In a recent interview with Movieline, Eli Roth (creator of torture-porn series Hostel, friend of Selena Gomez) spoke about the process behind filming his upcoming cannibal film, The Green Inferno, in a remote village on the Amazon River. (Already we are on board.) He explained that the location was so remote — the last person near it was Werner Herzog filming Aguirre, the Wrath of God – that those living in the village did not know what a movie was, let alone had they ever seen one, so they had to figure out a way to get them on board with the idea of filming in their village, as well as using them all as extras. So:

“We said, ‘Can we shoot here?’ and talked to them, and our producers said ‘We have to explain to them what a movie is. They’ve never seen a television,’” Roth recalled. “So we brought a generator and set up a television. I thought they were going to show them E.T. or The Wizard of Oz, but they showed them Cannibal Holocaust to see how much they could handle.”

Cannibal Holocaust being, of course, the 1980 “found footage”-style horror movie that is still banned in several countries due to its portrayal of “graphic brutality, sexual assault, and animal violence.” Eli Roth goes onto explain that the villagers reacted to the film as if it were a comedy (which is an interesting way of putting it, since what is a comedy?), and that they were great on film because they were “perfectly natural” because they still had no idea what they were taking part in and I guess what I’m trying to say is how was this ever possibly allowed and in what world and what the fuck and also: HOW WAS EVERYONE’S DAY TODAY? Let’s keep doing this! At least for now!

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  1. It was 79 degrees in Chicago yesterday so I went for a run and then I went to work at Willenium Park (free wifi, very nice). After that I took Canela for a long walk in Grant Park where I took a nap listening to the new Grizzly Bear.

    • I was in Willenium Park yesterday, too. I had to go to a business writing seminar and decided to walk around downtown when it was done. I went to Pret a Manger (there are at least 4 in Chicago now, woohoo), bought a croissant and sat in the park for a bit. I always like watching people crowded around the Bean. There was also some kind of middle-aged balding man fashion shoot happening.

      • “The Bean” will forever be my favorite piece of public sculpture because (a) of how cool it is and (b) how no one gives a shit that it is supposed to be called Cloud Gate.

        • I think unless the artist gives the piece a really obvious name people will always rename it to something else. I specifically remember a fountain/sculpture in Dublin that was referred to as “The Floozie in the Jacuzzi”

          Last February they did an awesome light show at the Bean with projectors and music. I hope they do something similar again this winter, it was really beautiful.

      • I’m just going to go ahead and assume Willenium Park is named after that Will Smith song and I would please like none of you to disabuse me of that assumption.

    • I’ve never heard of Willennium Park but it sounds like a song Will Smith would have written in 1999; when I Googled it, my suspicions were confirmed:

  2. It’s been a pretty mellow day, actually. I have the second meeting of my class on the Mahabharata today, and wow is that thing amazing so far! Snakes! Giant birds! Butter! Usually after class I go to the Zen Buddhist Center until 9p, and then come home and watch fun TV, but I’m on call for work this week so I can’t go. The upside is I can watch all those Thursday shows without being up too late tonight.

  3. I am very excited for Saturday because I get to see our friends Ted Leo and Aimee Mann

  4. Oh man, y’all. This has been one crazy week!

    Monday: Department Retreat at the deCordova Museum in Lincoln, MA. I put on the event so I was there from sun up to well-past sundown. I was soo exhausted I didn’t even get to see the Debate! Yikes!
    Tuesday: Woke up with a throat cold. Went into work late and left early.
    Wednesday: Woke up with a throat cold and nose and head congestion. Didn’t go into work. Saw Looper though.
    Today: Woke up with an even worse cold (mind you, I did get a flu shot three weeks ago), went to work late and left early.
    Tomorrow: I have plans to go to this Halloween party at Sweet Caroline’s by Fenway in Boston, but if I feel like shib I may have to be the party down-er.

    But knowing that Eli Roth is at it again with his sick and twisted version of horror movie which is essentially watching each character get brutally murdered which I guess is every horror movie! Can’t wait! :P

    • Oops! It’s called “How Was Everyone’s Day Today?” Not week. So then I guess today was super great!

