• Happy 26th birthday, Penn Badgley!
  • Donald Trump has released a response to President Barack Obama, after he failed to reach Trump’s extortion deadline. It’s almost as if Barack Obama HATES charities and has EVERYTHING to hide. Vote Trump ∞. -GotchaMedia
  • Today, the BBC released a video announcing the filming of Luther‘s third season. Great! To tell you the truth I haven’t watched Luther yet, but I’m going to someday and I’m sure I will probably like it a lot. -BBC
  • George Lucas is donating the majority of the four billion dollars he got from Disney to a charity that is primarily focused on educational issues. What a wonderful thing! -TheHollywoodReporter
  • The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are going to air live episodes on election night. (What if Mitt Romney wins, guys?) (That is going to be so sad.) (I am very worried about the possibility of him winning.) (Let’s not think about it too much!) (Stop!) -WarmingGlow
  • Vince Vaughn is going to be an action star now. Which is fine. He’s an actor! He can try to be whatever he wants to be, and it can all be just as terrible as it’s going to be, and we all just have to live with it. -FilmDrunk
  • Who should direct Star Wars: Episode 7? My vote is Zach Braff. If not Zach Braff, then my vote is Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson. If those guys are busy, then I don’t know, I guess Refn. Who do you think? -TheWeek
  • And, finally, want to know which Hollywood classics inspired Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel? DON’T MIND IF YOU DO? -SlashFilm
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  1. How many decks of playing cards had to die to make that hideous shirt?

  2. I started watching the first season of Luther when it was on because my then-girlfriend was in to it, but couldn’t stand it. It seemed to glorify police corruption in a really ugly way, to me? I don’t mind media about loose cannons. I love Dirty Harry. But this was a guy who OLD SPOILERS willingly let a suspect drop to his death in the first scene of the first episode without arresting him or seeing him through a fair trial or anything, and then it’s all alright and everybody knows about it and is open and it’s totally fine for him to carry on being a police officer? And he’s the hero?

    Also the supporting cast are very badly written. I like the woman who plays the pyscho throughout, but don’t like the role. The thing about how you can tell if somebody is clinically psychotic or sociopathic or whatever they handwaved her as if they don’t catch your yawn was the stupidest plot device ever. Everything about the show rubbed me in a really horrible way, which was totally irrational because I don’t ever have to see it or think about it if I don’t want to..

    So you should probably base your decision to watch it entirely on my opinions instead of forming your own is I guess what I’m saying?

    • That’s so sad. I always meant to watch it but never got around to it, I was told it was like a British The Wire, so The Lorry Cable or something.

    • I’m pretty sure everyone “knew” what happened, but they were not alright with it. The fact that what he did was wrong, and he’d be in serious trouble for it, is a plot point throughout season 1, not to mention the fact that how crazed Luther was by that point caused his life to fall apart just prior to season 1 starting. Plus the dude he let fall had a little girl (the latest of many) stuffed in a box, slowly suffocating to death IIRC.

      • Didn’t his killing of the guy seal the little girl’s fate? It’s good that it was carried through. Like I said, I only started, I couldn’t bear to finish. Crazed and bad is fine, just not as a guy who is clearly positioned to be rooted for. The fact that the worry is that he’ll be in trouble if caught, rather than the fact that he SHOULD be caught, is sort of my problem with it. It smacked too much of violent vigilante wish fulfillment, like I’m expected to be happy when criminals are just straight up murdered because they’re bad and undeserving of any and all rights. Which I personally can’t be.

    • I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would, because I was not expecting it to be so pulpy. Once I adjusted to that though, I liked it more. I love Idris, and I love Ruth Wilson (Alice, the sociopath.) She’s plays Jane in one of my favorite adaptations of Jane Eyre.

  3. I am also very concerned that Romney might win. I’m pretty sure he won Florida which helps him win more than I’d like it to.

  4. The vet just called to say Catticus’ testectomy went smoothly AND she called him “handsome”, which is something that has never, ever happened before in the 600+ years that he has been roaming this planet. I told her that was very generous and she replied “Oh no, he has a very masculin face!” haha yes he sure does

  5. Harmony Korin should direct the next star war movie but the budget should be capped at $40 bucks or so. Its Dogma 95 up in this shit, ya heard? Also the movie should just be about Salacious Crumb (Jabba the Hutt’s little hyena pet).

  6. You know what? I clicked that Trump link, but when I saw his stupid face, I made the conscious decision to close the window and ignore whatever garbage he definitely wanted me to hear.

  7. My choice to direct Star Wars: Episode VII is Zombie Kurosawa.

  8. Anyone want to have a serious conversation about who should direct the new Star Wars? Because I have real opinions on this and would like to geek out.

    • I’ve heard from 3 different sources that Brad Bird is already “at work”. 3 different sources, people!

      • Yes, I’ve heard that too. And in conjunction with that rumor I’ve heard that Damon Lindelof is already writing the script to Luca’s treatment to which I say NONONONONONO! It’ll be all “What is the force? Well, what do YOU think it is?” I would love to see Brad Bird, but I think a really interesting choice would be Alfonso Cuaron. He directed the best Harry Potter and also Children of Men. I think you need a director that is a talented mass-audience type. No artistes – no Finchers or PT Andersons. Cuaron is somewhere in the middle.

        • Not that it could ever happen, but I think Tarantino would make a pretty cool Star Wars movie.

        • Oh god, Lindelof? I’d been thinking “At least there’s no way Chapters VII-IX could be as bad as Chapters I-II,” but suddenly now I see a way. Of course the nightmare writing team would be Lindelof and that jackass who wrote Crash and ruined Quantum of Solace, what’s his name, I have blacked it out.

          Cuaron is perfect. I would also accept Guillermo del Toro. And Peter Jackson could handle it, obviously.

          • The thing that’s so funny about this Star Wars/Disney development was that if this were 12 years ago I would be so STOKED to imagine other creative teams conjuring up canon for the Star Wars universe, because that was the last time I still had some enjoyment of the series in my bones. I was a late bloomer to Star Wars, seeing them my sophomore year of high school. Then the Special Editions came out, and then the Prequels came out, and the whole thing was done in about 8 years. Hardcore fandom for 8 years.

            I would fantasize about what you could do with that universe, how you could literally tell any type of story with the pulpy, high fantasy operatic backdrop of the Star Wars universe.

            Now it’s here and it’s news, and I’m like snoRz. At the same time, any director/screenwriter you throw out there gets my mind thinking about what kind of Star Wars movie they would make, and I’m pretty much down with any and all of it, Lindelof included. Why not, right?

          • The only reason why I’m maintaining some level of excitement is that Disney owns Marvel and Pixar, and they certainly have not fucked up those relationships yet.

          • In response to chrisck: Disney has done fine with Marvel, but I feel like Pixar has gone downhill. Most of the best Pixar’s were started before Disney took over, though they came out after the merger. I worry about The next few years of Pixar (and all the damn sequels)

    • Did you know David Lynch was supposed to direct Jedi at one point?

  9. Pretty sure that’s Jason Mantzoukas, not Penn Badgley.

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