A few weeks ago we all took a look at some test footage from the making of The Exorcist, and then we all talked about our favorite scary movies, and it was a wonderful time. One thing that initially struck me about that test footage was how it was still pretty scary (haha, this is going to be very smart and as a matter of fact it is ALREADY very smart, clearly) even though it was presented in a way that was safe and out of context and completely removed from any of the narrative elements that made it scary within the movie. BUT, what I’m wondering is: Does seeing something like that — “how’s it’s made”-type explanations — change the way we react to the things we’ve seen being made when they’re placed back into their context? For example, you’re about to watch a video about how the evolution of the Velociraptor suit used in Jurassic Park, narrated by Stan Winston Studios supervisor John Rosengrant who was also the main person inside of the suits, and it is mostly just a funny romp! BUT THAT VELOCIRAPTOR WAS SO SCARY! (When we were young.) (But still now, probably!) It’s not as if we thought it was a real velociraptor at any point in our lives (right?) (right guys?), but does the fact that we’ve seen its creation and heard the voice of its inside man change how we see this deadly scary movie beast? Or, in any case, do we just want to watch the video now? Let’s do that.

COOL VIDEO! What were we talking about? Do you want to be a velociraptor for Halloween? Are you scared? What’s up? How are you doing? (Via SlashFilm.)

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  1. If anything, this video made me hold on to my butt even tighter.

  2. What do y’all think, can I whip one of these up in 8 days?

  3. i’ve seen david lynch be funny on Louie but Lost Highway and the homeless guy in Mulholland Dr. still scare the shit out of me.

  4. More-Like-A-Six-Foot-Turkey-Kid is not impressed.

  5. Can’t you SEE!??? It’s still just a FLEA CIRCUS!!!! (worst scene in a movie ever of all time)

  6. I’d like to see the behind the scenes stuff of better movies like, say, Magic Mike.

    How did they do this??? How???

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