Have you ever wanted to not feel so stressed out from daily human stresses such as “job” and “relationship” and “general”? If you’re like many humans, the answer could be “yes”! So why not find a way to de-stress from these stressors, so you can live a more relaxed lifestyle and enjoy your life for the remainder of time you are allowed to be in control of it? In order to do this, I would like to introduce to you this pair of detached robot hands. They have the ability to massage your head with the correct amount of pressure that both relaxes and prevents all head-trauma until the exact correct moment. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let this detached pair of robot hands massage you into complacency. Finally, a way to de-stress!

Please relax, your struggle is unwarranted and futile. (Via Geekologie.)

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  1. maybe i’m a cyborg but that looks amazing.

  2. I can’t wait for this to hit the Brookstone at my mall.

  3. Considering the fact that Halloween is like two days away, and I have seen SEVERAL scary movies featuring killer malfunctioning robots, NO THANK YOU.

  4. Let’s all help foster this idea that the way to overthrow humanity is for robots to massage us more.

  5. Haha, right. Ok robot, I’ll put my head in there. Sure. I totally trust you. There is no way this could be a trick where you crush my skull with your scary metal arms.. Oh, what’s that? You want to strap me in for further relaxation? Ok, sounds good! Let’s go!

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