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  1. Could they possibly ruin the franchise more than George Lucas already did?

  2. Oh please let this be a Halloween trick.

  3. I hear Elton John will do the music.

  4. Their plan for Ep. 7 is to use the Undo button, right? Revert back to before Jar Jar Binks and Baby Anakin destroyed everything we hold sacred? #nohyperbolemo

  5. Sometimes the universe just works. After twenty-odd years of filmmaking, Kevin Smith is finally ready to take this on. It wouldn’t have made sense before, he had to work his way up, but now it will be perfect.

  6. I hate Star Wars.

    • Then this is good news for you.

      • Oh gawd no. This is a nightmare. Now there will never be Star Peace. They will be beating the last scraps of money out of this dead horse until a long time from now in a galaxy that is very close (because it is this exact galaxy that we are in right now).

  7. I wanted to be either a ghoul or Joe Mande for Halloween, but my costumes are home on my real computer. This darn iPITA is not cooperating. But in honor of this major Disney/Lucas Films news, someone should dress as Princess Leia or JarJar Binks.

  8. Disney could release an hour and a half of JarJar b-b-b-b-b-brushing his teeth as Episode 7 and would still make them more $ than John Carter.

  9. Disney already owns the Marvel universe and now the Star Wars universe….i look forward to the 2018 remake of It’s a Mad Mad World with Jar Jar Binks, the Hulk, Grand Moff Tarkin, Mace Windo, Doctor Strange, Thor, and all the other favorites!

  10. Good thing the captain got off safely.

  11. I keep hearing that Brad Bird is already at work on episode VII, so that’s cool, right? Brad Bird?

  12. I am quite sour about this, but not because of any fears about Disney “ruining” the Star Wars franchise (George Lucas already took care of that, ohhhhh), but because I’m just sour in general about copyright and corporate ownership of culture. Disney is already majorly responsible for the current nightmare state of copyright law–now think about how long it’ll be before Star Wars gets into the public domain, if it EVER does. If it were up to these corporations we just wouldn’t have a freaking public domain, which is just horribly hypocritical as most of Disney’s stories are based on stories in the public domain! And think about how much better the Star Wars prequels could have been if actual fans with brains and hearts and souls had written and produced them? Sure they wouldn’t have had all the money behind them, but throwing billions of corporate dollars at something with no soul is far less preferable to small-budget science fiction that is fun and smart and has something to say.

    TLDR; Disney represents everything I despise about the current state of copyright, all movies should be written by fanfiction authors? etc.

    • But Disney owns Marvel and they are handling it wonderfully.

    • Yeahhhhh. As much as I love Star Wars, this is a little bit more while I am depressed/freaked out.

    • Chicken Boo, you and I are on the same level. I don’t particularly care about the merger as far as quality of an entertainment franchise is concerned. I’m sure they’ll entertain plenty of the masses of new and old fans with their Star Wars movies, merch, and theme park rides.

      But the copyright stuff has always pissed me off, and still does. It occurred to me when Marvel was acquired that Captain America is already 71 years old and under the original ’70s copyright act, would become public domain in a few years, the same going for Superman and Batman. Now? Good lord. Not until like, 2050 will they become public domain. That’s fucking nuts.

  13. Mark Hamill sitting waiting for the phone to ring…

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