Are you going to dress up your pet for Halloween? Or incorporate your pet into your costume? Some friends of mine went as Mulder and Scully this year and dressed their puppy in an alien hat and the puppy immediately, once the alien hat was placed on its head, began pawing at it in a desperate attempt to rid himself of the torture. Are you going to do something similar to your sweet, innocent animal who doesn’t have anything near the mental ability to understand the concept of Halloween? If so: WHAT ARE YOU DRESSING IT AS? Awwww it’s going to be so cuuuuuuuuute. Mutt Romney? Sarah Jessica Barker? A Doggy Bag? Cat princess? Catchup? Let me know! Or don’t! Either way is fine with me. In the meantime, let’s look at some animal videooooos!

10. Cat Falls Into Trash

9. Pigs And Pumpkins

8. Corgi V. Food

7. Elephants Wave Goodbye

6. Big Cat Halloween Pumpkin Massacre

5. Cat Watches Cartoons

4. Baby Bear On Slide

3. Halloween Panda Kitty

2. Dog Slam Dunk

1. Puggle

PUGGLEEEEEEE! I’m not sure that we need to say anything else about the puggle video. We get it. Haha, the dog basketball video is probably definitely something that has been on America’s Funniest Home Videos or some sort of America’s Best Pet Videos TV show NUMEROUS times, but whatever. It was on the Internet this week and it is very impressive so it still counts. Halloween panda kitty is a very good example of how to dress your pet, if you must. Baby bears on slides will never not place fairly high, for obvious reasons. And the cat watching cartoons? Give me a break. CONGRATULATIONS TO US!

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  1. :(

    When I get home, I am going to buy all the dog costumes and have Duke wear them around the house. After all, dog costumes are no more frivolous than regular dog clothes. My frontrunners are lobster, banana, aviator, and Sherlock Holmes.

    For now, I have to be satisfied with the spy cam at his boarding school: There is another basset there today, and they are friends.

    • I have never had a pet, but at my old place we used to dress up our cougar statue for Halloween.

      She was a banana split, but from many angles just looked like a klansman.

    • I was going to dress my pup up in his yellow rain coat and have him be the Morton Salt Dog or maybe a fisherdog, but it seems kind of inappropriate right now. So here he is a few years ago, wearing a scarf I knitted…

  2. Wow, that Puggle looks nothing like a beagle or a pug.

  3. 1. That dog is fricking awesome.

    2. Is anyone sad they will lose their avatar’s Halloween costume tomorrow?

  4. This was on Cute Overload this week, and though I guess the video is almost a year old, I’m going to link it here because it is the BEST: Do click if you have ever had a dog who engages in serious bath-avoiding behavior.

  5. Panda kitty’s pee is going to smell really weird.

  6. Congrats to #7 for winning the perfect video length award!

  7. I saw this floating around Facebook, and I approve:

  8. Catticus Maximus has a sexy devil costume, but I don’t think I’ll make him wear it. He loses his testicles tomorrow and I think I will allow him this last day of dignity before he suffers the Cone of Shame.

  9. Michael J. FOX.

  10. I love the Big Cat Santuary videos!!!! In my opinion the original Big Cat Halloween is still the best (I am a bit of an afficionado of tigers-eating-pumkins videos, don’t be too intimidated by me):
    But the new one is also excellent.

    • why are they so excited about pumpkins? Did they marinate them in meat juice before giving them to the cats? Or is this the big cat equivalent of pumpkin spice latte?

  11. If anyone has the means and desire to adopt these two, here’s your chance: They can only be adopted together.

  12. that dunking dog is like “hey guys, check it out- i uploaded a video showing how i taught my human to pang his paws together and make a dumb noise every time i put this ball through a hoop!”

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