This is a photo of a 28-year-old bartender in England formerly known as Emma-Louise Hodges who has legally changed her name to Miss Pussy Galore Honey Rider Solitaire Plenty O’Toole May Day Xenia Onatopp Holly Goodhead Tiffany Case Kissy Suzuki Mary Goodnight Jinx Johnson Octopussy Domino Moneypenny. OH SURE! You know that very popular Internet-era construct of saying that you wish you loved something just a fraction as much as “this person” loves “that thing”? Well in this case I do not feel that way! I love everything an appropriate amount compared to Ms. Pussy Galore Honey Rider Solitaire Plenty O’Toole May Day Xenia Onatopp Holly Goodhead Tiffany Case Kissy Suzuki Mary Goodnight Jinx Johnson Octopussy Domino Moneypenny. Good grief. Said the former Hodges (via HuffingtonPost):

“I’ve always thought how great it would be to be a Bond girl — and now I am,” she told the British tabloid. “Ultimately though, I’m a good down-to-earth girl, so I opted for Miss Moneypenny as the main name — even though she’s not technically a Bond girl.”

What? That is very confusing. She wanted to be a Bond girl, and now she is, except no she’s not, and that is why her main name is not even a Bond girl? But hey! More power to her. She wanted something and she got it, even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else and it is going to make writing rent checks very difficult and time consuming. She’s probably happy overall with the choices she’s making in life. How is everyone else’s day today? I bet we get some interesting responses this week. I bet people are having unusual days. Just a hunch.

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  1. I brought a giant bag of Pixy Stix® (the best/worst ‘candy’) to the office today, because Halloween I guess, and every single person here is acting like they’ve never seen such a thing in their life. I know we’re all grown adults and everything so, sure, but really? Were you all raised on a desert island with no malls that have stores full of giant barrels of assorted candies sold by the pound and also no Disneylands?

    Anyway about 1/2 of my coworkers think it’s a miracle and are giggling insanely, and the other 1/2 think it’s some kind of abomination, making gross-faces. Cool social experiment.

  2. I had to take my puppy to the vet ’cause he has blisters all over his paws, which is terrible, but the vet said he’s gonna be fine and gave me antibiotics, which is great.

  3. leaving town for the wedding as soon as I get off work. busted my ass to get a week’s worth of work done in 2 days – hopefully avoiding some phone calls while I’m in Florida next week. while I’m there I’m considering partaking in some voter fraud to throw the election, because why not? and no one will suspect a white guy.

    my grandmother’s house only had some water in the unfinished, unused basement so she really lucked out. her yard doesn’t exist anymore, but that is fairly minor in the scheme of things. I also heard our family friends that live nearby and on the water “took the worst of it” which is just awful news. some friends in NYC that might not make it out have all been fine and only had minimal power outages. i hope you all can say the same.

    enjoy the rest of your week and next week everyone. i will be off the grid and avoiding the internet. i look forward to hearing who won the election days after the fact if the world does not in fact end when society breaks down as a result of whoever wins. stay safe out there!

    • Congrats on the wedding! Also blanket good wishes to other monsters getting married around this time, because it seems like there are at least a few!

  4. I’ve been thinking about the amount of hair that falls of my head every day lately, and figured that since I’m not going bald I must be growing at least that amount of hair every day too (actually even more, since it grows longer). And so I was hashing this out with a friend online while we are at work and a little googling showed that most people grow 6 inches of hair a year (definitely a lowball estimate, for me at least) and the average person has ~100,000 hairs on their head = a person can be expected to grow over 600,000 inches = 9.47 miles of total hair every year??? ?? ????
    …and then we discussed the image of a person with a single strand of 9-mile long hair on their head. So, pretty good day for friendly discussions over here.

    • maybe you have a thyroid problem and should get that checked out!

      • I don’t think it’s an abnormal amount of hair loss (wikipedia says you lose 80-100 hairs a day?? more weird hair facts), I’m just paying an abnormally large amount of attention to them.

      • I had the same thought! Almost every grown woman in my family (and one 12 year old!) has hypothyroidism (thankfully I’ve dodged that bullet so far) and hair loss is one of the symptoms! I would say, if you’re experiencing lethargy, weight gain, and dry skin in addition to the hair loss, there’s a chance you could have a thyroid problem! If not, then there’s problem nothing to worry about!

