You’re never too young to party in Hollywood … so says Kelsey Grammer, who took his 3-month-old baby to the Playboy Mansion for a Halloween bash and partied ’til the wee hours of the morning.

A party-goer tells us … Kelsey was whooping it up at a table next to Paris Hilton just after midnight. Baby Faith was tucked into her bassinet as the music blared.

BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! What a bad dad. I know that you can’t really judge someone’s family or parenting from the outside because it’s hard enough as it is and no one ever really knows and also it is none of our business. But also you kind of totally can judge when a 57-year-old man takes a 3-month-old baby to a party at a noted pornographer’s sex mansion. BAD DAD ALERT! BAD DAD ALERT! THE HURRICANE SANDY OF BAD DADS HAS STRUCK THE PLAYBOY MANSION! BABIES DEVASTATED!

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  1. Maybe it wasn’t his fault. Maybe he lost a bet.

  2. Lillith is gonna be maaaaaaaaaad!

  3. Grown men who choose to go to this gross place are the worst.

    • How do you rate guys who get dragged there, kicking and screaming all the way?

      • Then it isn’t a choice, right? I was talking to someone the other day who chooses to go every year and failed to understand why I thought that was totally creepy.

        • Ha. True story: I actually work at this party. An old friend of mine is in charge of staffing it. So I am paid to go, wear a costume, and scare people. This year I was disguised as a statue of the grim reaper, standing in the smoking area. People had conversations next to me, took pictures in front of me, sat on the base I was standing on, with no idea I was a person. Then I’d yell “RAAAH!” and lurch, and they’d freak out. It was super fun.

          Here’s an actual cigarette conversation that I overheard:
          Girl #1: Ew, so many of these guys come here thinking it’s going to be all naked girls, like, fucking everywhere!
          Girl #2: I know, right?
          [Long Pause]
          Girl #1: You know what I love? Getting fucked in the ass.
          Girl #2: Oh, me too!

  4. This might help explain why Freddy had such a blatant sexual fascination with Daphne at such an early age.

  5. He was just interviewing for a new wet nurse.


  7. “Cool.” -Doug Hutchison

  8. as usual, he ran his plan by Niles first.

  9. In this photo, Kelsey Grammer for realsies looks a lot like my actual personal dad, who was, in fact, on some occasions sort of a bad dad when I was little. So for a second, at first glance, I thought Videogum was exposing the seedy underbelly of my dad’s parenting techniques from yesteryear. But he’s really mellowed out over the years and now he’s totes 100% a GOOD DAD.

  10. (I’ve been kind of obsessed with this scandalized baby stock image since Kelly put up the Paranormal Activity post last week.)

  11. Use a babysitter, Sideshow Bob!

  12. I think I mentioned this on the last Kelsey Grammer post, but watch his most recent interview with Conan when he talks about changing diapers. It’s really odd and very uncomfortable.

  13. In general I am that person who can’t separate an awful IRL person from their pop cultural contributions, but Frasier is so very awesome, and chock full of so many excellent things besides, um, Frasier, that I’ve been pretty able to keep enjoying the show these past couple years. But it’s getting way too hard to do that anymore; he is like this relentless sleazebag that won’t be ignored. TL; DR: Kelsey Grammer is ruining Frasier for me, and I’m sad about it.

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