If you must know, Jamie Kennedy has a new web series called Kennedy’s Court in which he lampoons daytime courtroom shows. Right on time? America is finally ready for this send up! Those shows have only been around for 30 years. Put it on-line! Anyway, Kennedy plays a series of “hilarious” characters, including one where he dresses up in drag and does a Judge Judy parody but also THE ONE WHERE HE IS IN BLACKFACE. Eek! Guys! Guys! It’s just a webshow! Satirizing a thing that’s been kind of old news for at least a decade! You don’t HAVE TO do the blackface thing? I just feel like there are other ways to go about it. Maybe Jamie Kennedy could play three funny judges instead of four, and you just leave out the blackface judge? Just a suggestion! No? OK, that is why you are Jamie Kennedy and we are just AMERICA.

Out of all the characters that he plays, the blackface one is even the LEADING IMAGE ON THE VIDEO! He must be very proud. Jamie Kennedy, ladies and germs. Sticking it to Judge Joe Brown, 2012, USofA, Hell on Wheels.

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  1. Gabe, how the hell else were we supposed to hear about this show?

  2. This is the most sad and misguided attempt to get get on Comics Unleashed: Hot Chocolate.

  3. What year is it?

  4. “This just ruins my very high opinion of Jamie Kennedy.” -No One

  5. I mean, I was so looking forward to something to watch at the end of my sick day, to satirize the thing I napped to during my entire sick day, because that really is a need I’ve had for years.

    But I’m sorry, I just don’t think I can put aside blackface.

  6. So you’re saying I should scrap my plan to be Just Dessérts for Halloween?

  7. It still can’t be as bad as his use of greenface in the sequel to The Mask.

  8. “What’s the big deal? Cloud Atlas does it.” -Jamie Kennedy

  9. I’m sure his other Judge Julian S. Wallows character will be very tastefully done.

    • UGHGHGHGHGHH….HE HAS AN EARRING IN HIS LEFT EAR OF COURSE. Because it’s 1993? Guys, I really think this show fell through the space/time continuum from a time when daytime courtroom shows were all the buzz and everyone thought that if a guy had an earring in his left ear he was so totally GAAAYYY. (Blackface still would’ve been out though. Lordamercy.)

  10. Just keepin’ it real.

  11. You guys, sometimes I think Gabe just doesn’t GET comedy.

  12. I’m down with leaving blackface as a taboo that white people should just avoid for ever and ever because of history, but I’ll leave this here as an extra-credit question:

    Is Jamie Kennedy playing “Judge Johnny Jackson” different from Fred Armisen as President Obama – if so, how?

    (Also, was Robert Downey Jr.’s character in Tropic Thunder funny or horrible? Haven’t seen it but I gathered it was generally accepted by reviewers as transgressive but funny.)

    • I don’t think that blackface in and of itself is necessarily racist. But it definitely CAN be racist, depending on how it’s used.

    • Maybe, this is too reductive, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with putting on makeup. Black face is offensive when it is employed in the act of exaggerating stereotypes about black people, making fun of black people, or styled in the tradition of historically offensive black face. The Tropic Thunder case is ambiguous but pretty safe because the joke is about black face not black people. Am I missing an argument? It doesn’t seem like that difficult a subject.

      • I’d add that it can also seem offensive when there is an air of deliberate provocation, which makes the Tropic Thunder case “edgier” and more likely to cause offense than Armisen’s impersonation. I think this is more subjective though.

      • It’s not clearcut, because there are people who will get offended no matter what, even when it’s clearly acceptable. And there are also apologists who don’t really understand how history and culture work together, and that while everyone would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a post-racial world, there are a lot of people who are proud because they think we live in a post-racial world, which because of historic and cultural reasons we almost definitely do not yet, and so they think they can do things they can’t. Yikes.

