Earlier this week, the BAD DAD ALERT was triggered by a FOUR ALARM BAD DAD when it was reported (haha, reported) that Kelsey Grammer took his three month old baby to a party at the Playboy mansion. Eek! Papa! Papa, no! But it turns out that at that very same party Kelsey Grammer was also setting off BAD HUSBAND alarms right and left. From Celebitchy:

We’ve heard Kelsey Grammer talk about his ex wife, Camille, in just about every interview over the last year. It seems like he’s obsessed with her given how often he brings her up. Well here’s some more evidence to back that up. Kelsey’s current wife, Kayte, dressed just like Camille for their little jaunt to the Playboy Halloween party with their three month-old baby in tow. Someone mentioned this in the comment section, but I hadn’t seen the photo yet so I couldn’t judge. Now that I’ve seen the picture, above, it’s obvious why Kelsey was so adamant in his statement that his wife was dressed as a “witch” but that “her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot.” So Kayte went as a witch with a blond curled wig and tape over her nose to indicate plastic surgery? That’s odd. It’s also obvious why he emphasized Kayte’s age and called her his “lady love.” He is one messed up man with something to prove.

I don’t really understand what half of the words in that paragraph mean, but I do know that making your child bride dress up as your ex-wife on Halloween is exactly the kind of sanctified union between one man and one woman that Mitt Romney promises to keep intact. What a glorious testament to love both new and old!!! What a piece of shit Kelsey Grammer is!!! At the very least, like, you guys know the story about LIberace, right, and how he paid tens of thousands of dollars to have his boyfriend, Scott Thorson, undergo plastic surgery to make him look MORE LIKE LIBERACE so that Liberace could literally FUCK HIMSELF? You know that story? What I’m saying is: at least have a little style in this life. Show some initiative. Don’t just slap a wig on your wife and throw your baby in the car and go to the Playboy mansion and ruin everything. Make her feel special. This Christmas, buy her Face/Off surgery. And kill yourself.

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  1. Do we need our great artists to be good people?

  2. thank you

  3. So he’s got a daughter, an ex-wife, and a wife young enough to be his daughter who is dressed as his ex-wife? Got it, makes total sense.

  4. Hearing about the personal lives of public figures whom I like in theory always makes me so, so sad. Benedict Cumberbatch aside (and his tendency to badmouth other peoples’ shows like he is the entire creative team behind Sherlock aside from this aside), it’s almost always a bummer :(

    • Kelsey Grammer has gone through some serious trauma. From the IMDB trivia page…

      “His father was murdered in the Virgin Islands. His sister was murdered while finishing a shift working at a Red Lobster in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Had two step brothers (from his Dad’s second marriage) that were killed in a shark/scuba accident.”

      Yikes! Now, I’m not saying that this is an excuse to be a weird/terrible father/husband, but I’m going to cut him a little slack in the crazy department.

    • That’s just why I make up stories for my favorite celebrities. Except for Tilda, clearly everything I say about her is stone cold fact*.

      *this is not intended to be a factual statement. Please don’t sue.

      • Tilda wrote a swell piece about Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and that is a nice thing to have done and is pretty much all I need to know about her. Besides that I can’t wait for her to play Conan in his biopic. Or him to play her in hers. WHICHEVER.

  5. Remember the new unanimous pick for best movie of all time, Vertigo? It is actually one of my favorite movies, but the sequence where James Stewart gives Kim Novak a makeover to make her look like old Kim Novak is so creepy!

  6. This post has some pretty bad grammer.

  7. we all want what we can’t have. unless we’re kelsey grammer, apparently.

  8. Kelsey grammer story time. A friend of mine worked for the UWS Apple Store right around the time the first iPad came out. They were under a strict policy of not selling any until 4PM on the dot. Kelsey Grammer shows up at 11 to buy it. “We can’t sell it to you yet” she says. “But I’m Kelsey grammer” he says. “But that doesn’t matter. I will lose my job if I sell it to you” She says. “But I’m Kelsey Grammer.” Long story short she doesn’t sell it to him, but they have a conversation and she ends up giving him a one on one session to have him learn iMovie. During they’re chat he asks if she plays words with friends. She says yes. He says “will you play me? My daughter stopped playing with me.” Which sounds sad, but once she started playing him she learned why. Apparently he is very good, but also extremely impatient. If he wouldn’t play him back within 10 minutes he would start sending reminders every five minutes until she played. Side note: he asked her why her words with friends game didn’t have popup ads. She explained that she paid a dollar for hers. So, long story long, Kelsey Grammer plays the free version of WWF and is very impatient.

    • Speaking of the world we live in being a horrible nightmare garbage place and also Words With Friends…they are making a board game version of Words With Friends. If even one copy sells, I am going to hate everything forever.

      • Of course, Hasbro, makers of Scrabble, is making the Words With Friends board game. Which means Hasbro… the makers of the board game Scrabble…. are paying licensing fees to make the board game version of the rip-off video game version of their own game, Scrabble.

    • Okay, I hate asking because not only does it reveal my aging ignorance, but also because I have some pride in said ignorance. What is Words with Friends?

    • I love this story so much.

  9. He is gross.

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