What a dream, to have Adam Scott walk into your beautiful new house in a beautiful suit and to propose to you with the BIGGEST ring box in the world, after you had already seen Joe Mande and thought that that would be the highlight of your day. So beautiful! The best NBC Thursday night wedding proposal since Jim proposed to Pam at that gas station! While that, and Parks and Recreation as a whole, were the highlight of last night, I do think that there were also some lowlights! Hahah. That was supposed to be a bait-and-switch type of phrasing but, reading it again, I don’t think it worked! The Office, even though it featured Stephen Colbert, was a little exhausting. Why is Andy just the fucking worst ever all of a sudden? He’s so terrible that I don’t even want to watch him! Get him off of the screen! Send him to Cornell and never look back! I do love Erin, though. When she thought Dwight’s Nerds joke was so funny? Give me a break. The best. I can’t decide whether or not I like the Jim and Pam tension because it feels real and is interesting in that way, or if I hate it because I have enough passive agressive guilt-tripping to do in my OWN life, but one thing I can say for sure is I love it compared to how I feel about Andy. BOOO ANDY! Up All Night was, as usual, totally watchable. I loved with Christina Applegate fell at the beginning. THE END. (I’ve learned recently that, to me, there is possibly nothing funnier than a realistic fall on a television show or in a movie.) (Always very funny.) 30 Rock was fine. I liked how the boss from Office Space was in it, and I also liked how Amy Sedaris was in it. The show in general doesn’t really “do it” for me anymore, as I’ve said in the past, but this season is certainly an improvement on the last two or so. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia was very good, though the first half was a little light-on-laughs. I’m worried that It’s Always Sunny may have run its course — the bits, at this point, seem written from the viewpoint of someone who is tired of writing bits like these. But I hope it stops feeling like that! STILL A FAN! (Also: I thought FOR SURE the actress who plays Dennis’s ex-wife was Millie from Freaks and Geeks, but it turns out she is not?) The League was not great. WHAT DID YOU THINK?

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  1. Squeeeeeee! When Ben got down on one knee, I clapped my hands over my open mouth and didn’t breathe and criiiiied. Perfect. I don’t even know what else happened on that show because that was so perfect and amazing.


  3. This is actually a blast back to Monday Night tv (forgive me but I have needed to bring it up somewhere and this seems more appropriate than the santorum thread) but did anyone watch Drag Race All Stars? (SPOILER) I am so upset that Pandora Boxx was outsted. I <3 u 5eva PB! (END SPOILER).

    I am in a glass case of emotion over this.

    • whatever she sulked her way through the entire competition. If she thought Mimi was so bad she shouldn’t have let her lipsync for their lives. I mean, Mimi IS so bad and I would probably do the same thing if I got stuck with her, but she didn’t really even seem to be trying.

  4. I hate to say that you’re right about Sunny, but I will. (To myself, I’m not going to type that out.)


    why did you post that picture. It looked like they were breaking up, so I had to read the first sentence and now I am sad it was spoiled for me.

  6. …but you’re probably wrong about 30 Rock.

    Come on, when Liz unzips her lip to say “shrimp?” gif, please.

  7. Dear people who make stupid, ridiculous viral proposal videos: this is how you do a proposal.

  8. “I’m live-tweeting this dumbass conversation”

    Retta/Donna…the best.

  9. “So, sir… um… what are you going to do to her?”

    “I dunno. Got a mud pit. She can watch me do belly flops. Then we’ll get a tank of nitrous and see where it goes from there.”

    “Oh, that’s not as bad as I thought it would be!”

    (Words to that effect. Best scene of the night, except the proposal.)

  10. The Thing about Me Is, I’m Perd Hapley

  11. I loved Parks and Rec so much! Last night was so great, and I was actually surprised! Not like the last time they had a wedding and managed to spoil it by accidentally airing the wrong commercial (remember that?). I really can’t wait to see all of this play out.

    Fart attack.

    • Explain this wrong commercial thing. I don’t remember.

