The biggest sequel announcement going around the Internet today is that of the Boy Meets World sequel about Cory and Topanga’s child currently in development at Disney, titled Girl Meets World. Obviously that news is perfect and everyone over there has their heads directly on their shoulders and none of them need any help from us. (Concept: Check. Possible Ben Savage involvement: Check. Name: BIG CHECK.) Unfortunately the scorecard is not looking so good for the possible Casablanca sequel. (Whaaaaat?) From The Huffington Post:

New York Post is reporting that Cass Warner, the granddaughter of Warner Bros. co-founder Harry Warner, is looking to make a sequel to “Casablanca.”

Warner took a screenwriting class with “Casablanca” contributor Howard Koch in 1988 and she is now hoping to revisit Rick and Ilsa with a script that is based on a treatment Koch wrote more than 30 years ago.

Warner came across Koch’s “Casablanca” pitch, amongst stacks of unproduced pieces when she was at his home in Woodstock.

“Warner Bros. passed on it a year, a year and a half ago,” Warner told the Post. “But they indicated they were willing to revisit this if I could find a filmmaker they were interested in working with.”

So a member of the Warner Bros. family took a screenwriting class in 1988 that led to her going through stacks of forgotten paper at Howard Koch’s house, and now she’s trying to make a Casablanca 2 that nobody wants? Perfect. The best part is how much all of it makes sense and isn’t a little weird and sad, and the worst part is that we all can’t watch Casablanca 2 right now. The article goes on to explain what Casablanca 2 would be about (Ilsa gave birth to Rick’s kid and Rick’s kid is going to be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt?), but refuses to give any solid examples of how it will be updated for a brand new generation of viewers. COME ON, CASS! Let’s help her out, huh? Let’s. 

  • “Here’s looking at you while we FaceTime on my iPhone 5, kid, and here’s also looking at a little picture of me in the bottom right.”
  • Isla is a cartoon (the only cartoon in the movie, though) and the whole thing is produced by Adult Swim.
  • “Of all the Starbucks, on all the corners, in all the city, she walks into the one I frequent most.”
  • Rick and Isla’s kid listens to a lot of indie music and is in a band and frequently drops the names of bands his band has opened for. (Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, Bob Mould.)
  • “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful Facebook friendship.”

TRUTH BE TOLD, most of mine were just updated quotes that are certainly not going to be used in a sequel. (Though you do always want to give a wink to the superfans!) Who knows what Cass needs to get her screenplay sufficiently spiced 2 get it on teh ROAD! Your turn!

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  1. You guys, do you think they’re going to finally reveal what happened to Mr. Turner? Maybe he could be this generation’s Mr. Feeny!

  2. Ilsa and Rick’s kid works in greeting cards, and meets a lady at his work with whom he has a relationship but never realizes that his idealized version of the lady is not actually who the lady is. They break up, he gets whiny, breaks plates, moves on, becomes an architect.

  3. Someone in the cast should have a blog. And also be a dog. BECAUSE THIS IS A REAL TV SHOW.

  4. Play it again, Spotify.

    • Of all the Starbucks in all the world, she has to walk into mine.

      • For the record, I did consider “Play it again, Siri,” but liked the sound of ‘Spotify’ better.

        Probably a misstep, since people probably would’ve enjoyed my comment more just for the recognition factor, and not necessarily the cadence. But Spotify has voice recognition too, so it still works!

  5. Casablanca was my favourite movie all through high school and this is the saddest of all the remake/sequel news I’ve ever heard.

    That said, they will probably do a Notebook past/present day mashup where Rick and Ilsa are in the same nursing home both suffering from Alzheimer’s and falling in love all over again while rediscovering the past, and Rick’s grandson meets Ilsa and Victor’s granddaughter there and they hate each other at first, but slowly fall in love, and then Sam’s granddaughter is the minister at their double wedding. Or maybe Rick and Victor will fall in love, or Sam and Ilsa, because controversy sells tickets.

  6. On a none-hater note, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a pretty good pick for Rick’s son based on his performance in Loopers. (Sorry for the non-ironic comment, I got my first good night’s sleep last night in quite awhile and the world feels strangely pretty today.)

  7. We’ll always have Videogum.

  8. Are you guys aware that there was already a “reboot” of Casablanca? It came out 12-15 years ago. It is called “Barb Wire” and it stars Pamela Anderson Lee as the bar-owning Rick character in a futuristic dystopia. I forget the rest but I believe it ends in a garbage dump instead of the aeroport.

    Also, Pam wanted to go legit in shooting this, but when it was done, the producers got mad that she didn’t show enough boob. So they made her film like 5 minutes of swinging on a swingset while getting doused with cold water, which they then just placed before the opening credits. It serves no Casablanca purpose whatsoever.

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