Guys? GUYS?! Roll call. Does everyone have their buddy? Get with your buddy and check in, please. That is why we have the buddy system in the first place. Oh man, is everyone OK? Is anyone OK? As of this writing, millions of people are without power across the Eastern seaboard, and there are actual fatalities being reported from the storm. Fatalities! No more joking around! In 2002, I moved from New York City to Chicago less than two weeks before the infamous blackout happened, and I remember being so bummed to have missed this epic, and by all accounts “super-fun” event that brought out the best in the city. This feels very similar, although certainly more devastating and scary and disastrous. What I am trying to say is that it is very strange, as someone who has lived in New York for so long, and loved it so much, to not be there with everyone during this difficult time. Because that is what is important here: how I am feeling, and whether or not it is “weird” for me to not be trapped at home as the world drowns. Hurricane NARCISSISM! ANYWAYS, here is to hoping that everyone is safe, and warm, and dry, and has a couple of cans of tuna and a bottle of Gatorade or whatever. Nutella and pickles? I don’t know what people eat in an emergency. Let’s all share our 9/11 stories! Oh my God, no please do not. NO! But it really is, as I said yesterday, very hard to find anything else worth even remotely thinking or talking about. So far the best I’ve been able to dig up is that Jimmy Fallon and Dave Letterman both taped their late night talk shows in front of empty theaters last night. Is that something? Hahhaha, it is crazy how boring it is to talk about a late night talk show ON A REGULAR DAY WHEN THE ROOF IS NOT BLOWING AWAY. We can’t talk about that. Not right when we are about to have things in perspective. If anyone is out there, let’s talk about the movies and TV shows that we would take with us when everything else was washed down the drain (think “desert island discs” but with water instead of sand) and for those of you who are not back with us yet, although I know you will not hear me: please hang in there.

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  1. Oh come on guys, Sally isn’t THAT bad.

  2. Guys, if I need to get an eyepatch and a helicopter or something to help you all excape from New York*, just let me know and I am on it!

    *I have not seen that movie. I assume everything ends happily ever after.

    • How have you not seen that movie?! You are dead to me!

      • I keep meaning to, but end up watching The Thing like a billion times. The Thing is so good! How can anyone watch any other movie when The Thing is around, waiting to be watched?

        • Because Escape From New York is even better! And it never ever had a sequel to tarnish the reputation of that great movie!

        • The Thing falls into my favorite genre of movie, of which there are like…two…Claustrophobic SF/Horror.

          Facetaco is 1/2 right. Escape From New York is 100% worth seeing, but it is not better than The Thing.

          • I was going to call out Ernest Borgnine as the deciding factor, but then I remembered that Willard Scott was in The Thing, so they cancel each other out. HOWEVER, Escape From New York also has an Isaac Hayes, which is more or less unbeatable.

          • What is the other contender? As for claustrophobia, I think The Descent is very effective (too effective, if my screams of terror are to be believed (honestly it was a relief when the monsters came. At least they could stand up to fight the monsters!))

          • Devilivator

          • Kurt Russel’s beard is better in The Thing, and it has quirky stoner scientists.

          • Alien!!

            What is Devilivator? Should I let you Google that for me?

          • ALIEN IS THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER. Also, I am pretty sure Devilator is Devil which is about the devil (I suppose, otherwise the title is even stupider) in an ELEVATOR!!!!!! So, probably skippable. I watched it kindof, but it was on mute while I was doing other things, and even then I was unimpressed.

          • i feel like there are a lot of claustrophobic horror films! because a pretty key element of horror is the inability to truly escape. i feel like the shining is claustrophobic, as is cube. and i agree with lilbobbytales about the descent, which was filmed pretty much exactly in my favorite camping spot in northeast georgia. i had just gotten back from camping there when i went and saw that film in the theater, and it really changed the ambiance of the chattooga river for me.

          • Southernbitch, a key element of my appreciation here is a strong SF element. It’s not enough to have monsters, or even necessarily aliens, but I need clearly SF tropes going on. This is a deep need. Pandorum helped my fix, but really, it is Alien and The Thing.

          • I thought the Descent was excellent until the monsters came. It’s way scarier when you are left alone with your imagination, the monsters were kind of silly and the cgi was bad. Until they showed up I was terrified though!

          • ah, makes sense, ptsmith. what about event horizon and sunshine?

          • Sunshine is so good!

            I loved Event Horizon when I was a kid (by loved I mean wept and peed myself and had nightmares) then I saw it when I was older and was disappointed, but maybe only because I expected the same childhood reaction, so I should try it again.

          • Sunshine is a gorgeous, near-perfect movie until the very, very end – which IMHO is really corny (no spoilero).

            Escape from New York is a must-see. The soundtrack is prob one of the best Carpenter ever did.

        • @ “face taco” your earlier comment about Escape From New York not having a sequel is a lie, there was a little number you might not have heard about called Escape From Los Angeles. Guess you will now have to atone for your lie, liar.

  3. Random fact: I’ve actually considered getting lasik to prevent the off chance that there is an apocalypse and my glasses break.

    Not so random fact: I hope everyone is ok.

  4. Y’all, I really hope you’re okay. Please continue to stay safe and heed the authorities!

    As for my “city drowning in water and fire” TV shows and movies….Basically I would just take things that are comforting and make me feel happy….I think I would have to take the 1995 Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice for starters, ummm…. all of (New) Doctor Who probably? All extant seasons of 30 Rock and Parks and Rec…my favorite Nora Ephron romcoms…is that enough? . How many do we get? Ahhh!!!

  5. All clear in sunny Albany, NY. Very little of the storm seems to have hit us, despite massive amounts of panicking and preparation by the population.

  6. I’m about to have some coffee, but as soon as I’m done with that I’ll take a walk to check in on Edible Arrangements and report back.