      • During the season April and Andy got married, the week before that episode aired NBC played a commercial during Parks and Rec that said something like “Log on to NBC.com to see April and Andy’s wedding photos (or blog or something like that).” So then, the next week it was pretty obvious very early what was going on, which was too bad! I would have liked that to be a surprise.

  12. OMG PARKS AND REC! My reaction was probably what my real reaction will be if/when I am ever proposed to. I gasped, my mouth opened in surprise, I put my hand over my mouth, and start crying. And then laughed through my tears. I just have to give so many snaps and props and whatever other kinds of recognition you require to a show that can craft such truly perfect emotional moments while still being one of the funniest things around. I love you Parks and Rec.

    As a native North Floridian (currently residing in Central Florida,) I cannot tell you how much it tickles me that the fate of this great nation is in our beer soaked hands. (Although, TBH, they totally got the demography of Florida wrong! And at least in my hometown, the people are more Honey Boo Boo than Buffet Beach Bum, and South Florida is actually pretty liberal, but whatever, STILL FUNNY. “It’s just a show I should really just relax.”)

  13. The fart attack was so hilarious! At first I was really nervous wondering how they were going to make something really kind of sad/serious (heart attack) into something funny, but the farts- oh the farts!- excellent comedy.

  14. Super glad my roommates were both asleep so they didn’t see me simultaneously grinning like a buffoon and tearing up during Ben’s proposal!

  15. So The Vampire Diaries was pretty good this week. Not as good as last week, but still fun! I am not super interested in the “Rebekah is a lonely sadsack who everybody hates” storyline, although I did find it funny when she went up to Matt and was like “Are you still mad at me for making you drive off the bridge?” Yes, Rebekah, he is still mad that you killed Elena and nearly killed him, shockingly. The part where she hallucinated ripping out Matt’s heart totally fooled me and I gasped dramatically.

    But the most important question I have after these first few episodes is: WHERE IS ELIJAH?

  16. I think i have to stop watching parks and rec its so enjoyable and sweet every week its making me remember that the rest of life is not actually parks and rec and thats just problematic

  17. Kelly, I have a feeling It’s Always Sunny is running is close to having run its course, but last night was very good. the production values are so much better this year – am I the only one noticing this?

    • I enjoyed the hell out of Sunny last night. I was not expecting a Halloween-inspired episode, and it all worked out very well. When the McPoyles started getting REALLY zombie-like I thought it was going to be an unreliable narrator-type thing, and I was very happy when they revealed this was not the case.

      Charlie’s speech was amazing.

      • Yes Charlie was amazing and so was the scene where they let camera linger on the McCoyle brothers in that awkward reconciliation.

        • Also great: Dee sucking on the ‘vampire’ bat’s bite marks on Frank’s head, Frank’s terribleness at being a sponsor, Liam McPoyle freaking out at Ryan’s mustache reveal, the deaf McPoyle playing the cello, Guillermo Del Toro’s cameo as the crazy proselytizing McPoyle, and Charlie’s misconception of who and what Batman is, and how his disbelief at the concept of Batman directly puts Charlie at odds with his understanding and appreciation of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

          Charlie also had some great lines, like when he referred to Friday the 13th as a ‘monster day,’ and later explaining he had forgotten ‘how to drive.’

  18. How about some Wednesday Night TV? Someone please talk to me about American Horror Story because I can’t convince any of my real life friends to watch it even though they all say they want to and it’s a very good show!! So far, 2 episodes and 2 butt shots of Evan Peters. Let’s keep this up please! I’m hoping the aliens aren’t actually aliens because I think that is silly and although people like to put horror and sci-fi together they are two very distinct genres to me and don’t mesh very well. One is based on blind belief against all evidence and the other is based, more or less, on science. I thought I would miss Constance, but Sister Jude is amazing! And I loooooved the exorcism plotline this week because I’m cheesy!

    • Yes it was soooooo good!!! The Devil and Sister Jude. I knew she had some good backstory back there. And the doctor having a Patrick Bateman-come-puppydog crush on Sister Mary. I had to watch the encore to make sure I got it all.