        The best way to look at it is: don’t be thoughtless. If you’re going to dress up in costume, or be proud of the horrible make-up from Cloud Atlas, or whatever – take a minute…ask yourself what in god’s name you’re doing, and then either don’t do that thing, or do (if you’ve rationalized it.) certainly in 99 of 100 cases, putting some thought in it will probably lead you to not do that thing, because honestly…what the hell are you doing???

        • Also not clearcut because there are instances where it can be a gray area. FOR INSTANCE: my son is going to be Brobee for halloween, and I am going to be Muno. I am coloring my face red because Muno is all red, and it’s part of the costume and makes me more recognizable as Muno. If I were to go as DJ Lance instead, and color my face black, would that be offensive? Why would that be any different from going red to be a better Muno?

          • I don’t think that’s a grey area – if you were going to dress as DJ Lance and colour your face black to be more recognizable as DJ Lance, the question you’d ask is “might this offend people?” and if that answer is “yes” and you don’t care, you can go out as DJ Lance (but accept all consequences) and if that answer is “no” then you can go out as DJ Lance (and accept all consequences.)

            In any case, those are great costumes.

          • But the question is, SHOULD people be offended by that? If the intent isn’t to mock or ridicule, but to make myself more recognizable for the benefit of my son, is that such a bad thing?

            And thanks, they turned out really well:

          • You really can’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t be offended by.

          • That is crazy adorable

            People can get offended by context and intent. Absolutely. Maybe offended is the wrong word. Taking offense doesn’t mean anything. If you everyone to be your friend and accept your DJ Lance costume, it’s up to the individual setting out to do it to put a lot of thought into it.

            Relate it to doing an impression of your wife or a close friend. If you don’t put a lot of thought into it, and aren’t sensitive to their natures, then you are libel to piss them off. That’s how you have to treat doing an impression of anyone. I can’t just walk up to someone, do an impression of them, and expect them to not get offended, right?

          • So many typos, but let me elaborate because it’s an interesting topic – Halloween has devolved from wearing scary nondescript costumes (ghouls, ghosts, witches) to being about imitation.

            If you want to imitate someone, you’re responsible for being sensitive to that person, or group, unless you don’t care and aren’t here to make friends, in which case you can do whatever you want. But then you can’t complain about someone getting upset because you did a thing without caring about anyone else. (sort of like Violentacrez – he did things that were technically legal – but he has no right to complain about people getting angry at him because the world doesn’t protect people from getting angry at people doing asshole things. Also think of the Westboro Baptist church – they can do whatever they like, within the law, but I’m allowed to hate and be offended as fuck by them – that’s the deal.)

            So the question isn’t “should people get offended.” the question is “how do I do something that doesn’t affect other people.” If the question is “should people get offended” then it implies that people don’t have the right to get offended in the first place. They do. We all have the right to react. If you go around not caring at all about how other people may or may not react, then you can’t complain that people are reacting negatively, because you didn’t care in the first place. You put the onus on them to get offended or not.

    • Tropic Thunder gets a pass because the object of parody is itself – that is, the message of Tropic Thunder is “Blackface is unacceptable.”

      • How come Jamie Kennedy doesn’t get a pass because Jamie Kennedy is unacceptable?Also why is Tom Cruise in Fatface ok?

  13. Did anyone here actually click play on the embedded video? I doubt it!

  14. i look forward to seeing the documentary he makes to defend this.

  15. You guyz! As we are all of us Monsters, and that it is Halloween, shouldn’t there be a tie-in somewhere? Am I not a Monster after all?

  16. This is an honest question. If you are a white male, what are the acceptable other-race “faces” for you to put on? Like I’d imagine that me being of Irish/German descent, I could probably play someone Swedish and talk like the Swedish Chef and people wouldn’t get that angry. I think you can play around with regions and not get into too much trouble – Southern, Mediterranean, Eastern-European, etc. But I’m pretty sure when you get to anything continent-based it’s off limits (except for Antarctican).

  17. Halloween stirs up more “race in America” conversations than the entirety of Black History Month. This has always impressed me.

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