Is everyone ok? Are we all still hanging in there? I am barely hanging in there!!! Something that often bothers me about television and film portrayals of cancer (and this goes for most TV and film portrayals of just about every human struggle, but let’s focus on this one) is that it is so often used as a tool to get to a happy ending — to show how strong people can be. The reason for this is obvious (no one wants an unhappy ending, especially in an area where where someone has complete control over the story), but it can still feel — to put it simply, since I doubt there is anyone who ISN’T on board — insulting. Jason Katims, Parenthood‘s showrunner, has stated that he wanted Kristin’s struggle on Parenthood to be more realistic, after his wife went through the same struggle a few years ago, and, holy moly, IT IS. And, uhhhhhhh, maybe I take back everything I said? CAN’T SHE JUST GET BETTER BECAUSE OF HER STRONG SPIRIT AND WILL TO SURVIVE?! JK. But it is almost unbearably sad! I love it, for sure, but it makes me feel like garbage and I can never watch it with anyone else because I am too embarrassed. How are you guys doing with it? Also: Can you believe how Ray Ramano sexually harassed Sarah and now Sarah likes him, or whatever? Did you love it when Drew told Sarah that she hadn’t thought of him having a place that felt like “home” to come home to during college before she moved them into Mark’s house, and that she was just piecing that together now? How do you feel about Amber and the guy from Friday Night Lights? Love or LOVE? Are you so mad that Kristina and Adam lied to Haddie, but do you understand why they did it? Wasn’t Max’s speech adorable and aren’t you so proud of him? Isn’t Dax such a screw up? Why does Amber keep her door open, like she lives in a dorm? How did Haddie know what Pizza restaurant to go to last week when no one knew she was coming? LET’S TALK!

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  1. I was convinced Kristina was going to die in surgery. I am so glad she didn’t.

  2. I don’t watch Parenthood, BUT I did recently tromp around its set at Universal City. That house set is decked out in details. I nearly flipped when I saw a photo of 14 year old Peter Krause holding a birthday cake.

    I also nearly flipped when we were walking up the ‘driveway,’ and the drainage grate had painted on holes and in fact wasn’t for drainage at all! TV magic!

  3. I liked the part where Steve Martin dressed up like a cowboy the best.

  4. my fiance watches/loves this show. i usually find other stuff to do when its on, but pop-in here and there…we went out last night to see Argo [very good!] and saw last night’s episode on the DVR. i asked her if she wanted to watch it and she said, “nah. don’t really feel like crying tonight.”

  5. Her doctor’s delivery of the post-surgery news had a very genuine feel to it. Excellent scene. Tough.

  6. Americans are allergic to (realistic) death and dying. Especially in cancer storylines.

    All we ever hear about is ‘fighting’ and ‘beating’ cancer; dying of the disease is a failure few TV shows will accept for a main character (sacrificial second-tier characters notwithstanding).

    It would be ballsy for Parenthood to let one of its cast die. The whole tenor of the show would be thrown off. All the other plot lines would feel trite in comparison. While I think people like to watch Parenthood to ‘cry,’ I think they ultimately expect the characters to come out OK in the end.

    • And Dax Shepard’s hair makes me mad.

    • Norm MacDonald of all people has a funny bit about cancer is now about “waging battles” rather than people “getting sick and dying” and how sad it is to call it “losing a battle.”

      but you’re right. all the bugs and heights and Romney presidencies in the world aren’t nearly as scary as ceasing to exist.

  7. I only saw part of last night’s episode, but I can’t wait to see the rest. This show is so well done.

  8. I have caught the last 2 to 5 minutes of this show a few weeks in a row now, and have cried every time. So.

  9. Answers to your questions:

    I know, right?
    It’s hard, because of the excessive weeping.
    Yes, but that’s probably because it was only (“only”) sexual harassment in the sense of employer-employee power dynamics and not overtly untoward behavior.
    I was, like, okay.
    LOVE, I said
    Yes to both
    Not really, he was kinda unlucky this episode, though.
    Great question with no good answer.
    Another good one. I bet one of them checked in on Facebook.

  10. Did anyone notice a strange resemblance between the middle school presidential candidate who spoke before Max and the character of Sydney? Is Sydney a Looper? Vending machines.

  11. I have a question, I know I’m late to the party but I’m french (actually living in France) so here’s my question, more like a wondering : are those lingering shots of the cute blonde girl incidental? Is she going to be important? Could she become Max’s girlfriend? Or is it just like, hey she’s hot let’s get creepy and keep the camera on her more than a second?

    • I saw her as a representation of what the “cool kids” thought of his speech. First they showed her being like, whatever! and then she was like, hmmm! and then finally woooo! I thought the standing ovation was a bit much – would real middle schoolers give a standing ovation to classmate with Asperger’s and would Max really have the awareness to even make a speech like that? – but it was sweet anyway.

      Monica Potter’s face crumpling is somehow a message to my lizard brain to make my own face crumple. Fun fact!

  12. This show requires a hooded sweatshirt in the ‘up’ position while I lie down on the couch and bury my head so deep in the corner that the pillow kind of blocks my face from view of my wife. The only problem is that it has been SO sad lately that I’ve caught my self audibly weeping along with the crying….lucky I don’t think my wife can hear me over her own weeping, or she has kindly decided not to make fun of me up to this point.

    Also, Peter Krause is the best.

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