  5. I crammed an entire week’s worth of work in yesterday and consequently today I feel completely incapable of doing anything. But I am listening to David Bowie now and that is helping.

    The bigger bummer of the day is that I thought I had come up with my million dollar idea, which was to make a cat version of ChatRoulette (called CatRoulette, of course), but there already is a CatRoulette and it’s a really depressing Belgian website that shows you a video of a homeless cat and says how many times it has been “nexted” :(

  6. Today’s been good! It seems all my friends and family on the east coast are doing fine, so that’s a huge relief. I’m not doing anything for Halloween tonight, but that’s ok. I’m driving up to Denver this weekend to hang out and see Leonard Cohen, which I am very, very excited about. And the suit I ordered for my wedding arrived and it looks great!

  7. I’m usually out of the office by the time the “How was your day?” posts come around but because of the Hurricane I can actually comment! My day is OK. I didn’t have to go to the office (no subways) but I will tomorrow (boo) even though I was supposed to go to Pittsburgh to present a paper on Psychoanalysis and Horror Cinema at a pop-culture conference but can’t now because, again, the hurricane (double boo).

    The other day a group of friends and I decided to get black out drunk during the storm and then the next day I puked blood and my stomach is actually sore from all the vomiting. Hooray!

  8. I’m sitting in a Caribou in Minneapolis. My day was ok, lots of work with people I’ve never met before. I miss Chicago, don’t fly back until tomorrow. My hotel room kind of sucks. I hate you Hilton, your towels are sandpaper and you haven’t given me another complimentary bottled water. I’m going to go get Pho tonight which will hopefully make me happy. I’m cranky and wish I was home for Halloween so I can go to a dive bar and people watch.

    I watched Underemployed last night. It’s terribly boring and the has no sense of the Chicago neighborhoods. My favorite dive was in it, but all cleaned up.

    • Oh man, I am downtown minneapolis right now and about to leave work. I would offer to entertain you while you are in caribou, but a) I am about to leave and will therefore be unable to check to see if you respond, and b) I am pretty sure that might be creepy. Have fun! In caribou. yaaay?

      • Not creepy at all! (maybe a little creepy?) downtown is so boring, I feel like there must be fun parts of Minneapolis but they are not near here. Next time I am going to find the fun parts.

  9. Today doesn’t feel like the appropriate day to be complaining about my life, but still…my day has not been great!
    I returned to work this week after a month away at school, and had the realization that I’m really unhappy at my job. But I can’t quit right now without screwing the company over. So I am trying to think of a medium-term transition plan that will leave them in good shape and me not unemployed. Hard! I woke up this morning dreading coming to work.
    It’s been a pretty good day since then, but there is definitely an undercurrent of ennui.
    But tonight I’m going to make a bunch of soup, and clean my fridge! Both of these things will cheer me up.

  10. Looked at a lot of disaster porn aftermath photos. Made some poor food decisions (trying to eat the leftover non-perishable food from our hurricane stash). Got a 50+ retweet on twitter today, with this little baby right here:

    Pretended to work a little bit. It’s been a slow and sweet vacation.

  11. The bad news is that today feels like Friday, so I am looking at two more excruciating work days. The good news is that I heard a student in the hall say, “DAMN, SON! That can’t be no teacher!” as I walked past. I’ve still got it!

  12. I bought my mom a Kindl for X-mas last year and she asked me to erase some stuff. This is from her Affirmations App:

  13. I printed off a bunch of coloring book pages and set them out with some markers. A spoonful of kindergarten helps the graduate school go down.

  14. My day’s been good! Work was busy, which was good because I was starting to feel like I’d taken a job that didn’t have ANY responsibilities, instead of a job that only had a FEW responsibilities, like I thought. So it’s good to at least be busy enough to not be twiddling my thumbs.

    And also, it’s Halloween, and I’m playing a mix my husband made for Halloween last year which is just so great and waiting to see if we get any trick or treaters. We haven’t gotten any since we lived here and I doubt we’ll get any this year, but I turned on the porch light and even swept the stoop so it at least looks like people live here and want to give out candy. I have Reese’s and Almond Joys, so at least if no kids come I at least like this candy. Last year I got Whoppers and it was horrible.

