I don’t know what it is, but for some reason it’s really hard to concentrate on much today. Or, maybe concentrate isn’t the right word, but it is definitely hard to pretend like “Dan Harmon getting the green light for an Adult Swim animated series based loosely on Back to the Future” is the important news everyone wants to talk about. We all know that the only thing that is going on is this. No one is running through the streets in nothing but gym shorts and a rubber horse mask because Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show got canceled. (I do love that they announced that today, though. Some things cannot wait.) Anyway, the point is: what’s up? When Hurricane Irene hit, I got drunk and watched Robocop and Working Girl back to back. It’s actually a very good combo that I highly recommend. You guys watching anything good? Anyone want to talk about Vicious Old Queens? I don’t know! What’s uuuuuuuup?! (Image via Interweber. Click to enlarge.)

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  1. According to Patrick M’s Twitter, you are better off being stranded on a McDonalds rather than a PetsMart. In theory, dog food is healthier for you but it does not contain Vitamin C, which you would need to survive in a worst case scenario.

  2. Working Girl is very good. I am watching Dead Like Me because I need to get better acquainted with all things Bryan Fuller. Did you all see Mockingbird Land? So good! #sogood #goawaysandy

    • Yes Mockingbird Lane was good, even Jerry McConnell

    • I WANTED TO! Apparently, my anniversary was more important, though. Still, Bryan Fuller is GREAT, and it’s on my list!

      P.S. He left Dead Like Me fairly early, so it’s only PARTLY Bryan Fuller, but he established the premise and the signature Bryan Fuller-y visuals, so it’s still worth watching.

      • I feel like the normal Bryan Fuller aesthetic is missing entirely and only the premise is reminiscent of him. But I’m only 1.5 episodes in.

        • FUN FACT: The golden retriever in Dead Like Me is also the dog in Pushing Daisies.

          UNFUN FACT: The post-series movie starring Desmond is fucking awful. Do NOT watch it.

      • It’s definitely not as fully-formed as it was in Wonderfalls and Pushing Daisies, but I think the cinematography is VERY Bryan Fuller.

  3. I still haven’t heard back on my dream job. They said I would hear back last week. I e-mailed my contact last Friday. As of today, STILL no response. Good sign, bad sign, or not a sign at all? Discuss!

    • Not a sign at all. Places are terrible about hiring. It is the last thing people usually want to be dealing with at work.

      • But I know they’re in a hurry, so I would think it’s bad. BUT, it’s a lot faster to NOT hire someone than to hire them, because they could just say no faster than they could get a whole offer and paperwork and clearances and whatever else they need together. I just do not know!

        • Honestly, even people in a hurry would rather continue stressing about it and focussing on being overworked than hiring help most of the time.

        • facetaco–call them! You don’t have to be all pushy; just thank them for the wonderful interview, blah, blah, blah, you’re still interested in the job, blah, blah, blah, and you just wanted to check in to see if a decision has been made yet.

          I think no news is good news in a case like this. They probably just didn’t get around to working on this. They wanted to get out of the office on Friday, and Mondays are just crappy.

    • Not a sign. I don’t think anyone’s gotten back to me about a job when they said they would, even the people who did hire me.

  4. I am worried that Courtney Stodden hasn’t said anything about Sandy yet, if she doesn’t have any thoughts we’re all going to die in the whoops ocean

  5. I’m seriously regretting not recommending Take Shelter to all of my friends asking me for movie requests for passing the time during the hurricane. Totally dropped the ball there.

  6. Monday Commenter Challenge: If you’re in the path of Sandy, post a pic looking out your window.

  7. I simply can’t get excited about work today either. But I’m at work, so I can’t even distract myself with a good movie like Working Girl (go, Melanie!). But I am enjoying relaxing music on Pandora. (Whatever happened to Air Supply anyway?) I wish I could somehow manage to nap under my desk like George Castanza.

    Anyway, I’m sorry about the lack of response from your potential employer, facetaco. What kind of work do you do?

    Gotta go. Carpenters just came on.

