• A few months ago it was announced that Warner Bros. were developing a Twilight Zone movie, but it wasn’t announced until recently what that movie would be about. Turns out it’s just basically going to be the episode with the time-travelling pilot! -Ain’tItCool
  • Colin Quinn was on Late Night last Friday and spoke a bit about his Twitter account, which sounds much worse than it actually is. -LateNight
  • This is a supercut of Jesse from Breaking Bad saying “bitch,” and it is crazy that no one has ever made a supercut of this before, and to be honest I barely believe it, but apparently it is true? Anyway, here it is! -WarmingGlow
  • John Cusack is developing a Rush Limbaugh biopic in which he will play Rush Limbaugh. “Okay.” -THR
  • Uggie remains retired! -FilmDrunk
  • Some jerk (director Peter Hall) yelled at Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael, the actress who plays Lady Edith) while she performed in a play the other night and he has since given an excuse and apologized but still it is a very terrible and VERY Edith story. -Vulture
  • Bret McKenzie is writing some new songs for the next Muppets movie. That’s nice! -Collider
  • Apparently there are other geniuses out there who have tried to revamp the Casablanca story. Check them out! Be sad about how they never happened! -TheWeek
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    • Lets find out where that horrible director works, go there and heckle him. What a total buffoon.

      • Relax guys! She just needs a good long ride with an older gentleman and she’ll be right as rain. What? In a car! Get your minds out of the gutter. And can I add how mad I was when I got spoiled by some British guy I follow on Twitter! So mad.

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