NBC has passed on the Dwight Schrute-based spin-off of The Office. Here’s hoping the 17 other The Office spin-offs have better luck!

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  1. Kelly!! Phew I was so worried!

  2. So how do you think people should break this news to their kids? When they’re too young to understand death, where do you say you sent The Farm so they don’t know that it died?

  3. THANK GOODNESS. Have y’all been noticing that they’ve been setting it up on The Office though? Lots of Dwight lines about crazy relatives, and that line about his uncle not being a “real” Nazi, etc. Ooops!

  4. I heard Stanley’s The Nap is greenlit, so not so bad.

  5. a look inside the vigeogum offices

  6. Contrary to what so many would believe, given its health, NBC has not bought The Farm.

  7. As far as Dwight on The Office, they’ve squeezed about all they can out of that beet.

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