      I brought in some Maple Leaf Cookies from Trader Joe’s and everyone came by to grab one and it put a smile on everyone’s face. One of our professor’s even said that “this cookie was the highlight of my day” and this lady works with monkeys all day. So… yeah, pretty good cookies.

    • the deCordova is great! Did you play hide and seek in the sculptures?

  5. Well i slept through the night for the first night this week so that was great! Then i bombed a midterm soo quadruple ugh on that.I am moving tonight and tomorrow into a teeny tiny house so that is exciting!! ans im eating a chocolate croissant. so i guess it is an ok day, the pluses equal out the minuses.

  6. First off, I just want to say that this feature is amazing and I love it and let’s keep doing it until it’s not fun anymore, which might take FOREVER, or 7 weeks because we’ll all be dead and unable to have fun.

    Second off, my day has been pretty great! As a bit of background, after 6 months of languishing unemployment, I landed a long-term temp job and a few weeks ago scored a permanent version of the same job. Yay, salary and benefits! But this isn’t “How Was Everyone’s Year Today?”

    Today, specifically, people at my job where I’ve been for almost 4 months started to realize that I’m funny, and it is a hilarious and great feeling to get through to people. Also my new colleagues called me “awesome” at least 3 times today, even though I kind of felt like I was slacking off. Oh! And I also upgraded to a larger desk! And my husband is off being an awesome student and citizen and it’s Thursday night TV with Halloween! Oh crap today has been so good so far.

    I’m going to make some tacos and eat them. I’m sure that will be the highlight of an already pretty great day.

  7. Just a few hours ago I was wondering “Is it time for ‘How Was Everyone’s Day’ yet?” I am just a very exciting person, it is true.

    For a while I thought today was okay, and then for a while it became the worst, but then I went and got rugelach across the street and now it is pretty okay except for my need for a nap and my problem with run-on sentences.

  8. Pretty solid day! A coworker brought donuts for everyone this morning. Unexpected donuts are the nicest donuts!

  9. I thought that today was pretty rough until I considered that hey, at least I am not in an Eli Roth cannibal movie. Or at his Saw themepark or whatever. So yay! Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

  10. I made this collage of my dog while I was bored at work:

  11. Catticus Maximus had his vet checkup on Monday and is riddled with diseases, which I knew he would be as he is an ancient alley cat, and needs 900$ worth of dental work on top of all the medical stuff because his teeth are all cracked and broken. He has to be an indoor-only cat or get put down to keep him from infecting other cats, and the only way I have found so far to keep him from meowing to go out all night long is to pet him, but the minute I stop he yowls at the door again so I have had very little sleep this week. BUT I think I’ve reached the point where I’m so tired that I’m no longer feeling tired, and I’ve been in a strangely fantastic mood. Also, I got a letter from the vet today saying the pre-operation blood tests (before he gets the ol’ snip) will cost 698, but when I called to cancel because holy shit it’s not worth getting him neutered for that much money PLUS the cost of the operation itself, it turns out it’s only 69$ and the $ looked like an 8 because someone wrote it sloppily. So in a way I just saved 627$ on Catticus’ blood tests?

    Anyway, I’m in a very cheerful mood even though every single person that I have seen today has commented on how tired I look, which is never good, and my sandwich was sub-par at lunch, and I’m about to go into poverty getting my cat’s teeth fixed. I’m a study in optimism. Write your abnormal phsych PhD thesis on me.

    • Your cat may be sickly, but he has a fantastic name!

    • Wow! Now my day is EXCELLENT because I work with this really sweet Palestinian girl whose parents decided a week before the wedding that they don’t want her to marry her fiance, so for a year they have been seeing each other secretly via me because I love love, but then the parents found out and forbade her to have any contact with him so I’ve been passing secret messages and he had a teddy bear with “X loves Y” (but their names) delivered to my apt so I can bring it to her at work, and it just arrived and in it he included a bunch of fancy chocolates for me as a thank you, AND she just called to say her father has agreed to meet with her fiance to talk things out!!! They’re the sweetest couple I’ve ever met, this is such exciting news AND free fancy chocolates!!!!!

  12. This week has gone by quickly, but I have done almost no work on my halloween costume which is not good. I feel like I have lost all motivation to actually do things when I get home from work. I usually just watch TV (speaking of which, has anyone seen Alphas? It’s my new favorite show).

