Some dads out there bring their babies along with them to adult parties at the Playboy mansion, and some dads out there build perfect Aliens Power Loader Halloween costumes that incorporate their baby safely and securely. There are just all different types of dads out there. (Via BoingBoing.)

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  1. It took awhile, but Halloween costumes finally got their Citizen Kane.

  2. Halloween is the greatest, guys!

    Seriously, some people are so great! Costumes are awesome!

  3. It’s okay to send a friend an email with the header “You are a failure as a father”, right?

  4. Man, and I was proud of having driven around to three different stores all around town yesterday before finally buying ladies’ pants, just because that’s all I could find to perfect my costume so that Facetaquito and I would match. I just jumped down to a VERY distant 2nd.

  5. I love the baby’s expression. Poor little tyke’s wondering what the fuck is happening.

  6. “Get away from her, you DAD!”

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