Jimmy Kimmel Live is filming in Brooklyn, NY this week (perfect week) and last night Jimmy’s guest was his comedy idol David Letterman. Watch the interview’s five parts here. Who is YOUR comedy idol just kidding! (Unless you do want to talk about it.) (Then who is it?) (Bart Simpson?)

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  1. Jamie Kennedy.

  2. Tosh.0 because who doesn’t love a good rap joke. What did Puff Daddy say when 50 cent gave him a scarf for Christmas? “Gee, you knit?” Ahahahaha I REST MY CASE.

  3. In comedy, as in all things, my idol is the sweet lady Swinton.

  4. I really would like to discuss Craig Ferguson’s feud with Katie Couric. Why does he resent her? What is the origin? Is it because of Geoff??!

  5. I don’t care for Katie Couric OR Craig Ferguson. I’m not sure what that makes me.

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