    Tonight I am going to see Aaron Draplin speak, he’s a designer that did Field Notes among other things. Tomorrow I am going to dance to Diamond Rings, which should be super fun.

    Next week I’m in Minneapolis for work. Tell me where to go at night, since I don’t want to just sit in my hotel room and be lonely. What does one do in Minneapolis on halloween?

  13. 1. Minnesota 28 Tampa Bay 22
    2. Why do you “need” an HDMI cable to get HD in your TV when the cable coming from outside is coaxial?
    3. Did you guys RSVP for the International Unofficial Chicago Monster meetup In April yet?
    4. I watched the Maronovich Project 30 For 30. 5 stars.
    5. You guys remember Northern State, what was up with that?
    6. What’s your favorite Misfits song?
    7. You guys should listen to Motopony
    8. I’m back at 1 of 10 in Monsters Fantasy Football West. I think Fondue is one in the East?
    9. Everyone should follow Patrick M on twitter
    10. How much do you tip your hair person?
    11. When I was in 4th grade I wore lycra shorts for pants once.

    • 10. a six pack of beer, because usually a friend cuts my hair.

    • 3. I will just suggest again that you set up a Skype conference with a big screen like a Video Dance Party at the actual party, in which case I will RSVP “yes” to the Skype call.
      6. Saturday Night hands down without a doubt, although I couldn’t articulate why.
      9. I had a slumber party on the weekend with a few girls where we carved pumpkins and played board games, and we all decided to make twitter accounts for our pets and have them tweet at each other all the time because we were drunk and it was hilarious at the time. But I might actually do it.
      10. I cut my own hair in my bathroom because I’m cheap, but I think you’re meant to tip 15%?
      11. When I was in grade 4 I had a pair of spandex stirrup pants that were patterned to look like jeans with a zipper and pockets and all drawn on, and I was the coolest and everyone wanted to know where they were from and I never told anyone but they were from Bi-Way which is like the Canadian low-rent version of K-Mart. And then jeggings came out and please don’t judge me but I totally own a couple of pairs because they are suuuuuper comfy.

    • 1) i hate the Vikings, so I hope you’re wrong.
      2) no idea
      3) not yet. still a maybe
      4) toldya so! it was great. i’m halfway through the Band that Would Not Die. it is also good.
      5) nope
      6) Skulls
      7) have. they’re ok
      8) you guys do FF??? I want to join the MFFL next season!
      9) do and yes. very funny
      10) usually $3-$5 depending on the place and the final product
      11) in 2nd grade, on a trip to the outlet mall to pick out new shoes for school, I knowingly picked out women’s workout shoes because I thought the neon green & purple colors were cool. I wore them the first day and then never again.

    • 6. astro zombies, duh.
      10. i usually tip about 30% because i only go to her like once a year and i feel bad, but also because i tend to over-tip in general because i’m a great person, LADIES. but yeah, i think 15% it traditional.

    • 2. This is a very good question and has bothered me a lot.
      2a. If I use a HDMI cable between my laptop and second screen, will that make it more likely that the colors on both screens would match? Right now they do not and I can never tell which one is more accurate.
      3. Yup.
      10. I tip 20 to 25% because we don’t have sales tax here and my hair is very difficult to cut so if someone does an awesome job, I want them to know how much I appreciate it. (And because what I used to pay almost $100 for elsewhere is like $55 with tip.)

    • 1. Skol Vikes
      8. Indeed I am #1. As the young kidz chanted in the Keanu Reeves vehicle “Hardball”: “We goin’ to the ship, what?”

  14. oh, alright, i guess.

    my band has been working on our stupid first album for TWO YEARS (by which i mean for about two weeks in total, sporadically over the course of two years) and things are FINALLY coming together and it looks like we might be able to release it very soon. we’ve sent it off to be mastered, and i’ve more or less finished the artwork and layout, save for some photos, which we’re going to take next weekend, i think. we’re trying to put together a little mini-tour down to la for next month with another band that we’re good friends with, but my shitty retail job has a blackout for time off for pretty much all of november and december, so i don’t know if it’s going to work out. but i’m excited!

    i have a comical amount of deductive logic homework to catch up on because i haven’t gone to class for the better part of two weeks, partly because i was sick, mostly because i am just VERY good at being a student. BUT, tonight i am going to see rifftrax live: birdemic with my guitarist, so all-in-all: pretty okay!