      I know they’re supposed to be set in 1964, but is “Bloody Face” the best they can up with?

      I read a very spoiler alerty article in Entertainment Weekly a few weeks back and they listed 3 specific supernatural beings/monsters we will encounter this season. I don’t like aliens in stories, but I thought that creepy, crawling tracker in Kit’s neck was wild.

      I love scary movies involving exorcisms. I had to get up in the middle of the night, and for the first time in a very long time, was scared to get out of bed and venture into the dark.

    • And next week’s episode airs ON Halloween! Muahahahahaha!

  19. When Ben proposed to Parks and Rec the jaded part of me who has watched too much television in my life was like oh, duh, how did I not see that coming. Classic bait and switch with the whole Florida thing. But then I realized that this show is great because I did not see that coming, and the episode was done extremely well.

    • My mom watched it with me, and she was like “He’s gonna make her quit her job and go to Florida.” And I was like “NO! She just got that job, he won’t make her leave.”

  20. Um, am I the only one who through The League was pretty good last night? “Hai, bro” really made me giggle.

  21. No one cared about Buster Bluth saying “What’s up my brother” to Gob Bluth on Up All Night?

    • To me, this was the funniest bit The Office has had in a long time. “Jim was making some pretty good arguments, but Pam was like NO.”

  22. the 30 Rock scene where Liz goes off on the party – the inbred WASP specifically – had me rolling on the floor.

    Toby remains my favorite character ever – and last night’s gag with him was classic.

    but Parks & Rec remains THE BEST.

  23. Among all of the other P&R awesomeness, I loved Donna’s @unfoRETTAble inspired livetweeting.

  24. I only saw the last 6 minutes of The Officeand the only good thing about it was Stephen Colbert. It wasn’t worth watching to me. Anyone else getting sick of Andy and a cappella?

    I liked Parks and Recreation but I was not excited to see Ben propose. For starters, it was a ring box inside a necklace box, the kind where you expect to see the necklace from Titanic in it, and also, a small part of me wants Ben for myself. They are so cute as a couple, but this is too official for me.
    I like that Leslie asked the creepy biker-hick what the date he one with Ann would be like. It was surprisingly not as homicidal as expected. Watching a guy belly flop into a ball pit and grabbing some Thai food is not entirely bad. She could have opted out of the nitrous huffing.

    Also, I expected a lot more social interference between Ron and the kids. Like if they went to a house and the owner wouldn’t give the girls candy or instead gave them rocks or paperclips that he would strong-arm the homeowner. Also I wanted him to dress up as Teddy Roosevelt or something. But the ending wasn’t bad, since he kinda did strong-arm the neighbors to give the kids stuff after Halloween. I also didn’t realize the mother was Lucy Lawless. She was on for like what 2 episodes, and it didn’t even hit me until the middle of this one. It’s a little weird not seeing her in a Roman stola.

    I want apology roses and chocolates! I would be a more forgiving person if sorries included pretty and delicious tokens of atonement bribes.

    • When I watched Battlestar Galactica, that was when I experienced your Roman stola conundrum (great band, btw, The Roman Stola Conundrum). When she showed up in Battlestar I was like, “Is that Lucy Lawless with that blonde hair and no razor ring boomerang Chakram thing?”

      Now when she shows up in something I see Lucy Lawless before I see Xena, but that’s only by a fraction of a second. I watched a BUNCH of Xena in the late ’90s.

  25. ALERT: In doing some Internet reading, I found out that that big ring box Kelly mentioned? It was the same box that Ben gave Leslie with the Knope 2012 pin, and then the one that she gave back to him with the tiny Washington Monument. SO AWESOME.

  26. did something happen with the make-up on parks and rec? it seems like they wear tons now. was it always like that?

  27. SWAMP PARTIES! you guys, i am going to one of those in two weeks and i am SO EXCITED.

  28. Also, Children’s Hospital was hilarious. I really love that show. That is all.

  29. Tumblr is finally back up. Now I can post some real gifs.


    Also my favorite thing with that guy is the softcore porn he made for MTV. He did Desmond’s wife from Lost.

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