Someone must’ve done a trampoline accident rain dance (dancing on a trampoline and falling off during a storm while you’re sister films it from the living room window) because after a long trampoline accident drought, this week it is POURING! (Via SayOMG.)

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  1. Those trampoline rail/netting guards are so pointless and dumb. How can you do dismount tricks from the trampoline to the ground with it there? They certainly don’t prevent people from falling out. They’re just there to straight-arm the groins of people who’ve miscalculated their jumps, or give net-burn to the ones who smash up against it because they didn’t have the foresight to see they were about to get double-bounced.

    They don’t need to change anything, of course, as variety is the spice of life, as the old saying goes, and if these inventions continue to liven up the candid video of amatuer trampolinists/trampolinatrixes, the better off the internet is.

    • One time i was drunk and trying to get out one of those netted trampolines and my ring got stuck in the netting, it was the worst.

    • I agree, especially since anyone jumping with enough force or height to really injure themselves isn’t going to be stopped by those stupid nets. Exhibit A: This video.

    • We had two trampolines growing up (not at the same time. One got blown away in a hurricane so we got another one), and we never had any crazy accidents. This was also before the days of those ridiculous safety nets. We always believed the trampoline was just a way to encourage natural selection. Only the strong survive!

      • That kid also looked way too big for that netting – he was playing with the younger kids and got burned. But at least we know he lived. WE don’t know what happened to the other guy!

      • Yeah, but I bet the one that blew away in the hurricaine totally fell on a guy who was trying to moon a three legged dog and somebody caught it all on video, so you indirectly contributed to a wicked trampoline accident even if you never witnessed one.

    • The netting guards would work better if they were made of wood.

    • You are missing a very important point: you can attach basketball hoops to the poles.

  2. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time commenting around here, it’s that if I ever have children, they will NOT be allowed over to other kids’ houses if there’s a trampoline in the yard.


    We had a trampoline growing up and my parents enforced a strict limit on how many people could be on it at any given time! For exactly this reason!

  4. Dammit man. I’m already feeling like I have wasted my twenties and am just an old, unambitious, decaying, empty, failed, sack of flesh, and now I get reminded of the days of yore, when doing stupid things on a sunny day with stupid friends would end in disaster and pain, yet no suffering, because laughter and youth overcame? Thanks Videogum.

    Also, Burlingtonites, the whole like one or two of you, can we please celebrate that not only has Birdman returned, but we have a new Church Street figure in the “legalize marijuana!” guy?

  5. it’s about time this site got back to its roots. i expect a quote from Gwenyth Paltrow about how terrible she is, a new WOMAT entry, some Lost recaps, and to know what Topher Grace is up to by the end of the week.

    • I think I would pee myself, Hugh Jackman style, if there was actually a return of The Hunt for the Worst Movie. That was always my favorite feature and the Wicker Man review was the initial reason I started reading Videogum.

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