Though we normally save things like this for The Petting Zoo on Wednesday afternoons, I think there are many of us out there who need to see a tiny red panda jump into a tree in attempt to catch a butterfly RIGHT NOW. Thank you, red panda, for doing everything you can to help out when so many are in need. Chris Christie thinks you’re doing a wonderful job. Mayor Bloomberg says thank you and stresses that you continue doing your best. The butterfly says, “leave me alone!” Hahahhahaha. Ahhh. (Via TastefullyOffensive.)

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  1. Frankly, this just reminds me of Crazy Town, and I don’t see how that’s any better.

  2. For a second I read the headline as “Sexual Harassment Panda Trying To Catch A Predator.” It is early.


  4. i really want to say that my spirit animal is the red panda because it is so cute and happy, but i know it’s a lie. i know it in my soul.

  5. A red panda killed my parents :( …that’s also a lie, I just wanted to get in on the surprisingly dark comments on a panda video trend.

  6. Great job! Go get it, Panda! Red Panda!

  7. That butterfly, due to the effect that bears its name, is responsible for Sandy. So, gracias, red panda, make it pay !

  8. Can someone please hurry up and domesticate red pandas? THANKS.

  9. Here’s an interesting fact; panda bears were named after red pandas, not the other way around as one might assume.

  10. Poor butterfly! Red panda was truly attractive to it and panda was eager to catch it in any way.

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