Not long before dispatching this blog to you, President Obama declared a state of emergency in New York and 7 other states along the east coast. You can’t buy bread or milk anymore, even if you wanted to make your favorite bread and milk based dish, because everybody bought all of it already and what are you doing outside? Get inside! Almost everyone is home from work, because all public transportation has been halted. Roommates and their girlfriends or boyfriends all along the coast are puttering around apartments, clanking pots and pans together, moving throw pillows from one chair to the other, smiling politely when their far-off gaze is met. And what else is there to do? We’ve prepared as well as we could. Now we wait, staying safe, hoping for the best, watching this man dance. (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Somehow, I have a feeling that this man’s suspicious and unusual behavior isn’t going to ease the fear for most Republicans.

  2. No worries guys. I’ve come prepared.

  3. I thought hurricane season was over!

  4. I flew into New York Saturday morning and am (maybe) leaving Wednesday morning! Great timing! I came for a wedding (last night, in Sheepshead Bay, which we were able to escape with great difficulty), and have a (free for me) lunch meeting scheduled tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to because it’s with a couple really nice people who I’ve been working with for months and have never met in person! I’m guessing that that meeting and maybe my flight are both going to get canceled!

    On the bright side, my fiance and I are staying with my law school roommate, and neither one of them can go to work today, so it’s like old times at our old apartment, but with more fear!

  5. Videogum Hurricane Party!!!!!!*

    *unless you live in most of the country, in which case today’s just a normal day. suckers.

  6. In all seriousness, please be safe!!! No surfing, no matter how fun you think it looks!

  7. I have no idea what is supposed to happen in my part of Vermont, so I’m going to walk around vaguely unsettled, but not do anything about it.

    • I’m kind of in the same boat in NH. I’m taking the “we’re just going to get a windy rain storm here, why is everyone freaking out?” approach.

      Which pretty much guarantees a tree is going to fall on my house.

    • are you in the burlington area? we probably won’t be hit until after 4 or 5, but i’m spreading misinformation around the office in an effort to go home an hour early. that would be the sweetest triumph of all. i’ll keep you updated.

      • NH’s Governor has declared a state of emergency and urged employers to let employees leave early.

        Sooo…you could just tell your boss that “THE Governor said…” and you technically wouldn’t be lying!

      • I lurk Church Street daily, identifying people I see repeatedly, trying to come up with their backgrounds. I’m supposed to go to job two at 6, but I am not sure I feel like it, so this may be a quaint excuse not to go.

      • And while we are here, can we please talk about legalize Marijuana Guy?! Church Street is like a tv show I got sick of watching because the characters were going nowhere, then they brought back Birdman, added Marijuana Guy, and made Angry Tanktop Girl less of a plot point and I am loving it.

  8. You’re also out of luck if you want to make any water-based dish.

  9. as a gulf coast monster, it feels really strange to watch the coverage of this storm. two years ago, when i was in grad school, a professor told me that he thought that new orleans did not deserve to be rebuilt because of our geographic location made us too vulnerable, but that the major cities of the northeast would surely warrant protection by large federally funded floodwalls before climate change became too serious as to seriously jeopardize them. which was massive bullshit on both points. but. y’all. i hope you all stay safe and warm, and that sandy doesn’t do to you what isaac did to me this summer (8 days without power = hurricane party for a week = too much drinking and board games makes everyone crazy). global weirding! we are all fucked in different ways.

  10. oh, also. here are some hurricane tips. shower now! if your electricity and power go off for awhile, you’re gonna wish you had. also fill up your bathtub with water. you might not want to drink it, but it can be used to flush your toilet if the water shuts down later. don’t invite people you don’t completely love to your house for the hurricane party. isaac made me stay with the same people for five days, and thankfully i loved them all, but if the wrong person is there you will want to murder them roughly 12 hours in. the majority of hurricane deaths in florida are after the hurricane hits from people walking around in puddles with electrical cables down. buy a new book and a deck of cards. batteries for a tape player / radio are key, so you can jam some tunes and also find out what’s going on news wise if you have to. canned food is good, but you’re gonna want some fruit and veggies too in order to cut down on your inevitable sodium bloat. find out if any neighborhood bars are open 24 / 7 for this / which ones have generators, you’re gonna want the escape / it’s really fun to get tanked with complete strangers in the dark.

    • Also fill up your car with gas (and get extra gas if possible). Buy extra ice so you can keep perishables cold. Booze, lots of booze helps.

    • a friend of mine is in the mandatory evacuation area, albeit in a high rise, and is staying put. – against the wishes of pretty much everyone. i sent her an email last night giving her the bathtub tip and she kinda just blew me off saying “no worries. i’ll be fine. i’m having a party.”

      it is this type of attitude that worries me.

      • i know! i just pulled this quote from an article i was reading: “We’re in New York,” Iona Barrow said of her decision to stay put. “We’re not in Miami or one of those tragic places. It’ll never be that bad.” Pride goeth before the fall! and as a resident of one of those “tragic places”, i kinda want this lady’s windows to get blown in and all her fancy shit to get ruined. the thing is, it is WAY BETTER to be over-prepared than to be a jaded, dismissive person about this kind of stuff! just because irene was mostly a joke, doesn’t mean that this storm won’t be and the next one won’t be, either.

  11. You guys, I may be stuck in Las Vegas for the Sandy. Supposed to fly back to Philly tomorrow afternoon, and the flight has not yet been cancelled. By the way, Halloween in Vegas is….interesting. I think I’ve now seen the slutty version of every profession.

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