(Before I begin, the answer is “yes.”) We saw recently a public marriage proposal in which a man hired actors to play the roles of his girlfriend and his self in a short film about their relationship, which he showed to an audience of family and friends before finally popping the question. That was a very elaborate public marriage proposal! (It was also elaborate in a way that, if I were the person being proposed to, I would think, “You did this mostly because you wanted to do it for you, not because you wanted to do it for me,” but also maybe my heart is rotten and unable to understand how people express their love if it isn’t the exact way I would express my own?) (JK, I think I’m right.) But at least that public marriage proposal included only one element — “fake film.” The public marriage proposal you’re about to watch (FOR EIGHT MINUTES) includes almost every element ever included in a public marriage proposal video made for the Internet, with the exception of a Bruno Mars song. (Though, the Bruno Mars song has been replaced by a One Direction song, which is quite possibly Our Generation’s Bruno Mars song.) It is kind of incredible in how elaborate it is, and how it was at least 50% created to “go viral,” and how it STILL seems so genuine. I want to hate these people (and trust me, I DO!) but it is very difficult! Let’s watch this thing!

Hahahaha. “Ok, she’s going to get out of the car and we’re all (me, you, and 500 of our friends and family) going to do a big lip dub song and dance, and then she’s going to get in a helicopter, travel to the first home she’s ever lived in, search for clues, think she’s solved the clues only to find that she’s been tricked, blindfold her, take her back to the beach where she’ll have a one-on-one conversation with every member of her family, my family, and each of our friends, each of whom has been given an elaborate script in which the first word of every sentence they speak makes up a novel. She writes down all the words, reads the novel — it’s about our relationship. At this point she probably knows something is up.” One thing I do really like about this elaborate public marriage proposal is how it ends in a nice party. I wish people would surprise me with nice parties celebrating love more often! That seems very nice! But wait: How did the letters on the beach not get blown away? That’s the only question I have. Rocks? Did he weigh them down with rocks? SHELLS? (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. i don’t even know that many people, let alone any that would be willing to do something as ridiculous as this.

  2. Maybe I’m just in a good mood today, but that actually seemed very sweet.

  3. As a midwestern Lutheran, I am very uncomfortable right now. What’s wrong with asking without a videocamera and lip synching and crowds, followed by a firm handshake? Kids today, I tell you.

  4. This is like a video version of The Notebook. Although I haven’t seen The Notebook, I imagine it being like this video, but with less lip dubbing and dancing, and possibly a lot more painful to watch.

  5. I really want to see this trend go the other way, and people start creating elaborate requests for divorce that are intended to go viral. A gagnam style divorce video would get my full support.

  6. The best part about this is how she is still suprised by the proposal? Like, this is just a regular thing that they do for each other on weekends so she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary or think maybe something special was happening.

    “I call this Tuesday.” -this couple.

  7. Don’t these people have jobs or sites to comment on all day? This takes way too much effort.

  8. Fuck these people. Fuck happy.

    • Are they happy or self-absorbed and delusional?

      My best friends are the happiest couple I know and their marriage proposal? They visit family, on the way home, family calls and tells them family thought the visit was happening to announce marriage. The phone conversation ends. They laugh at the misunderstanding. Then they go, “Uhh…but wait. Do we want to get married?” They do.

      • Ditto. it just seems like people who feel the need to do this kind of thing are like middle-aged dudes who buy sports cars…you know, all flash and no substance.

  9. Here’s a sad thought. For every public marriage proposal that successfully goes viral, there must be dozens (hundreds??) that do not reach their intended audience of the entire world. It kind of sucks to design one of the most important moments of your life around a particular goal and then not even have that goal realized. So then you’re just stuck with this scavenger hunt blimp ride scrapbook Frankenstein of a proposal story that you will have to tell for the rest of your lives, long after any of it sounds even remotely cool.

    • Can you imagine some dude only proposes because he wants the proposal to go viral and then it doesnt’ and he’s stuck with some lame and crazy expensive wedding that includes some stupid part that he hopes will go viral but then doesn’t and then he’s stuck with some dumb marriage? Poor guy. Poor wife.

      • That reminds me of an Oprah I saw when I was sick at home in high school… 5 or 6 ladies that didn’t have their ideal wedding day (hurricanes blowing away the tent, bad hair, etc.) were featured. Basically, they were so disappointed that THE BIGGEST DAY IN THEIR LIFE was not absolutely perfect, living with the failure was ruining their marriages. Even at 15 or 16, I kept thinking, “who are these assholes?” And now we have a possible male equivalent to that.

        • Yes totally. Also, what nightmare of a woman thinks a bad hair day is equivalent to a hurricane? Cause they’re out there and they’re the worst. Also anyone (man or woman) who thinks their wedding day is the biggest/most important/best day of their life is crazy pants. Newsflash, losers, the marriage should be more fun. The wedding day is just a party. Parties are fun but a lifetime of happiness is probably way better, amirite?

  10. I hate this. :D

  11. Man, I’m so sick of people getting married.

  12. If I were that girl, the whole time I would be thinking that I must be dying and wondering why 500 people knew about it before I did.

  13. OK. The tunnel part was cool.

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