    • goddamn, do I miss the feeling of completing a music project. i don’t think it got any better than that for my last band….then again, we never got a tour off the ground, so hopefully you guys fare better than we did. best of luck!

  15. I’m really looking to the Halloween party I get to go to on Saturday. One of my bffs is a chef and is cooking a bunch of yummy food. Her boyfriend is a well-to-do computer programmer and is spending some coin on making the decorations look awesome. The only problem is I don’t know what to be (1st world!). I was thinking of wearing a Hawaiian shirt, sandals with socks, shorts, a mustache, and a Romney pin. When people ask what I am, I’ll just say “Your dad.”

  16. October and November are generally a hellish nightmare at my job, and the combined stress of that and some not-so-great stuff happening in my family has gotten me to the point where I’ve said FML so many times that it’s lost all meaning. So I came up with an equally hashtag-friendly phrase: YOKYO (You Only Kill Yourself Once).

    On the bright side, this weekend I’m going to a Halloween party so I’m going to a costume store later to try to find inspiration. Usually I have no problem coming up with fun Halloween costumes, but I’ve been having trouble this year. If all else fails, I’ll just recycle the fake muscle suit from last year’s Jacob-from-Twilight costume and go as Magic Mike.

  17. i would classify today as excessively awful. on top of being extremely busy, having to put up with annoying asshole clients trying to tell me how to do my job, annoying fucking co-workers, my phone blowing up like crazy with a barrage of texts like, “i’m at a buffalo farm today. want me to pick you up some meat?” from friends in other states, i had to go to the goddamned dentist.

    why is it that the nicest hygienists are always the roughest on your teeth, gums, tongue? [i unfortunately/fortunately know that it because they are just great at their jobs, but fuck do my gums hurt!]

    thankfully I only have tomorrow and then a 3 day week next week before I get a 10 day break from the pity party that is my office.

    also I voted early yesterday. you all should too!

  18. Someone I know died suddenly for no known reason on Monday, at a young age, leaving behind a wife and baby daughter. So I would like to remind everyone to keep things in perspective and enjoy your time as much as possible. It seems as if the very small thing we can do to honor someone whose life was cut short is to appreciate what we have and be thankful for the time we get with our loved ones.

    • Oh, Man. Sorry to hear that, martinmegs and Max. There is no emoticon sad enough.

    • It’s always unbearably sad to think about that kind of circumstance. I’m sorry to hear about your friend.
      I actually have been thinking about the whole, time is precious, mantra lately and have been planning to take off as many days as my budget will allow from work and spend almost all of December with loved ones.

    • Thanks for the condolences, Chris, capsulekei, and others. I’ve been so angry all week thinking about how unfair it is they only had five years together. But when I spoke to his wife, she talked about how grateful she is that they had any time together at all, because every moment was a blessing, which is an inspiring outlook.

  19. I got some new carpets installed! I felt bad for the installers. Their knees and backs must wear out fast. Great job carpet guys!

  20. I’m almost impressed with how much I could not care about Eli Roth’s movies. It’s like a commercial I saw starring One Direction and some football person(???) trying to sell me Pepsi. I’m so uninterested in all of those things, it’s honestly impressive they all came together at once.

    My day is wonderful. The city is so excited about the World Series, it’s electric. I walked home yesterday past countless logo caps, bright orange scarves, streetlamps and parking meters covered in orange and black ribbon, at least a dozen businesses with handwritten “GO GIANTS” messages in their windows, and ran through my front door just in time to watch us get another home run. Baseball is the only sport that holds any interest for me, and I can’t help but feel utterly romantic about it. Our local teams that I’ve followed and loved since childhood have made this season just so much fun.

    • Oh man, living in a sports town when the sports teams are doing well is incredibly fun. I only live in a college town, but when UNC won the NCAA tournament a few years ago this place was the best place to be on the planet. Everyone’s in a good mood. Enjoy it!