  7. Everyone be safe and also please let your friends and family know that you are safe! Update on Social Media so you don’t have to text everybody. Just let them know what’s up because they worry about you!

  8. well i had made a list of productive things to do while being holed up inside and i did none of those things. but i DID obsessively read twitter and NY Times, watch the 4th season of the wire (for the first time) and play backgammon while listening to our batteried powered radio. i think i can safely say we are all good here in S williamsburg..

  9. Philly got hit but nothing too catastrophic. SEPTA still isn’t running, which is kind of a pain because some of us still have to go to work :( . I heard they re-opened the bridges though so progress! Also, I think the boardwalk at Atlantic City is pretty much gone now?

  10. We only got the very very very edge of the storm in Montreal (a little bit of wind), but today it is warm and sunny and beautiful so hopefully the weather has cleared up everywhere!

  11. Best wishes to everyone affected by the storms. We always get a lot of love from you folks whenever parts of Australia catch on fire or go under water for long periods of time.

    We even have this ad running on our TV at the moment that provides helpful advice for times like this (no joke):


    Stay safe peeps, and don’t swim in the flood waters.

  12. i live in the upper west side on the ground floor and we have a patio that has some trees (because we are fancy) and one of those trees split in half last night! my mom told me to instagram it and i had an existential crisis and yelled at her and then 2 hours later i did instagram it! i am weak. sandy has proven that i am very, very weak.

    lots of my friends elsewhere in nyc are much worse off than me and my roommates, so keep them in your thoughts. stay safe, carbo load, all that!

  13. a good friend of mine who stayed in new orleans for katrina moved away right before gustav threatened the city in 2008, and he called me right before i evacuated and admitted that he felt really terrible that he wasn’t in the city for gustav. so, gabe, i think it’s a weird but completely normal reaction to want to be in a place that you love when it’s threatened, because it can be revelatory and deepen your connection.

    • also, speaking of weird narcissism, there’s this tiny part of me that is like, BUT WE HAD IT WORSE. and there is a part of me that is like, well, now other coastal communities will be getting all of the corps resources to protect them, while southeast louisiana still hasn’t been fully funded for a levee system, and that’s not fair! but those totally selfish things aside, i do hope that y’alls recovery goes way better than the ham fisted multi-level fuck up that is still churning along down here. and that the insurance companies don’t fuck everyone quite so hard. and that your infrastructure gets the repairs and improvements needed. because seriously, we are all gonna be screwed as climate change keeps ramping up. and i swear, the next time i hear someone from the northeast tell me that new orleans is just too precarious to rebuild, i will resort to violence.

      • Well a ton of places lost their insurance after Katrina due to flooding maps… And I’m pretty sure that is where a ton of the damage is — especially houses made of wood that will get terrible rotting and black mold. Plus Romney wants to get rid of FEMA (on top of everything else) and strip money away from green energy projects to favor exporting coal and importing oil so… Oh hell, I don’t know. People who vote for Romney are jerks? Everything is awful? I need a nap? Any of these three, or all, really.

  14. My brother lives in New York and I texted him last night advising him to try not to die, and he said “Must live long enough to get Totoro bed.” (http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/my-neighbor-totoro-bed-the-whole-world-is-slightly-cuter-now-179250)

    So clearly he has his priorities straight.

  15. I can’t get out of Vegas until Saturday. I hope my house is ok.

    • But hey – Vegas!

      Apparently every cloud has a stale smoke and alcohol stained silver plated and neon highlighted lining.

      • Rough timing! I promise my comment below this one wasn’t directed at you. At least, not ONLY at you.

        • Your comment was perfectly timed and requires a thumbs up.

          In my defence, the first part of my comment should to be read in context with the second part, which should be interpreted as a comment on the fact that Vegas would be a pretty skanky place to be stranded when you are worried about your home.

          • Fair enough. When I was stuck in Finland due to volcano, people were all “Well, there are worse places you could be, haw haw haw!” Umm, no! I am stuck with my in-laws and going into UNPAID time off work because I don’t have that much vacation time and it’s grey and dark here and nobody smiles and I WANT TO BE HOME!

    • Is everybody saying stupid things about how lucky you are to be in a place like Vegas if you have to be stranded? Isn’t that the WORST?!

  16. Is Kelly OK? Is she just without power at the minute?

  17. Hope so.

    Maybe this guy could help…

  18. You know, as much as it sucks to vacation into the middle of a hurricane, it feels kind of nice (?) to be a part of something big. (Everything is connected, just like in that movie, Cloud Atlas!) Which makes me a tourist in like the worst possible way. I guess my experience/reaction is like the inverse of Gabe’s.

  19. 200k without power in DC. Lots of downed trees, some flooding in the area, but we’re mostly fine! Fun fact, I watched the news the whole day yesterday, and counted the political ads: 126. I almost threw my TV out of the window, but thought better of it.

  20. RELAX, Gabe.

  21. Hurricane Narcissism–That’s my new catch phrase!

  22. I left NYC after my third layoff in a year in 2001 and the night before that plane exploded in Queens? Yeah, I asked my friend for a sign. Then I also moved to Chicago. And when I was going to go back to visit, I ended up going a week early and missed the blackout. And last night I watched the TV and had a minor anxiety attack because it reminded me of all of that. So what I’m saying is, like Gabe, I really hope everyone is okay.

    Also: if you want to make fun new friends on twitter, connect Sandy to climate change! I met all sorts of fun people who LOVE AMERICA and hate hippies!

  23. Long time lurker but feeling strong need to share some “stay safe” feelings from the UK. We have boring weather. (also, safe, good weather) Think I’ve accounted for all my East Coasters, but don’t take risks just for youtube videos please.

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