Jodie Foster will receive the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at this year’s Golden Globes. At 50 years old, she is the fourth youngest person to ever receive the award, which is a little strange, because why do so many young people get this award? Wait a few years! #courtneystodden4cecil

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  1. 50 seems super young, but to be fair I always thought Jodie Foster was older than that? She’s been acting for at least 65 years ight?

  2. Well if it were 1912, she’d probably be dead by 50 already!

  3. Lifetime awards shouldn’t be awarded until after a lifetime is over. Because now what if she comes out as a crazy racist? Congratulations, you’re being awarded for a lifetime of crazy racism, because of the award committee’s lack of foresight!

  4. Is it just a coincidence that there is a Jodi Foster post directly after a post that posits this question:

    “Was she a great big fat person?”

    I think not.

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