.

  8. Zach Braff creeps me out. That is all.

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