    • That one made me sad!! This one http://www.newyorker.com/fiction/features/2011/10/31/111031fi_fiction_saunders made me cry so much in public while I was reading it that two strangers asked me if I was okay.

      • Yeah, that one too. I tend to agree with all the James Wood stuff about Hysterical Realism but George Saunders’ stories are the Exhibit A counterpoint. He has a schtick I guess (ghosts/improbable themeparks/not-so-distant-future) but I pretty much haven’t cared about any fictional characters in the past ten years, except for his.

        • That’s funny! My fiction workshop was just discussing James Wood and hysterical realism, and my teacher said she ran into James Wood at a party a few years ago and asked him why he hated the quote unquote hysterical realists, and James Wood said he didn’t hate them at all—that he loved a lot of them, in fact. You need an angle for an essay, he said, and sometimes it’s amazing how they (the essays) just go ahead and write themselves from there.

          It’s so tricky to be incredibly clever AND incredibly emotional, which Saunders always seems to nail.

      • I enjoy a good George Saunders, liked the Civilwarland in Bad Decline the best, the others, not as much really. The childrens book I didnt like. I liked the thing he wrote in the new yorker hating on Borat even though I enjoyed Borat. Hypocrite = me.

  8. I found my way back to Videogum! What have I missed in the last two months?

  9. i just got back from the new orleans city council chamber, where the city budget was just announced. 27% of the budget will go to NOPD, 3% will go to children and family services, 2% to economic development. priorities in this city are ridiculous. luckily we’re building a big new fancy jail to support all the people we keep arresting!

    • Ugh, I don’t understand that logic! Toronto was thinking about something similar, what with the increase of gang violence over the summer. This obviously means we need more cops, not more ways to help kids avoid guns and violence!

      • yeah. the mayor just cut youth employment programs from 1 million to 900,000, versus a whopping 132 million for the NOPD and an additional 30 million for the sherriff and the jail. also, both the NOPD and the sherriff are currently under federal investigation due to things like murdering citizens and setting the bodies on fire to dispose of the evidence, dealing drugs and calling out hits on local activists, and having incredibly high rates of prison rape and murder on the books. but no, that is not part of the problem, let’s just throw more money into the police state and cut parks, healthcare, and job training.

        • also, “community development” is only getting $160,000. THATS ALL. fuck this stupid city sometimes.

          • PA is cutting education by 10% (550 million), which cuts so deep that Philadelphia is pretty much just going to privatize all the schools, at the same time that it’s spending almost 700 million dollars on prison expansion. This makes me so mad that I have to breathe deep breaths while I type it.

      • Jeska, there is no logic in Toronto municipal government. Our mayor is Rob Ford. WE VOTED FOR HIM.

        Honestly, if we hired an all-giraffe police department and gave them banana guns, it would not at all be surprising.

    • this is like watching Treme… ON ACID!!!!

  10. Over a month ago, my fiance and I booked a trip to NY for 10/26-10/31. Timing was pretty awful, but we went to a wedding and are hanging out with friends, which were the two main things we wanted to accomplish. Also, this is my first day commenting on Videogum Time, and it’s kind of nice to be awake and present when all these posts go up.

  11. I am not in the hurricane zone, but Catticus escaped on Friday and didn’t come back until this morning! So if you had asked me around 7am I would have said that I was very worried, but if you ask me after about 7.30 I am feeling pretty relieved and all is right with the world again.

    • Catticus likes to keep your on your toes

    • did this “Catticus” person have a reason to want to “escape” or are you going to leave that part of the story up to the imagination of those of us reading your comments?

      • Catticus is my ex-husband and he had come over last Monday to re-negotiate alimony payments, but we couldn’t come to an agreement on which one of us would get which part of the cat, so I had shut him in the bathroom until he could see that CLEARLY I should get the front half because I feed it and he should get the back end because he cleans the litter. So obviously I was upset when he escaped because we hadn’t worked out the cat custody arrangements yet, but thankfully after spending 3 nights huddled under the neighbour’s porch he came back this morning and we worked things out.

      • It’s good to have you back, Steve.