      • In Montreal whenever the Habs play in the playoffs, win or lose, there are riots. I wish we could just get excited about it like a normal city :(

        • In Chapel Hill students burn things like pillows in the street and then jump over the tiny fires because it’s a town of children like fucking Never Neverland here. In anticipation of tiny street-fires, the fire department wets the whole street and shuts it down for vehicle traffic because we are very organized with our mayhem.

          • Indeed. Definitely jumped over a few pillows (or small piles of clothes) the night of the ’09 championship. And agreed — controlled, non-violent, jubilant chaos. CH is the best. Even when sports aren’t involved.

      • Totally! It is so much fun! The Giants won their first ever (San Francisco) World Series two years ago and the atmosphere then was mind-blowingly fun for me and it seems like it’s back now!

        • And there were riots in the Mission! People were checking into them on FourSquare!!

        • oh, man, i remember that. i could not possibly care less about sports, but that night was so fun. a couple friends and i were driving home through the mission and everyone was LOSING THEIR MINDS. everyone was out in the streets cheering and dancing, and they kept yelling as we drove by, and we got caught up in it so we rolled down our windows and started yelling back. but none of us knew anything about sports, so it was mostly just us shouting “AHHHH!” and “I KNOW, RIGHT??”

          • Hahahaha perfect! I actually left work early that night to watch the game with my whole family (my grandma saw the parade that brought the Giants here in the ’50s). When they won, my dad tried to start his own riot by lighting fireworks in the backyard and they flew straight into a tree. It was hilarious (nothing burnt down).
            At the time, my office was right next to the Giants stadium, and one coworker got trapped inside for the night because of the reveling in the streets. ~*Memories*~

  21. Honestly? It’s been a weird day/week. Someone who was a friend I had fallen out of touch with died of an overdose at the beginning of the week, and though I shouldn’t necessarily feel affected by it, it just feels weird. And I think I’m reading too many political blogs. I dunno. Sorry for the Seriousgum.

    I think what I need are more heartwarming photos like this:

    • I’m sorry to hear your week’s been so rough, Max (and martinmegs). I like this feature because even if you’re having a dark week, you can still get the feeling that there is good in the world, and eventually it’ll be your turn to have a good day again. Also the election is in 12 days so you and everyone else can stop torturing yourself with news. We’re here for you ( if you need to talk to anyone. That goes for everyone.

      Also that picture makes my heart swell.

    • I just stared at those pictures for 3 straight minutes. I’m sorry about your friend.

      And yeah, I’m at a point where I’m starting to tune out politics. Or starting to want to, but it still compels me, dammit.

    • I’m sorry for your loss Max. It’s amazing how much we can be affected by the passing of a person we weren’t even really close to. I totally get it.

  22. today has been pretty ok! i’m going to a pumpkin carving party tonight, which should be A+ fun. and this weekend is nothing but fun social events- cover band shows, fancy dinner with a friends parents, knitting circle, bike rides. i’m pretty into it.

  23. I woke up early to see my acupuncturist and drove all the way there to learn my appointment is actually for tomorrow. Thankfully, my town is small so I wasted all of 30 minutes. My copy of Magic Mike came in the mail (along with Candide and White Noise because I enjoy confusing the ordering people at Amazon).

    My thumbs hurt from a kayaking injury from last weekend.

    Work is normal if not slow for the first time in months, but the beautiful, interactive chart I have been working on keeps showing up as code errors…which makes me think I have to disable all of the interactive features I just spent hours coding in. Also my browser keeps freezing up, which is super irritating. Does anyone else get this with Google Chrome?

    • Gaaaa! Google Chrome!! I didn’t last long with it.

    • I love chrome, but at work the fonts sometimes end up as wingdings because of the font manager my company uses (curse you, Suitcase Fusion!).

      I always liked Firefox, but I found that whenever I updated it the “search history” function would cease to exist and i’d end up having to downgrade it back to whatever it was before. browsers are hard.

      • I am having very similar issues… also that makes me think that I should QA my piece on a diff browser to see if it is browser-specific.

        But why does it just stop letting me scroll and use features 3 seconds after it was just fine? I wish there was a patch or an update, but I have yet to find one and I have been seeking it out for awhile. And Shockwave crashes it like 8 times an hour.

  24. Something is in the air in Chicago, I guess, because several students have been having stress breakdowns today at my job. Either that or having to read Lacan for an entire week is just melting everyone’s brain.