    Tonight I will probably hit downtown Chapel Hill, which is usually at least fun for 5 minutes of walking down the main street and looking at students’ meme-based costumes before going to a bar they’re all too cool to go to and dancing with adults. Since I’m old and have to be at work at 8am, I’m considering taking a nap beforehand, but I may just tough it out. It’s hard to tell at this point. I want to give the potential trick or treaters at least until 7 to collect.

  15. My day has been pretty great so far, which is always good! I just finished a work project that wasn’t like the most gigantic thing ever or anything, but is still nice to have crossed off my list and lets me feel less guilty for hanging out in this post. Also, I am wearing my favorite sweater, and I am going to try a new glaze for salmon tonight. I am debating buying brussels sprouts to roast.

    Also also, it is the best night to curl up with tea and read stupid creepypastas that are totally not scary until I turn my lights off and know that the slenderman is coming for me.

    • Congratulations on finishing a huge work project! That is one of the best feelings.

    • Best brussels sprouts recipe, from Alton Brown:
      Slice a pound or so of sprouts into ribbons
      Heat up a generous pat of butter in a big frying pan or wok.
      Lightly toast a handful of chopped pecans in the pan just until they’re brown – careful not to burn them.
      Add all the brussels sprouts to the pan and stir it while it cooks. You want everything to turn bright green – some bits might brown slightly, but try to keep that to a minimum.
      Toss in a big handful of dried cranberries. Salt/pepper to taste.

    • Okay, I JUST heard about Slenderman like two weeks ago for the first time ever, and then I told my friend about him tonight, and THEN THEN one of the teenage trick or treaters came dressed as Slenderman! WHAT IS GOING ON?

  16. I also have become a little obsessed with this alumnus from my program. On her alum survey, her job is listed as “President” of her own website. She is an ex-FBI agent and haiku poet, and her pictures look like some kind of Twin Peaks homage cosplay. She also has the exact same face in each one.


  17. 1. Number 1 in Monster Fantasy Football West. Fondue?
    2. Bill Haverchuck grows up to be Jermaine from Flight of the Conchord
    4. Why is ass more offensive than jackass?
    5. I caught my dog trying to eat my cat’s poo. Do dogs eat other animals’ poo in the wild?
    6. Anyone else doing Movember?
    7. I’m not really into video games other than Madden, but have you guys checked out Tokyo Jungle? It’s kind of gruesome and silly but I’m somehow fascinated by it. Check it out if you like games.
    8. I lost my virginity last week.
    9. What was your childhood tebby bear’s name?
    10. San Diego 17 Kansas City 13
    11. I found my virginity :(

    • 9. Bill (It didn’t have a name for a really long time, until I saw Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure [BATEAREAM])

    • 9. I had lots of stuffed animals, but I had two teddy bears. One was named Fuzzy Bear, and I still have him. The other was named Grant after a boy who was in 5th grade when I was in 2nd and he was totes dreamy.

    • 5. Dogs do this a lot. My dog loved to do this when he was younger.

    • Smokey, but it was a dog. It looked like my dog, and I was a super clever 2 year old.

    • 8. :)
      9. Beary Bear because I was a very creative child
      11. :(

    • My bear was named “Bear” and I did not allow anyone to use any pronouns for Bear without throwing a crazy fit, so that was extremely annoying for everyone involved, but also good proof later on when I was like “hey, I am a transsexual.”

    • We’re number one! We’re number one!

      I’ve been buoyed by having the least number of points scored against me. But I’m number one in points so boomBOOMboom.

    • 9. Trixie. By all rights it should really be spelled “Tricksy” since he was a “circus bear” with kind of a clown outfit (?) and that’s why I named him that. Because I imagined he did a lot of tricks in the circus.But the family always spelled it “Trixie.” A lot of people were confused that Trixie was actually a boy. He’s still in my childhood bedroom at my parents’ house.