    • Scratch that, I’m told it will be *pretty* windy here today. Not windy to the point where we need to take in our patio furniture or anything crazy like that. Just a little bit more windy that normal.

    • My roommate’s cat escaped on Saturday! And the poor thing had just been de-clawed (which I didn’t like at all) and his paws were still very sore! And when we found him they were bleeding! :( But he is back and has been checked by the vet and is okay.

      • I thought they didn’t do that anymore?!?!

        • Oh no, that practice is still alive and kicking, unfortunately. I expressed my surprise at my roommate’s decision, since she is kind of a total bleeding heart when it comes to animals (she can’t say no to a stray) and she just said that he was tearing up a lot of her stuff and scratching her arms and legs, and he was going to be an indoor cat anyway. :(

  12. It’s 70 degrees and sunny outside here. I’m at work, wondering how much of an asshole I am for wishing we got the day off in solidarity with our friends in the northeast. (But really I hope you guys are okay!)

  13. Soooooooooo does this mean Walking Dead recaps are officially not happening?

  14. My good friends who live in Brooklyn just had a son ( :) ) last week, so I’m kind of worried about them. I don’t have any kids, but I imagine the 1st week after having one is tough enough without a giant storm looming. Hang in there baby Benjamin!

    You know, I don’t often enjoy living in a land-locked state, but sometimes it’s good to appreciate.

  15. You know how sometimes one day is not enough to recover from your Halloween party hangover? #YOKYO

  16. Dear Northeasterners, we in Florida would like you to know that we are very concerned and want you to be careful, but we are also pretty bemused at the whole situation.

  17. Robocop is a great movie to drink to

  18. All my clients graciously cancelled instead of making me walk their dogs in a hurricane, so I’ve been reading A Dance with Dragons and smoking a bunch of weed. And watching last night’s Homeland, which BOY OH BOY can we talk about?

  19. I’m on the other side of the country, where it’s about 70 and our biggest threat are drunken baseball revelers, so all I can is stay safe on the East Coast! I hope you have all the supplies you need (batteries, water, food) and other essentials (Netflix, a fluffy animal companion, cakes).

    Hearts to you all.

  20. I’ve been super distracted all day! This is the worst. It’s almost worse that threats of bad weather in my area turned out to be nothing, with then makes me think it’s not really that bad all over, but then I see pictures of stuff and I’m like “WHOA!” and “GO INSIDE AND STOP TAKING PICTURES!!!”

    So basically, everyone just find the heaviest blanket you can, get under it, watch Dracula: Dead And Loving It and then nap until election day.

  21. I just got around to listening to the David Rakoff memorial TAL episode. (Late, I know.) And boy oh boy! It was equal parts awesome and sad. His Rent tirade? Amazing. The clip of him reading from his last book when he sounds so sick? Tear city.

  22. currently worried about the family and friends in NYC and CT [see impending destruction posted above]. thankfully my soon-to-be brother-in-law and his wife left east PA yesterday and are now safe and in town for the wedding i will be having on saturday. meanwhile my soon-to-be father-in-law is freaking out and insisting that “the grid” will break down and the entire eastern US, including Indianapolis [where the wedding is] will be without power.

    so that’s where i’m at.

    • Good luck to you and your family. The wedding I went to last night lost about 20% of its guests because of the hurricane, including guests who had flown out just to go to the wedding. On the bright side, the bride and groom looked nothing short of brilliantly happy the entire time. I’m sure your wedding will be great!

    • Oh boy, I’m stressed out just thinking about this. Do you have insurance in case venues are messed up… or is that part of the “act of God” clause that comes with contracts and whatnot? Maybe he’s just making jokes because he is anxious about deposits and whatnot. Weddings are so expensive!! Ahhh!

      Also, if it messes up your wedding it is *not* an act of God. It is just severe weather that is caused by warmer-than-usual ocean currents. If it does not mess up your wedding, I would recommend not making jokes about overcoming this act of God on the off-chance smiting becomes a thing again.

      Also, congratulations!!!

    • OMG, Explainer Guy! Congratulations!! I really hope that your wedding is not affected! But even if it is, that’s a fun story to tell you grandkids later right? Good luck!!