    • Haaaaaaaa. I’m currently in training as a psychoanalyst and we don’t even read Lacan. Fenichel and Freud all the way.

      • Yeah, he’s pretty useless to people actually training as psychoanalysts (though his seminars were supposed to be for that purpose? IDK way to fail, Jacques), but they’re still quite relevant to critical theory of the literary kind. At least in this chicken’s opinion.

  25. This week has been busy as the run up to Halloween always seems to be. I spent a lots of time the past 4-5 days pulling together costume stuff. Last week I said I was going to be a pimp but I decided fast that is too hacky. Still, I own a bright white 3-piece suit, so I have just added white accessories to it, like a giant furry top hat, a feather boa. And massive platform shoes formerly worn (so the story will go; not 100% true) by Marilyn Manson. At some point I realized I am going to look like Elton John, so today on lunchbreak I need to go to the beach to buy sunglasses. But it is not really an Elton John or Marilyn Manson costume, it is just a lot of odd clothing.

    I’ve been watching horror movies all week. Last night was Suspiria and before that was Bug and American Psycho.

    I do not feel relaxed right now. I feel anxious and rushed. I snapped at a coworker yesterday and have spent today being super-nice to everyone in penance. It’s funny how easy it is to be nice to people if you just decide to be nice. But I rarely decide that.

  26. My day so far has been mostly pretty good, even though earlier I nearly went crazy trying to find a specific shirt I wanted to wear to work; the shirt was in the shirt drawer, I almost didn’t even bother to look there, and I am practically 30 years old.
    But! Besides that, I had a kale-feta-sundried tomato pastry thing for lunch from my local hipster cafe, work has been great because my office mates are both in Korea for the whole month, and tonight I’m seeing two old friends and also seeing Labyrinth Ear, who are the people behind this awesome song/creepy music video that’s basically just a creepy old Betty Boop cartoon:


    that’s it, I’m never getting home, traffic is going to be so slow as to be going in reverse, goodbye cruel me, etc.

  28. My day was pretty great! I found out my boyfriend got the job he was promised in April and is moving down here in 2 weeks. So that makes me very happy. Also I have been hating my job more than usual lately which means I’ve been feeling bad for complaining about my job because duh, I have a job. But today I decided that I’m just going to stop hating and just spend my days listening to podcasts until someone pays me to watch TV all day and twitter about it.

  29. Work as usual, and then danced like mad during the Django Django gig tonight. So mad, that I not have tinnitus to go with my sore back that’s been flaring up all week. I am too old for all this young people’s live music lark.

    • I heard a song on the radio the other day and Shazammed it because I thought it was awesome. Turned out it was Django Django, and I’d already Shazammed that song twice. So I guess I like it. And better buy the CD. (Download the mp3? Who knows what I will do.)

  30. Being forced out of my job for being awesome. I excelled only due to my own severe sense of inferiority- not to offend or outshine anyone–and saw the risks too late. I have been obviously awesome too long in a system that rewards mediocrity and punishes competency. The process of being tortured is excruciating, as is overwhelming chore of figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my ever shortening life. the only financially rewarding things (available to me) seem permanently soul damaging and the fun shit runs the serious risk I will be eventually living on social security in a basement hovel with a roommate eating non organic fruit.

  31. I’m exhausted from training a new guy taking over my old position for almost a month now. This week he’s finally been able to show progress, and I can leave him alone and check out his work on the back end instead of sitting with him. This got to be especially infuriating come last week, where he got fucking snippy with me twice last Thursday and Friday. I was like, “Excuse ME, sir. I’ll answer your question, but it would help IMMENSELY if you threw some proper nouns in there. I apologize if my desire for clarity in your question has somehow offended you, but don’t get aggro with me because it’s taken you forever to learn this stuff.” OOF

    On the other side of things, I’m supposed to be drawing a 12-page comic in my off-hours, and I’m rusty as all hell anyways, but besides that factoid, I’m mentally exhausted after work and the last thing I want to do before bed is read someone’s script and then draw the pages. The guy mentioned he might replace me, which would make me take a hit on the social scale, but not financially since I was asked if I could do it for free. So I’ll see what happens there once I get home tonight.