  18. I really don’t want to like anything enough to make my own name ridiculous.

    I’m having another great day! Since The Giants won the World Series (my last post about baseball, I promise) and scheduled the victory parade for today, which is already one of San Francisco’s biggest holidays, I took the day off work. My parents’ let my brother skip school, so he came up last night and we had a blast at the parade.
    My day is continuing this evening when I’m going out in costume for the third time with my awesome boyfriend and friends. We’re going to see the original “Halloween” in on a big theatre screen. I’m pretty thrilled with this day all around.

    Here is a shot of my BF and me in our costumes. I’m pretty pleased about how they turned out.

  19. My coworker is driving me crazy and its giving me a head ache. I haven’t been to school all week because I can’t sleep. But everyone told me my phoned in costume is cute so there is that.

  20. I slept in because I was up late watching the disaster porn and trying to fix a weird issue on my site. I got very sad and donated a significant amount of money to the Humane Society because thinking of the puppies made me cry. A lot… Which I guess will work well with my costume, crying Claire Danes.

    I remembered to get a coffee (for me) and candy (for the children). I bought Heath bars and Whoppers because I don’t hate those, but now I’m wondering if I should have spent the extra $2 for sustainable, non-conflict dark chocolate so I could actually have something I might want. And I feel really guilty about the tiny sized packaging of that candy. Sorry Earth, I just wanted to give the kids something they’d actually want to eat and their parents would let them.

    My best friend from college is either giving birth to two babies right now or will very soon. I don’t think the storm affected her hospital in DC, so it’s still scheduled or was the last time I spoke with her. This makes me a little on edge.

    And I saw the people who own that weird van. They looked like cute musicians, which might mean cute musicians moved onto my block. Or not. Maybe they just like to park their creepy van by my house.

    • Ahahahaha I just saw my new avatar change to crying Claire Danes and seriously thought I got tricked by Facebook connect!

    • The storm stuff has made me so sad as well! All my East Coast friends are thankfully perfectly fine and just dealing with power outages in their offices and the subway being shut down, but it didn’t stop me from staring mindlessly at the footage and feeling sad.

      They need some hippie Halloween candy to pass out, man.

  21. The good news — of everyone on my team at work, I am the only one who didn’t lose power, internet, hot water, etc., so I feel very lucky.

    The bad news — of everyone on my team at work, I am the only one who didn’t lose power, internet, hot water, etc., so I am now doing the work of 10 people for clients who aren’t based in NYC and don’t understand why they can’t schedule conference calls with they whole team.

  22. I came to New York for a wedding, and my flight was supposed to leave this morning. I’m stuck here until Sunday, and since both my fiance and the friend I’m staying with work long, long hours, I’ve been sitting alone in an empty apartment all day. I haven’t showered or changed or brushed my teeth, and when I showered yesterday, I had to use soap because my host doesn’t stock shampoo. I was supposed to be working all day, but I have some kind of immense writer’s block that I could work through if I had more self-control. The highlight of my day was supposed to be the Indian food I had delivered for lunch, but it was kind of bad and this made me immensely sad. I just took a half-hour nap that turned into a two-hour one containing sundown, and I feel like shit. I was thinking of cabbing down to Brooklyn to hang out at a friend’s, but now I think I should just try to work until everyone else gets home.

    Man, I was really looking forward to participating in this thread the last few weeks when I was out of town, but now I think I’ve wasted everyone’s time by complaining about nothing? My life is good, guys! Never feel sorry for my life. I should also note that I don’t count myself as any kind of victim of this hurricane, seeing as people died and lost property and power and I’ve been slightly inconvenienced.

  23. i think i’ve now finally run into everyone i know who i haven’t seen since before i got my hair cut*, so hopefully i can stop having THAT conversation.

    i don’t know how i’m supposed to concentrate on studying for the midterms that i’m woefully underprepared for with this big pile of comic books i just bought just sitting there, tempting me. (i also don’t know why i just bought a big pile of comic books when i have NO MONEY.)

    i fucked up my neck air-drumming to slayer this morning. this is not the first time this has happened.

    • *prior to about a month ago i had roughly shoulder-length hair for years and years. i now have something on the shaggier side of what i guess would be a normal “boy” haircut? i don’t know hair words. my point is everyone always loses their minds when they see it for the first time.

