Guys, don’t even sweat it! This is America, WE BOUNCE BACK. (P.S. Donald Trump has also graciously extended his passport application challenge to Obama until Thursday at 5PM due to the storm. American hero.)

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  1. Oh man, he’s trying to be a Bond villain but really he’s just a sad pissant who deserves our pity.

  2. I hope his buildings rot out and get festered with black mold and he has to tear them down (and the people living there get out and get all their money and more money bc of the inconvenience) and he doesn’t get insurance money because sometimes life could be fair? Or at the very least he is not allowed to build in the U.S. ever again. Or appear in media. Or talk. Or if he does talk, he can sit on an island in the middle of the ocean somewhere — maybe in the North Atlantic — and scream his nonsense into the wind.

    • May puffins nest in that abomination of a hairpiece.

    • It has seriously occurred to me that with Trump working so hard to damage his brand (or at least gambling with it) that there’s potential for a group lawsuit by owners/tenants of his building for lowering their property values… And even if couldn’t be proven that property values were affected, just damage to reputation for owning/living in his properties.

  3. Why do people even like this guy?

  4. Like people are dying god damn it Donald you asshole.

  5. As a fan of Donald Trump, I think he should concentrate on the adverse effects the hurricane could have on his beautiful hair.

  6. From a pure comedy standpoint, the deadline extension is kind of gold. I actually had to click on the link to find out that it wasn’t just a very good joke.

  7. a normal human being might host relief efforts in one of the many casinos in Atlantic City or unload truckloads of Trump Bottled Water™ for people in need. i hope one of this seasons ‘celebrities’ has started a FuckTrumpUSA SuperPAC as his charity of choice.

  8. It’s almost like he’s one of those serial killers who wants to be caught. “America, please, hate me! What will it take for you to hate me? I can’t make it any more obvious!”

  9. I just assumed they would fold the storm into the storyline of Celebrity Apprentice, like in a challenge where the contestants have to stand on the street corner in gusting wind, rain and floodwaters trying to sell high-end dog treats to people impatiently waiting for their dogs to shit so they can just go inside and play Boggle with their loved ones.

  10. I want to leave a withering remark or go on a rant, but I think I’ve hit the point where nothing he says or does shocks me anymore. I’m Trump numb. I just sigh and mutter to myself “Yeah, that’s about right.”

  11. I was leaving Central Park and passed Trump Tower the other day (with DirtySpaceNews!) and heard a tourist behind me, in all seriousness, tell his girlfriend “Oh that place was in that Eddie Murphy movie about the heist.” I laughed a lot but was also glad that he knew of it because of a terrible movie rather than a terrible person.

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