• Tom Cruise is beginning to think about Mission: Impossible 5. Do you have any ideas for him about what it should be about? If yes plz email him at TCrusemi5@ideas.biz. Also stay safe out there! -SlashFilm
  • One of the worst things about the state of emergency New York is currently in is that Carrie Diaries was set to shoot on my block this week and now I have know idea WHEN they’ll be here. Awful. Stay safe. -Deadline
  • Joss Whedon released a campaign video for Mitt Romney this weekend and it is very serious and makes a lot of good points and if the world still exists after these next few days we might all want to rethink our opinions. -JossWhedon
  • Adam Sandler is possibly making a spoof of The Magnificent Seven which sounds remarkably just as bad as everything Adam Sandler has done in recent memory. -FilmDrunk
  • Want to watch a compilations of trucks hitting the same bridge? Maybe it will distract you from what’s going on outside for a minute. Or maybe it will just remind you of it more? We’ll see! -Hypervocal
  • Up All Night is going to become a multi-camera comedy with a live audience which, I think, even if my brain were able to function through the panic, would still make no sense. -Vulture
  • And, finally, is Cloud Atlas racist? Not sure why The Week didn’t get Andrew Ti to clarify this for them but I can imagine that his answer would be yes. -TheWeek
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  1. I remember at one point, it looked like Natalie Portman was going to play Sonmi-451 and I was really, really angry. When I found out the role was going to a Korean actress, I was very relieved. I wonder if they were planning on putting Natalie Portman in yellowface, too. I’m guessing yes?

    But yea, very racist. I loved the book, but I am not at all motivated to see the movie, in large part because of the yellowface.

    • The actress they did cast is Doona Bae! Who is great! Judging by the one thing I have seen her in, Linda Linda Linda, in which she plays a Korean exchange student at a Japanese high school who joins an all-girl punk band. It’s a good movie and you should all watch it. Cloud Atlas, not so much.

  2. Cloud Atlas doesn’t sound so much racist as just sort of dumb.

  3. I am so bored with zombie bullshit. Find a new metaphor. Now.

    • Auto-cannibalistic ice cream hell babies?

    • Maybe we can talk about bacon instead.

      • ahahahahahahahahaha. That’s #3 on my hate list.

        • #1: Zombies
          #2: Pirates
          #3: Bacon
          #4: Cats having Cheeseburgers
          #5: Vampires
          #6: Gossip Girls
          #7: Gilmour Girls
          #8: Epic Fails
          #9: Owl band names
          #10: Anything relating to The Avengers.

          Am I close?

          • You forgot ninjas, detached irony, and Arrested Development.

          • How about Benedict Cumberbatch, robot uprisings, trampoline accidents, and traffic cones?

          • (Just kidding, you guys! I love talking about all of these things!)

          • #3 is right.

            I really enjoy #s 6 and 7.

            #1 The growing, hollow echo chamber of nothingness that is media/Internet culture that spawns an entire job category of people getting paid to retweet and favor links to pages in which other people reblog photos of things that other people have taken pictures of. Meanwhile no one cited in this incessant praise factory has had any hand in creating anything whatsoever… they just repost and reblog and refavorite to infinity. (And that I have to know about it for work so I can help my company suss out the bullshit snake oil salespeople who try to sell them on $50K web 2.0 packages.) — The Pintarest/Huffington Post rant.
            #2 The zombie thing, but I think that’s seasonal. (This place is usually reserved for my rants about how the news is corporate propaganda that is hell-bent on creating fake issues that steer idiots to vote against their interests because PAIN AT THE PUMP is more of an issue than climate change or clean air or water. — The media/sheeple/Paul Ryan rant.)
            #3 Bacon and/or other stupid fads
            #4 Probably something else that has to do with the election and consumerist American culture.
            #5 Nielsen ratings being a terrible gauge of how TV is viewed and shows subsequently being affected by this archaic system.
            #6 Reality TV that isn’t mid-2000s garbage made by Fox (The Swan, Slut Island, Joe Millionaire)
            #7 Wet sleeves

            I’m sure there’s more, but it’s sunny out so I am distracted and less angry than usual.

          • Jeans wet pant legs too

    • Amok robots? Mummies? Can we go back to giant radioactive ants?

      Or dogs. The dogs turn on us.

    • I agree its soooo over. But also i decided I’d rather be eaten then survive in a world with out cable or the internet.

  4. “If you think this zombie apocalypse wasn’t going to be much worse under Obama, you’re being naive”–someone’s dad, could be anyone’s, when the Romney zombie apocalypse destroys America

  5. I haven’t been following coverage of Argo, but I also don’t like that Ben Affleck cast himself as Tony Mendez. I think it’s very telling that two of the highest profile movies out right now openly indulge in yellowface and whitewashing.

    • At the end of Argo, they show photos of the actors next to the actual people to show how close they got. They kind of skipped Ben Affleck.

      • You do see a picture of Tony Mendez shaking Carter’s hand. But yeah, it’s not up against a pic of Ben Affleck shaking Movie Carter’s hand.

        I am with you guys on Affleck casting himself in the movies he is also directing. I get it, he can kill two birds with one stone (acting AND directing! Wicked!), but my favorite is still Gone Baby Gone, then Argo, then The Town, and that’s largely due to Affleck face time in the films.

    • True Story: I refuse to watch Argo because of Ben Affleck’s face.

  6. I like that Up All Night news! I miss multi-cam sitcoms. And live audiences. I just want to watch a funny, inconsequential, 30-minute televised play every week. And I do NOT want to watch 2 1/2 Men or The Big Bang Theory.

  7. how is a multi-cam show any different? Are viewers able to see a difference?

    • The muti-cam aspect is not really the issue for me as much as the audience. Remember Christina’s 90′s show, The Al Bundys? I want to punch every single audience member whenever i catch 5 minutes of that show. Granted, that’s not how the audience would be in Up All Night, but you still lose on story pacing and comic timing.

    • Multi-cam shows look more like, well, TV shows. Single cam has more of a film feel. There are definitely differences in aesthetics and even tropes and the way they can tell stories.

  8. That’s so weird about Up All Night! They just can NOT seem to get the formula right for that show! Apparently the original pilot had Maya Rudolph and Christina Applegate playing ad execs (or something?) and then they revamped it to make Maya a TV personality, and THEN, this season they revamped it again and cancelled the Maya Show and threw in a random brother for Christina (who really and truly does not fit into the family picture they painted with Christina Applegate’s parents last season) and got rid of the character of Missy, who I really I enjoyed! And now this????? What is going onnnn?

  9. I do not understand how the answer to anything could ever be a live audience. Well, maybe government. But not TV!

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