  24. I’m cancelling on pub quiz EVEN THOUGH it’s the first day of the championship tournament so I can snuggle with quadra-testicled Catticus while he still loves me. We had a potluck at work and I brought lentils and veggies since everyone else was bringing some kind of dessert and I will make these people healthy if it kills them! Other than that, my day is normal. No Trick or Treaters, but I have emergency candy just in case.

  25. I don’t have to draw that story anymore (the one I mentioned last week), and after work I’m going to go drink with my pal and discuss books we lent each other and both finished reading.

    Today has stunk tho. Wednesday’s are always going to be like this! It’s the middle of the work week! Humpday! BAH. I’ve been dodging blame all day today for not doing things WELL under deadline as opposed to just, y’know, regular, comfortable deadlines.
    “Uh, it came in less than a half hour ago, and it’s not due for two more days. Relax. And yeah, I keep a to-do list. You’ve seen my list. I regularly refer to this list when I speak with you.”

    Full moon tonight, or just close enough?

  26. My day would get a lot better if someone came into my shop with their dog that I could pet. Come on, it’s Portland, you people bring yourr dogs everywhere!!! (If the dog then brought me a cup of coffee I would probably cry out of gratitude).

  27. My hometown is under four feet of water. Can’t even text my mom because her phone’s dead and she won’t have power for three weeks. On top of it all I’m missing my chance to hug Obama. Make Feel Better GIFs, please.

  28. How can you choose anything other than Life on Mars?

  29. I still feel extra grateful for running water and power in my apartment, which added to how nice today was.
    The rabbit (Franklin, that is his name) was super excited and poked my legs with his nose a lot when I woke up and started doing stuff. I did a lot of exercises in my kitchen and leveled up on fitocracy, which I love so much that it feels like I am cheating on videogum. I made this food thing that has chard and tomatoes and red pepper and chickpeas, which sounds boring, but is the dish I am “known for,” and then I ate it. I ran a meeting and no one made any mad faces at me. I’ve been planning for this awesome weekend (an event called The Geeky Kink Event) and am not super stressed about not doing enough homework even though maybe I should be. Life, it is pretty okay.

  30. I found out we get to go home on Friday instead of Saturday!!!! Woohoo!

  31. Just a normal day except I am wearing monkey ears and a tail. Had delicious sushi for lunch. Only bummer is that I can’t hand out candy with my husband and son because I have class until (possibly) 10pm

    All in all it’s a day, that’s for sure!

  32. I spent Monday looking at the disaster of my home state (New Jersey — but everyone I know is okay) and that night I had a fight with a girl who I like, which was a real bummer. Post-fight I continued my horror movie project with Monster (more of a love story, turns out, unless I am insane) and drank a bunch of wine. Tuesday I watched Buffy and read a book and did laundry. For tonight, I tried to see about getting people together, but my funnest Halloween friends are out of town. Hmm. I might be bummed if I do not get to wear the costume again, but am bracing for that reality and comforting myself with the knowledge that I had a good Halloween over the weekend. Also I might just get a drink at the corner bar, which last Halloween was full of colorful characters.

  33. I am not in NYC or New Jersey so I honestly can’t complain THAT much but today was exhausting! Remember that second interview I found out about last week? That was today, and it was more of a presentation (by me) than an interview. By “more of” I mean that is exactly what it was, I had to prepare and give a presentation in the middle of the day in between doing my current job.

    I actually thought it was a pretty cool second interview concept, but considering I have spent the past two days grading a hellish nightmare of an exam (after spending all of last week grading exams), it was kind of stressful. And I have a meeting tomorrow that I am completely unprepared for, hooray!

    But the best part of the day was definitely the SURPRISE PHONE INTERVIEW for a job I applied to two months ago. Uhhh, great!

  34. Guys, I feel like a bad Videogummer. I haven’t been reading a lot of the articles/comments or posting, but I can’t resist posting here.

    My internet (COX) has been crappy, and my internet has been going out in the afternoons. I spend most of my days in Starbucks trying to study (like right now for instance). The COX guy came today and said that they have to change all the wires and have to have some contractor do it. Bleh. Other than that, I just started a job yesterday, so I have no ME time. I didn’t have a costume, so I wore a somewhat nice dress to class. In case anyone actually read my post last time, I still have no luck talking to my crush. :(

  35. Today!

    Well, I was late to work, and didn’t even have my makeup done! I had to surreptitiously do it at my desk. But after that, pretty standard work day.

