Our dedication to posting all things Idris Elba in the glowing and effusive manner that all things Idris Elba deserve is strong and unshakable and you do not even need to worry about that. He is so handsome talented! But if there was any weakness in the foundation, this video might have discovered it. Because what is going on in this music video?! It’s a little vague, as most music videos are, but let’s see if we can piece it together: a mentally disabled Idris Elba loves laughing at his hands and boiling eggs, and he has been hired by the Country House Industry to be the new spokesperson for Country Houses after the death of his ghost dog. Did I get it right? Although that doesn’t take into account all of the running through the woods or that speeding car out of nowhere that almost kills him. Look, we cannot and should not dissect ART but also this video is stupid as hell. A rare miss, Idris Elba. You are still the very very best.


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  1. Guys, why are we talking about this instead of the fact that Disney is preparing a show about Cory and Topanga’s daughter, entitled Girl Meets World? ONE OF THESE SUBJECTS IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OTHER!

  2. idris elba was also in takers, never forget.

  3. I sort of wanted him to just keep running at the end (no spoilers, b/c, ART). That would have been the first interesting thing to have happened in the video.

    The story of the video was weird on its own, it’s true. But also, it didn’t fit the tone of the song at all?

    Fewer side projects, more Luther, please Mr. Elba.

  4. Luther season 3 has started filming, you guys. SO IT’S NOT ALL BAD NEWS.

  5. If this is the first time you’ve been disappointed in Idris Elba’s career choices, you clearly have never seen Obsessed.

  6. Wait, there was more video after the opening bed shot? I am afraid that I died again (after finally reanimating after the Idris Elba Puppy Incident of ’12) and missed it. When I tried to watch a second time, my dead corpse itself died, so now I am dead squared. It’s weird, but Miss Argentina is here so it’s not all bad.

  7. I feel like I am officially an old because I don’t get what kids these days like about Mumford and Sons and fun. When I hear them, I am like “snoozefest!” and then start blasting some Duran Duran instead.

    • I am like that too except what I start blasting is The Mars Volta. “You kids today and you’re NOT-progressive-experimental-psychedelic-post-hardcore-rock-concept-album music. Them’s were that good ol’ days.”

  8. Can he just kiss me?

  9. So this was 6 minutes of Idris Elba alternating between PJs, shirtlessness, and a suit? You’re right. I didn’t appreciate it at all.

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