    Other than that I’ve been reading Tad Williams’ Otherland (?), or something. I CANNOT for the life of me remember the title. Reading comic books, listening to podcasts, etc. Paul F. Tompkins has been on fire recently, with 3 Pod F. Tompkast’s dropping in October alone (with 2 more to come this week), his newest Dead Author’s podcast w/guest J.R.R. Tolkien was hilarious, and he just did a whole episode of the Yo, Is This Racist? podcast that was insanely enjoyable. I also got his ‘Laboring Under Delusions: Live in Brooklyn’ double-cd in the mail on Monday, and it’s really good.

  32. I had mushroom barley soup with an olive ciabatta roll for lunch! I also had a pumpkin chai earlier, but it was incredibly disappointing so we don’t need to linger on that. I could eat that soup forever, though. Thanks, local yuppy store!

    Sorry to hear everyone is having a rough time. Still waiting on the final word on my unemployment, but I might get to sell clothes again (yay?).

  33. Hey Everyone! I don’t comment here very much but have been reading for a long time, and I feel like I know most of you. Reading videogum and the comments has helped me get through grad school and helps me get through the day at my current job with a bunch of serious, not very talkative people. I really enjoy reading about everyone’s day and I told myself I’d comment the next time it came up.

    Today has been a fairly good day. I had a baby about a month ago, and it’s been very hard so far. I knew about the lack of sleep, but was really unprepared for the constant demands for food and how badly each feeding would go, and I didn’t realize I would miss working and thinking about serious things as much as I have, and all of that has led to a lot of strong emotions and a lot of guilt. But within the last week it feels like things are finally starting to click. The baby even went through a growth spurt this week, which was something I’d heard about and was very nervous to experience. But today it looks like we’ve made it through to the other side, and we are finally starting to get into a rhythm.

  34. Today was one of those days where you think that eating more will help. I made a peanut butter honey banana sandwich.

    It didn’t do the trick.

  35. UGH. I know I am late to the party today, but I have to talk about that stupid Eli Roth thing. My day today was my last day of the first on-campus portion of my master’s degree.
    It is an MA in International and Intercultural Communications. Cross- and intercultural communication as a discipline is about 70 years old, and people study and teach it all over the world. I bring this up because there are literally THOUSANDS of people that Eli Roth could have hired to help him communicate with this tribe who would not have recommended he show them Cannibal Holocaust.

  36. Today, I thought seriously about pursuing a completely different career and struggled (and failed) to find a pumpkin mask for my halloween costume (the pumpkin dance guy). Other than that, feeling pretty good, and enjoying reading all these recaps.

  37. This week was so terrible until today! Today was fine. A meeting I thought was going to be awful was the opposite of awful! No one bothered me. I got called back for a second interview after telling myself I just didn’t get the job. And I have tomorrow off, and then it’s Halloween weekend yaaaaaaaay!

  38. Well, my pool of potential grad programs to apply to got reduced from 3-and-sort-of-one to 2-and-sort-of-one (not sure I really want to live in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, sorry) today when I found out you can only apply to one grad program at Berkeley at a time. So I’m having a Sophie’s Choice moment re: whether I want to do math or computer science there (those are terrible children to have). I think computer science is gonna win, even though I just spent like 2 months preparing for the math subject GRE. oooooooops

    • AHHHH!!! Applying to grad schools is THE WORST. I applied to 16 PhD’s last year and didn’t get in anywhere (even though i have a 3.9 in my undergrad AND MA programs) because cultural studies programs have like a 1% acceptance rate.


      • man. i’m debating applying to a PhD in like, two years. and my number one is berkeley for public policy, and they accept “one, maybe two” applicants per year. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. cough. ha. and then i talk to my mentor from grad school, who- even though she has her PhD from oxford and was a rhodes scholar- could NOT find a tenure track job anywhere other than a bumblefuck state university, and i think to myself, “why do i want a PhD when i could just work in the nonprofit industrial complex and nurse an unhealthy drinking habit for the rest of my life?”

        • I’ve got some bad news for you southernbitch…at least in my experience the only thing that gets you through a PhD program is an unhealthy drinking habit!

