With Mitt Romney’s relentless insistence on co-opting Friday Night Lights into his campaign platform, it makes you start to think about how he watches TV. What are our favorite shows like through this brave, and fearless man’s eyes? Who does he even like on Friday Night Lights?! Buddy Garrity, yes, but who else? (We have already covered this. His favorite character is J.D. McCoy’s dad. Let’s move forward. Change of subject we can believe in.) You just know his favorite character on The Wire is Mayor Carcetti, just because YOU KNOW (although he always gives a shout out to the shipping container full of dead prostitutes WASSSSSUUUUUUUUP?!). But so who are some of his other favorite TV characters?

  • Lucile Bluth on Arrested Development
  • Jerry on Parks and Recreation
  • Locke on Lost
  • The racist Muppet
  • Hank Schrader on Breaking Bad
  • The racist on Mad Men

This is fun. Is this fun? I don’t even know anymore. Who else? Who else? Vote for Mayor Royce on November TV!

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  1. The Baby from Rosemary’s Baby

  2. Nina Garcia on Project Runway

  3. Mr. Burns

    • Hahahahaha. Oh what was I laughing about again? Riiiight. When Mitt Romney Mr. Burns crippled that Irishman.

      Seriously I just did a montage in my head of cruel and terrible things Monty Burns has done that directly parallel stories about Romney – animal abuse, replacing his workers with robots, denying industry’s relationship to poisoning our water and air, running for office. At least Mr. Burns had his dear Bobo… and a likable son.

    • Obvious, but how could you be any more accurate than this? You couldn’t.

  4. Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, obviously

  5. The Million Dollar Man

  6. The white guy on Outsourced

  7. Sarah Palin on Fox News

  8. The baby on Family Guy

  9. Vicki from Small Wonder

  10. I’m not sure about tv, but I heard he waves a Mr. Potter pennant while watching It’s a Wonderful Life

  11. Little Carmine Lupertazzi on The Sopranos

  12. Kate from Lost.

  13. All of the brave businessmen willing to stand up to Captain Planet.

  14. Jeff Rosso from Freaks and Geeks

  15. The guy who wanted to build a better Bayside by putting oil towers on the football field. You guys know this guy? Iowa probably doesn’t, they probably haven’t seen it.

  16. Joey on Full House

  17. Joffrey Baratheon

  18. The Doomsday Killers on Dexter

  19. Cylon No. 1 from Battlestar Galactica.

    Also, despite his black incumbent beating powers, Tommy Carchetti was based on Martin O’Malley, an avowed LIBRUL.

  20. Why are we saying Locke? He was too good of a character for that asshole.

  21. Hank from breaking bad is actually my favorite character. Seriously. Not trolling.

  22. Roger on Doug.

  23. Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties.

  24. You know what? I’ll give Mitt the benefit of the doubt and assume he knows Jack Donaghy is a parody of his ilk.

  25. Rosie the Maid

  26. You know, Hank Schrader is my absolutely favorite character on Breaking Bad. I mean, he’s hilarious. More so than the rest of those guys! I’m always gearing up for at least a guffaw when Hank’s in the scene.

  27. TBH, I think it’s probably Ron Swanson.

  28. Frasier on Frasier

  29. Gunther the barista

  30. Joffrey Baratheon

  31. Rick from The Walking Dead

  32. The Gorgs from Fraggle Rock

  33. Whoever it was that shot JR, did that ever get resolved?

  34. Hey, I like Jerry.

  35. Donald Trump on The Apprentice because he’s a cool, relatable guy who also likes to fire people, just like Mitt.

  36. All the Mormons on Big Love.

  37. Romney approves of Duck Phillips’ treatment of Irish setters.

  38. McCann Ericson on Mad Men

  39. Ellis on Smash. (Trust me, huge burn.)

  40. The Mayor on Buffy

  41. How has nobody mentioned Thurston Howell III?

  42. Kerry Vincent on Food Network Challenge.

  43. Angelica on Rugrats

  44. Skids and Mudflap from Transformers

  45. The mom from 7th Heaven.
    Charlotte’s mother-in-law, Bunny, from Sex and the City.
    Every dad in every cell phone commercial.

  46. I believe at one point he actually said that he liked Snooki. Whether or not he described her as a “spitfire” in real life or I just think he did because of course he would, I’m not sure.

  47. The Opposite George

  48. Lucille Bluth IS the best character on Arrested Development tho

  49. Leland Palmer

  50. The Earl of Lemongrab

  51. Cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch

  52. Ferguson on Clarissa Explains It All.

  53. Nurse Ratchett (I know she wasn’t on a TV show, but I don’t care.)

  54. The Governor on The Walking Dead

  55. Clayton Bigsby

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