In keeping with the current theme of taking disillusioning glimpses at our favorite scary things that we love, here is a behind-the-scenes photo of Brian De Palma and Sissy Spacek on the set of Carrie! SMILING! LAUGHING! Who knew Sissy Spacek even knew how to smile while she was in her Carrie costume. (Do you think anyone was allowed to smile on the set of the Chloë Moretz Carrie remake? Or did everyone just make confused but accepting-of-the-current-situation type faces?) But here’s the real question: WHAT ARE THESE TWO GOOFBALLS THINKING?!

Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. PLUG! IT! UP! (“It” being the comments, with your captions.) (Via rsvlts.)

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  1. Jesus. Cartman looks like shit.

  2. They’re all going to laugh with you!

  3. Kelly, you’ll love this behind the scenes shot from Christine:

  4. Wow, Terry Richardson got old really quickly.

  5. that’s not brian de palma.

  6. Worst Where’s Waldo EVER.

  7. just a warning guys. be nice.

  8. It really bums me out to see somebody left hanging like this. Just high-five her, man!

  9. That don’t look like no sissy.

  10. Tampon, please!

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  12. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  13. Dumb hipsters. ‘Oooh, look at me! I was into bloodplay before it was cool! Nyaaaaaah.’ Give me a break.

  14. Always. Be. Cloying.

  15. “Make up crew’s here. Which one of you just popped a zit?”

  16. Sissy Spacek enjoying unlimited juice on the set of “Carrie.”

  17. They’re thinking, “It’s going to be so embarrassing when in 36 years someone on the yet-to-be-invented Internet posts this picture and actually things Brian DePalma is in it. LOL!….Wait. What does ‘LOL’ mean?”

  18. The Sex And The City prequel was still much better than the sequel.

  19. I never knew Andrew WK had such a lovely smile.

  20. Brian De Palma is just glad he wore his coat before seeing Gallagher perform.

  21. So. Much. Hopefully Fake. Blood.

  22. It’s just tomato soup lol.

  23. This picture makes me uncomfortable.

  24. His Mama warned him that if he left the house looking like THAT that everyone was going to laugh at him. Beginning with the bloody girl with the dirty pillows.

  25. KILLING PEOPLE! AM I RIGHT?! High five.

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