  39. My day was pretty good. But I do have to say that I just can’t believe the craziness of people on Facebook. My SIL is going through a serious rough patch in her marriage right now, and as she’s telling me about it, she simultaneously posts some compliment about her “wonderful” husband and their “amazing” life together. WTF? Then someone else I know, who is going through some health problems and was crying on the phone to me about how she may have to quit her job, posts “Remember to go out and vote!” Why do people have split personalities when it comes to their real lives and their online personas?

    Oh, and is there any significance to finding two pennies sitting on top of the used feminine hygiene products recepticle in the restroom at work?

    • I knew it…I knew that people who gush about their significant others are trying to convince themselves. It’s really bizarre.

    • have you ever read infinite jest??? there is a section in the novel where david foster wallace is talking about video phones being this massive technology in that universe, and how people began to be so neurotic about being able to be seen during phone communication that they began constructing elaborate photographic walls to hide behind, to make sure that they were projecting the confident life they felt they needed to be projecting whenever they spoke to someone. and that’s how i feel about facebook- it’s like this elaborate kabuki theater version of your life that you can curate. and yes, i’ve had this exact conversation twice in the last week.

  40. This week was pretty bad, started off with me being an idiot and spraying coffee all over myself, enough that I destroyed my computer’s keyboard and had to go home to change…then yesterday I accidentally ate an entire fucking dumpling full of peanuts (pretty much) and had the worst allergic reaction I’ve had in my entire life to date which involved my throat swelling (luckily I could still breathe), raised rashes appearing on nearly my entire torso/neck/head, muscle pain and of course nausea. The restaurant used to be my favorite Chinese place, now I don’t know if I can go back…bad association and I’ll probably be paranoid that peanuts will be in everything even though in the 10+ years I’ve been going there they’ve never had peanuts in the usual stuff I eat (at dinner…apparently peanuts are a lunch thing).

    This week was a pretty great week for getting things though, I got a MacBook Pro and everything I wanted from the MAC Glamour Daze Holiday collection. Good stuff.

    • Oh AND I had to reschedule my Communications midterm for next week, it was supposed to be a group test that I have to take alone now. At least I have more time to study (something I didn’t really do anyway).

  41. Oh! How much I wanted to tell you guys about my day, but didn’t have the construction to do so! Now I do!

    My day was very normal today. Went to school, almost fell asleep in school, teacher was being very confusing and teaching badly… But lately I have been acting like a teenage girl, because I have a superficial crush on one of my classmates, who I haven’t had the right opportunity or chance to talk to. Today, after much deliberation, I sort of dressed up to school, and I went over to talk to a guy who sits next to him. I was hoping this would break the ice somehow, and it would become a three-way conversation. Well that didn’t happen since he was conversing with someone else who was standing behind me and that confused me so much, and I was so bummed. Any advice? I’m too shy. :(

  42. Holy crap, I thought it was Friday so I came here for Monster’s Ball! I’m not disappointed, though.

    I’m TIRED. Kid woke up at 5AM and I have no words.

  43. My day sucked but now it’s over and I’m home and the cold, bad world is locked outside. I’m having a cup of chamomile tea and a Sapporo Ichiban sandwich, so life is good.

  44. My today (yesterday) was pretty low key. I finished my Halloween costume (Ghost Rider), played some music, and read a bunch. Oh yeah and earlier this week I saw Salmon Rushdie speak at my library!

  45. My day (yesterday) was pretty great. I slept in; walked a wheaten terrier, a siberian husky, a french bulldog, an english bulldog, a schnoodle, and an american eskimo; had a two hour break which I spent reading A Feast for Crows; walked a puggle and a toy apricot poodle; a friend stopped by to deliver cupcakes; I finished A Feast for Crows; then assisted in two obedience classes and came home to watch Thursday Night TV. To be fair, every day is pretty great when you love your job.

  46. Wow, sounds like a lot of people need hugs or to roll in a pile of puppies! Did last night’s Parks and Rec cheer anybody up? It was great!

    As for my day, it was pretty good. I’ve been really busy at work in prep for my upcoming time off for wedding/honeymoon and so I was trying to stay ahead of everything. Then I went home and cleaned up a little bit, trying to get ready for today when I’m going to FRIGHT FEST AT SIX FLAGS!!!! So excited!!! So yesterday was good, but I hope today will be better. Also my cat and dog were being very cute.

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