    After work I met one of my best friends for dinner and then she came over and helped me pass out candy, (of which we also ate a fair amount) and watched a lot of crap “Halloween” themed TV (Ghost Adventures and “Mermaids:The Body Found” which I cannot recommend enough for anyone who gets a kick out of bonkers cryptozoology.) The trick or treaters were very cute! We also enjoyed giving the teenagers who showed up in street clothes a hard time (we still gave them candy, but we also gave them grief for not being in costume.)
    But then! She left to go home and apparently took a wrong turn and now a drive that should’ve taken her about 35-40 min. is now stretching into over an hour! I feel so bad! And apparently she had a crappy day at work too! Ahhh! Still waiting for her to text me that she made it!

    Oh, and also, the cat got out again and I am a little worried because it usually comes back, but there are a lot of people around tonight and I’m scared that little Halloween punks are going to mess with him!

    • I like when ladies surreptitiously do their makeup in weird places and I get to watch while trying not to be a creepster. It’s fascinating. I like that it’s like painting on a tiny, curvy and/or angular canvas.

      • Aw,. yes, makeup application is quite the process. And every girl has a different routine! I sometimes watch tutorials on YouTube and I’m like, “Wait, that is not how I do my makeup AT ALL! Am I doing it wrong? Or what?”

    • UPDATE: The cat is back and he’s fine. Also my friend got home safely, it just took her a loooooot longer than it should have.

  36. Gah, I’m always super late for these. It’s fine though, my day was kind of boring. However, I did see a great Phoenix (X-Men) costume at the bar!

  37. We have four stranded Sandy victims staying with us right now. Which means there are 8 people living in my apartment. Which means there’s no way I get to watch any of the episodes of Workaholics I recorded. Work is probably cancelled all week because my office is in Lower Manhattan, and now I’m worried that we won’t get the usual amount of days we get off for Christmas and I already have a flight booked for Christmas and my mom will be very upset if I have to shorten that time. I don’t get home very often! Maybe 3 times a year! Also I’m worried that my job will be extra shitty when we do get back because everyone is going to be freaking out.

    But all that self-indulgent nonsense aside, I am extremely blessed to live in a part of town that was not really affected by the storm, surrounded by lots of good friends (we saw 7 Psychopaths tonight, it was great!) and that we can offer some help or support to those around us (lots of people are just coming through for showers and to plug in their electronics). It’s a crazy time. I started watching Happy Endings. It’s good. Bye!

  38. Last Saturday was the big Halloween bacchanalia in town so everyone at work (I had to work that night) dressed up in costumes except for me. When a couple of people asked me why I hadn’t dressed up, teasingly, because I don’t think anyone really expected me to (that’s just not the sort of image I project) I said I was dressed up as Space (I was wearing all black, not because I’m a goth, but because it’s my uniform).

    And again tonight everyone wore a costume except for me, but this time I had an answer prepared. I was wearing my black hoodie as I usually do these days because it’s cold out and I have to be outside quite a bit, so when this one woman asked me why I hadn’t dressed up I said that I had and pulled up my hood and said, “I’m the Unabomber.”

    “You know, a lot of people would find that frightening,” she informed me, as if educating the simple-minded.

    So later I was telling one of my co-workers this story, after explaining to him who the Unabomber was – which made me feel old – and my reasoning ran thusly: the Unabomber didn’t go around telling people he was the Unabomber so when I said “I’m the Unabomber,” shouldn’t that be the opposite of frightening? If I really wanted to frighten people, wouldn’t I just say “I’m the Unabomber” with my eyes while thinking about making bombs?

    “And anyway,” my co-worker said, “isn’t the whole point of Halloween frightening people?”

    Yeah, exactly. Screw you, lady.

  39. I missed this, so I’ll tell you how my day went yesterday today. I walked to work from the UWS to Midtown, took me about 40min. NYC was packed with traffic and so I didn’t bother taking the bus. Caught up with work, watched people stare at a stupid crane on 57th street. But all the new yorkers are calm and I love this city!

  40. I moved to San Francisco, found an apartment, and ate pizza until I was sick.

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