Back in the ’90s there was this little show called Friends. It was basically your grandpa’s Arrested Development. A beloved but little watched sitcom. Ugh, I can’t even keep up this ruse it is so dumb. Friends! Come on, man! You know, in the ’90s I was the perfect age (mid-40s) to be very skeptical and immediately dismissive of a show like Friends because I was so indie and so cool and it wasn’t until after college that I started watching it in re-runs because I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore except employers who might give me the job (any job) that I so desperately needed, and whoops, that show was great, I was so wrong. The writing was super funny and the acting was perfect. My bad, 1990s! But now, with the umpteenth DVD release of the show, the creators are saying that at one point the series finale WASN’T going to include Ross and Rachel getting back together. GAHHHH CAN U EVEN IMAGINE? WELL TRY TO IMAGINE FOR THE SAKE OF THIS BLOG POST! From EW:

As producer David Crane reveals in this exclusive clip from the Friends Blu-ray set, on sale Nov. 13, there at one time had been talk of concluding Ross and Rachel’s story in a much more open-ended manner. “At first we thought that [getting them together] seems so expected,” he says. The alternative? A “vague” ending with a “hope for the future.”

Yeah, it does seem so expected, because it is expected, because just do it. Also, relax David Crane. Your show wasn’t Lost. It wasn’t Carnivale or The X-Files or Twin Peaks. It was Friends! Give us that sweet sweet candy milk that we need to feel like our lives are OK for two seconds! Good grief. Sometimes with these writers, it’s like, we get it, you’re clever, now shut up and give us what we want.

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  1. It should have ended with Adam Goldberg’s character coming back and killing Joey. Then we would have been spared the spinoff.

  2. this is how that makes me feel

  3. I had friends in high school who were just SOOOO dismissive of Friends and I was like, WHATEVER! Just because you read 100 Years of Solitude in the 8th grade or whatever and brag about it all the time doesn’t mean you’re better than Friends! “How YOU doin’?” “We were on a break!” Fat Monica! You missed out on all the classics, my non Friends watching friends.

    • I liked it when it came on when I was in college but then I couldn’t stand Ross after the second season. But yeah, it was entertaining enough. Where did you go to school that kids were reading 100 years of solitude in 8th grade? My friends were dropping acid and running away. I was the one stuck home alone reading Marquez in the original SPANISH thank u!

      • I really liked it when i was in high school but I can’t even watch it now cause I feel like the laugh track is SO LOUD! WHY IS IT SO LOUD!? Quiet down everyone, I am trying to watch Phoebe sing about cats.

  4. I’m just glad that they nixed the plot where Joey finally get his discharge and leaves, only to have Chandler come in at the last second telling the other friends and audience that Joey’s plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan, with no survivors.

  5. I ALWAYS thought Cheers should have ended with someone coming to the door, Sam saying “we’re closed,” (like it did) and then… quick black and a single gunshot sound.

    Years later The Sopranos sort of stole my idea.

  6. My joy on learning that ‘Friends’ has been rendered in HD so that I can finally get round to watching it after 18 full years waiting is SEVERELY tempered by the MASSIVE spoiler in this blogpost.

    • Could the statute of limitations on spoilers for Friends BE any more expired?

      • dear facetaco,

        first, good comment, A+.

        second, what happened to your avatar? where did the taco face go? I find it very disorienting and somewhat unsettling that there is no taco face next to your name and it takes me a second to get over it.


    • Hahahaha. Friends will definitely benefit from the HD treatment. The cinematography is INCREDIBLE! #vittoriostoraro

  7. I used to absolutely love Friends in high school. Anytime I catch an episode now on Nick at Nite or something (Friends is on Nick at Nite! I feel 100 years old!), it actually really holds up. I find people who hate on the show usually have some peripheral reason, like “its for girls,” or “I’m pretentious.” Now that I think about it, I have never heard someone who doesn’t like the show actually give it a valid criticism.

    I still laugh every time I think of the episode where the guys and girls have a mock game show about each other and “Mrs. Chnandler Bong”

    • I mean, I feel like there are actual criticisms of the show, like that it is saccharine, predictable, and about as un-diverse as mainstream television gets (except for that one time Ross and Joey fight over a black lady).

      Also, as previously stated, DAT LAUGH TRACK!

      But, also, everyone shut up, because Friends is great.

      • Also remember when it was possible to have a gay couple with children on TV without it being like a BFD?!

      • Oh yeah I am in no way saying that Friends is perfect and there is nothing to criticize. I just find usually when people tell me they hate it they never actually say anything about the quality of the show itself.

        Also, as far as the lack of diversity goes, I was a child for most of the time Friends was on the air and did not pay attention to these things as much, but was the show getting as much shit for that as Girls is getting now?

        • I was wondering this as well, because I was also pretty young. I have no idea!

          I wonder what indignities Friends would have had to face at the hands of the Tumblr Social Justice children if it were to air today.

          • thanks for giving a name to ‘Tumblr Social Justice children’. I never had any way to refer to them except as the-annoying-self-righteous-part-of-tumblr

          • Oh yeah! I think, like, “Tumblr Social Justice” is an actual THING, but children because what are they like 14? Who gave a 14 year old bell hooks?!

  8. “we almost pulled a Seinfeld*” -David Crane

    *i thought the Seinfeld finale was great when it aired and stand by that to this very day.

  9. I’m on to the third episode of the first season now and I have to ask: Where are all the pop cultural references? Didn’t people in the 1990s understand meta? How is this even a sitcom?

  10. Chandler was the smoke monster the whole time.

  11. Animals with casts!!!!

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