As we enter into the last day of what has been a difficult week, it’s important to remember that fun exists out there, somewhere. Maybe not in your backyard or wherever, where it’s always summer and your friends are always around, including the one friend who always films everything with his or her nice camera and then cuts it into a nice little video and puts it online for everyone to enjoy, and you guys are always slip-n-sliding without a care in the world — maybe not there. But certainly perhaps in the break room of your office, where you are free to have as many coffee pods as you like. Or in your bedroom, where you can watch unlimited hours of Netflix Instant on your laptop in your bed. Or at your local bar, where you and your friends can gather and tell the same old stories to each other all night. Or maybe at a fancy party you get invited to? Or maybe if you’re going on a vacation. (Or you go on vacation in a dream, like I did last night. To Germany!) The point is, even if you have to really look for it, there’s still fun out there. Or maybe there isn’t. Either way, IT’S FRIDAY! (Via reddit.)

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  1. BNPG – White People Sports

    Slip N’ Slide Slalom
    Hacky Sack
    Frisbee Golf
    Bungee Anything

    Also, obligatory Gangum-Style shot at :55.

    • I have had plans for years to start an Autumn Olympics, which would pretty much be these. And also tetherball.

    • I played the whole thing but didn’t watch closely, and I thought, “I’m surprised there isn’t a Gangnam Style angle here.” So thanks for that.

  2. The party is where you make it! For instance, the party is at someone else’s desk today, because my computer is down and IT is not responding to my ticket. It’s like being in a hotel, but at work! Totally gonna sit in this stranger’s chair without pants.

  3. I am pretty sure it is always fun at Dollywood. I mean, it’s Dollywood. How could it not be magic fun time?

  4. That song. I didn’t enjoy that song at all.

  5. It always cuts away before the full landing. How many people died in the making of this video?

  6. Okay the two fat guys sliding down while eating pizza was pretty good though.

  7. Ugh. Had to walk again to work this morning (sorry starving war torn South Sudan, but I have it worse!). This makes me hate my CA friends even more for their constant 75 degree and sunny weather updates.

  8. OMG, finally a place to have all my jersey needs met! Now, is this jersey the fabric, or jersey the breed of cattle? Honestly, it doesn’t really matter, because I am constantly running out of both!

  9. Well now I look insane.

  10. This was surprisingly heavy on the chubby guys boobs and light on the lady boobs. I am not complaining about this because I have my own lady boobs and don’t need to see too many shots of other lady ones in slow motion. But when I clicked on this video I expected something that would make me roll my eyes. Instead it was more chubby guy boobs in slow motion, which is just fun for everyone!

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