Halloween is just around the corner, which makes this upcoming weekend the perfect time to gather around the television with your friends and family and watch all of your favorite Halloween TV specials! Yay! Yayayayay! Halloween TV specials are perfect because they are never scary, because apparently there are people out there who do not like to be scared (?), but they are still festive and a fun way to celebrate this special time of year. (For those of you who do not think that Halloween is a holiday that necessarily needs to be celebrated, and that maybe the holidays that you’re forced to celebrate are enough, I want to say this: WHAT? Holidays are the best! Enjoy them when you can! What’s wrong with you? Go to the dollar store and get some spooky decorations and put them up around your house, you will enjoy it! #YOLO.) Plus, for whatever reason, just about EVERY television show has done at least one Halloween special. After the jump I’ve posted clips from a few of my favorites, though I’m sure I’m forgetting many, many wonderful other favorites, which you will have to provide. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITES? Boo!

Freaks and Geeks: “Tricks and Treats”

Friends: “The One With The Halloween Party”

Boy Meets World: “Who’s Afraid Of Cory Wolf”

The Office: “Halloween”

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

The Simpsons: “Treehouse of Horror V”

The Young Ones: “Nasty”

All wonderful. All festive. None scary. Now it’s your turn!

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  2. I’d have to say Community is the best currently for Halloween episodes.

  3. The Garfield Halloween special with pirates lives in my heart. Although the Young Ones is the best and should be treated accordingly.

  4. My So-Called Life Halloween forever and ever.

  5. The bit from the first Treehouse of Horror with the alien cookbook, How To Cook For 40 Humans. It’s a great segment and a great parody of a Twilight Zone episode.

  6. the last Happy Endings was pretty great.

  7. Never forget:

  8. Fat Albert Halloween Special:

    • Hey! That was going to be my choice. I don’t know why it’s stuck with me all these years but, I’m glad someone else still remembers the Cosby Kids.

  9. The Buffy Halloween episode from season 2. I always wear an Iron Man suit just in case that shit ever happens IRL.

  10. Last year’s Modern Family Halloween special was really funny with the haunted house ( to scare the trick-or-treaters) gone wrong. This year, not so much. But my favorite all time is, of coure, Charlie Brown’s special.

  11. This face forever.

  12. the buffy episode where everyone turns into their halloween costumes!

  13. I’m a scrooge when it comes to holiday tv. Halloween specials are ok – not nearly as annoying as Christmas or Thanksgiving specials.

  14. Can’t believe no one has mentioned Roseanne!

  15. I love Sabrina with the Candy Corn River!

  16. I would say that super fucked up Punky Brewster episode where Alan got stuck in the wall, but since that never happened, and I never saw that and was terrified, I’ll go with the episode of Just shoot Me where something Halloween-y happened (this is an educated guess).

  17. Remember how good the Home Improvement Halloween specials were? Especially the one where they freak out the older brothers in the back yard with Iron Butterfly and a weird light suit?

  18. Home Improvement was great every year

  19. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horrow IV: “Bart Simpson’s Dracula.”

    They rarely, rarely air this one, which makes me love it more. I saw it as a kid at the height of my fear of vampires which makes this one the scariest Simpsons Halloween episodes I’ve ever seen. Last Halloween Burger King had a throwback kid’s meal thing where every toy was a Halloween character from The Simpsons with Mr. Burns as Dracula. I was half-tempted to buy a meal and try my luck.

  20. I wish they would show “The Worst Witch”. It was my favorite when I was little. Tim Curry as the wizard is the best. I have to watch his song every single Halloween on YouTube.

    And, of course, Freaks and Geeks is the best. I also like the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror when they get a Krusty the Klown doll that keeps trying to kill Homer and then Marge calls the company and finds out the switch on the back was turned to evil.

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