    • i’m not worried. it will go on as planned, but minus a good chunk of extended family. probably my grandmother in particular, and that is disappointing because she’s old and was going to be a huge trooper to make it out here to begin with. now its looking like her house will be partially destroyed, or significantly damaged at best.

      my concern is mostly for the health and safety of the friends and family out East, not whether they can/will make a fairly meaningless-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things event.

      but i doubt their will be so much damage to cut power all the way through Indy to saturday. just the unnecessary stress of an over-active imagination at work.

      i look forward to celebrating with great relief that everyone I know made it through safely.

      • Explainer Guy your wedding will be great! By then the storm will have passed and you’ll be celebrating with those who will be able to make it!
        Good Luck with staying sane in this pre-wedding week!

  23. Spoiler alert: I’ve seen the pilot for that Dan Harmon Adult Swim show and it is hilarious!

    • That’s great! And since we’re talking Cartoon Network anyway, can you give us any insight into that Adventure Time finale????!?! SO GOOD!

      • Cough *blurays* Cough* (ask him about Adventure Time Blu-ray release dates) *cough*

        • Oh jeez, I don’t know anything aout this Blu-ray you speak of, but I can ask around. As far as the finale goes, I’m glad you liked it, topknot! I don’t want to spoil anything, but here’s the first panel from the season 5 premiere:

          ALSO, back to the Dan Harmon pilot, it was co-created by the voice of Lemongrab! Ehh?

  24. My best friend is scheduled to have two humans removed from her body on Wednesday and the situation might be seriously affected by this storm, so I am rather worried about this “Sandy.”

    Meanwhile, a different friend from college just adopted a tiny puppy and it is very very cute… and I got to play with the puppy yesterday. Later today I am going to help her put together the dog gate I loaned her, if only so I can get more puppy time.

    And it’s really warm and sunny here today, which I am quite sure is a direct result of me putting away my warmer weather clothes over the weekend. So I am going to take my bike for a bike ride on my lunch break and go to Patagonia to exchange my new rain jacket for a different rain jacket because I’m a goddamn stereotype. I will also probably pick up some kind of vegan sandwich, so let me know if you want anything…

  25. East Coaster here, at home avoiding the weather, and blowing my Amazon Video credits on Moonrise Kingdom, completely unaware of the irony of watching it during this storm.

  26. Twenty-five years of practice building blanket forts is finally paying off. NBD.

  27. My heroic efforts to mobilize my co-workers to go home early (in the face of the blue skies and calm winds that Vermont is currently experiencing) failed. I will be going home at 5:00, as usual. Pray for me.

  28. I just announced to my co-worker that I was going to eat a marshmallow broom, because what if I died and the last thing I did wasn’t to eat a marshmallow broom? I should probably note that I am in Toronto, so I am only in the path of the remnants of the storm, but, dangit, MARSHMALLOW BROOM.

    (In case you are not Canadian and do not know what a marshmallow broom is.)

    • This is NOT what I imagined. I imagined something like a cinnamon broom made out of marshmallows.


    • I am Canadian and this is my first encounter with a marshmallow broom. In case any aliens are browsing the comments and taking a poll on the subject. In order to further their agenda of Earth domination, I assume? I can’t see how marshmallow brooms and Earth domination could possibly be connected but I guess that’s because I’m limited by my human perspective. All hail our alien overlords.

      • I would advise you to visit your local Dollarama for the finest selection of chocolate broom snacks, but they’re already replacing the Halloween stuff with Christmas stuff so you may need to wait another year to be broomed. (Also, maybe I just checked urbandictionary to see if “broomed” had another meaning and it turns out it does, but those meanings are not as good as the original meaning, which is to be full of chocolate marshmallow brooms.)

  29. To all the New Yorkers (which I think is everyone on Videogum):

    I’m landing in JFK on Friday early morning (if it’s open). How can I get to Williamsburg on a bus? I really would prefer to not pay for a taxi and the subway is obviously not going to be an option. I was thinking of postponing my trip but it took forever to get time off from work.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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