• Here is a photograph of Keanu Reeves wearing his famous Outfit and a bunch of ladies out for Halloween. #internet #halloween #meme #keanuemeeves #reddit  -FilmDrunk
  • If you are in Colorado and are a lady or a gentleman who enjoys Jon Hamm, plz enjoy this video of Jon Hamm telling you how to vote in Colorado. If you aren’t in Colorado there is no reason to watch, unless you just want a little taste of that sweet, sweet Hamm. (Gross grossgross gross gross.) -GotchaMedia
  • Here is a supercut of the 100 greatest horror movie quotes of all time. Happy Halloween Eve! I hope you enjoy horror movies and are going to be watching some of them, I think they’re pretty fun! -Pajiba
  • A feature film based on the Magic Castle, the private Hollywood magician’s club, is being developed into a feature film. “But how is what amounts to an oldish famous building for magicians going to be translated into a feature film?” you wonder? Click through for the answer! (JK!) (There isn’t one!) (HOLLYWOOD!) -THR
  • Dior has recently hired Robert Pattinson to be the face of their men’s fragrances. RIGHT after Kristen Stewart was hired to be the face of that women’s fragrance? What does it mean for their relationship?!?! -Dlisted
  • Community isn’t going to be back until February, you guys! I am going to be nearly a different age by the time it’s back! And then Arrested Development will be back in April! Guys! Look at these announcemeeeennntss! -SlashFilm
  • There was a man on a jet ski in the New York harbor hours before Hurricane Sandy made landfall yesterday. Terrible. What a terrible man. -HyperVocal
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  1. I’ve been to the Magic Castle, and a feature film makes sense. It’s a place that demands to be taken seriously.

  2. Are those ladies sexy ninja turtles? I think they are, and that makes me so very very sad for some reason.

    • then that makes Keanu Casey Jones.

    • I like these costumes! I mean, we can talk about sexy Halloween costumes, but I fully approve of a group of Asian girls in my age range going full turtle.

      • I went as a (nonsexy) turtle (Raphael, he’s cool but crude) in second grade. It’s just like a sexy kick right in the childhood.

      • And in terms of sexy costumes, they aren’t that revealing.

      • Actually I’m going to go ahead and continue this discussion (that I just started, mostly with myself) because the disdain for sexy Halloween costumes rubs me the wrong way. I unfollowed someone on Twitter the other day because he wrote: “I love the end of October. I can go down my Facebook wall looking at pictures and quickly find out which of my friends are still sluts.” Like, fuck that guy. I get that it’s funny/weird that there are sexy versions of every single everything, but there’s an undercurrent of real contempt to a lot of these types of comments/observations that seem misplaced to me.

        Also, here’s one thing about Halloween costumes – you wear them out! To clubs and parties! The uniform for drunken nights is not business casual the rest of the year.

        • Also, LBT, this rant is not directed as you. It’s been at the tip of my tongue because of that idiot on Twitter and you just provided an excuse to spit it out. You are on my good side of these sorts of things pretty much always.

        • It’s kind of a Catch 22. It’s misogynistic and awful that we are expected to wear “sexy” things on Halloween, and that it takes an act of God to find a non “sexy” adult ladies’ Halloween costume in the store. It is more time consuming and more expensive to make your own non sexy versions and that’s unfair. On the other hand, the backlash against the sexy costumes seemed to start out in a great, feminist way and is now being used for slut shaming.

          LADIES, wear what you want on Halloween. Don’t feel obligated to wear a sexy costume, but if you WANT to be sexy then go for that too!
          HALLOWEEN COSTUME STORES, please provide non sexy versions of things that adult women might want to wear in addition to sexy things.

          • Naiiiiillllled it.

          • I like to try to confuse people so much that they can’t judge me by dressing up as things like “Sexy Link from Zelda” and “Sexy Edward Cullen”

          • Plus there’s the issue of the sexification of EVERYTHING, whether the costume has any reason to be sexy or not. Sexy Vampire? Fur bikini Cavegirl? Sure, whatever, great! Slutty Hobo? Maybe let’s take a step back. Sexy Firefighter? Well that is just going to lead to blisters and ash inhalation.

            It’d be nice if costumes suited the role they’re intended to mimic for women the way they do for men. Dudes can wear a fur loincloth as a Caveman, but they can also wear real pants as a Police Officer.

        • At the tail end of the Halloween party I went to on Saturday this guy walked up to my sister and me and said “What’s up, sluts?” and I was just drunk enough to give an impassioned speech about how it’s not ok to say that etc etc. He scoffed and accused me of having an agenda. This was the final nail in the coffin of our already dwindling friendship. #HalloweenPuns

        • the funniest thing I’ve seen on FB in weeks related to this exact topic. a friend wrote:

          “scrolling through my Facebook feed in late October remains an annual reminder at how little I am looking forward to having a daughter.”

    • I felt that way last year when I saw Sexy Patty Mayonnaise.

      • This one is troubling because Patty Mayonnaise is in fact a 7th grade girl.

      • Also one year I dressed up as Quailman and went to a pretty small party with my (LAW SCHOOL) classmates, and one of my (LAW SCHOOL) classmates also went as Quailman! But he was a white guy with a boy face who looked just like Doug, and I was an Asian girl with a Q cut out of printer paper and filled in red with colored pencil. Basically, he wore it better, even though my belt headgear was totally better than his.

    • I’m just upset that there appear to be 2 Leonardos! How does that make any sense???

      • Isn’t one of them that guy who played in Fargo? I think his name was Steve…

      • I am assuming that either no one wanted to be Donatello, or there are TWO groups of sexy turtles.

        Also, the happiest moment of my life to date was stumbling across a statue by Donatello in Florence, thereby completing my goal to see works by all four ninja turtle namesakes. DREAMS DO COME TRUE.

  3. Pretty weird sidebar ad.

  4. I’m with Taco and I for one welcome the new possibilities

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