Here is a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger picking his nose, because when we get knocked down we pick ourselves right back up again! Nice try, Hurricane FAIL. Look at this guy! He’s really going for it, because life is for the living. Get in there, guys. Whether you’re standing outside of a closed Starbucks in midtown Manhattan trying to steal some wifi, or lining up in some stadium in Ohio to deliver your canned goods to American Hero and One Man Hurricane Relief Effort, Mitt Romney, get in there! Dig in! We’re still here screaming BLOTTO YOUR SHIRT DON’T FIT YOU! Oh, but before you get in there, caption this photo.

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. The Videogum equivalent of this. (Image via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. Jesus – Popeye looks like shit.

  2. It snot a tumor!

  3. Picking Iron

  4. Booger. Remember when I said I’d pick you last? I lied.

  5. This is the part where someone took a picture of me picking my nose. You can see it is a very big booger and I am reaching in there really deep.

  6. this’ll be the first time he’s picked a winner since True Lies

  7. Hasta la vista, booger!

  8. The Crone of Diamonds

  9. he will probably deny this for 12 years.

  10. Why is he using his hands? He has the tools for this!

  11. lol. i cant forget that scence

  12. In the universe of gross things Arnold has done in the public eye, I don’t think this exerts any gravitational force.

  13. Looks like Arnold is already campaigning for the role of this guy in Star Wars: Episode VII:

  14. Remember, I was in charge of the world’s eighth largest economy. FOR YEARS.

  15. Thar’s gold in them thar hills.

  16. Man, I can’t believe you guys elected a man with a neck tattoo for governor.

  17. does he color his hair with shoe polish?

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