Sometimes people are going to lie to you. They’re going to tell you that you look fine, when really you look not so good and should change your clothes and take off some of your makeup. They’re going to tell you they love you with all their heart when really they’re having some doubts and trying to sort through whether or not they’re going to tell you about those doubts or just wait and hope the doubts will go away. They’re going to tell you that they’re on their way when they haven’t even left their apartment yet and probably won’t for at least 10 more minutes. They’re going to tell you that they don’t want to see you anymore, when they wish more than anything you’d show up on their doorstep. They’re going to tell you that the way to light a bonfire is with a “homemade bazooka.” And though you’ll know in your heart that they are probably lying, all you’ll be able to do is trust them.* (Via ViralViral.)

*Except these guys. This is not how you light a bonfire!!!!!!
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  1. “And that’s how we all lost our eyebrows”

  2. I have so much anxiety right now.

  3. Hey, Kelly. Is everything ok?

  4. I feel like this should be a Movember ad or something.

  5. Heartbreaking intro, but rousing finale.

  6. Geez, why can’t these guys be our boyfriends?

  7. I think even Guy Fawkes would just be like, “Enough guys.”

  8. Everyone knows that the right way to light a bonfire is to douse it with a few hundred gallons of jet fuel. (FightinTexasAggieClassofWayTooDamnLongAgoA-Whoop!etc.)

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